Hi Zendaya Fans!! All the fans are awesome!

Don't you wish you can call Zendaya one day and talk to her? That would be the best day ever! Many celebrities like Zendaya have dedicated phone lines for fans all over the world. Many times, these phone lines are staffed by personal assistance to write down all the calls from fans and answer letters from fans. In special occasions, even the celebrity will answer the phone when they have free time. You are not going to get Zendaya's personal cell phone number, we have to be considerate and respect her privacy right?

Many people will tell you that they have Zendaya Coleman's phone number. But they dont' publish it because then too many people call and they flood it with weird calls. Some people just call who are haters and we don't want that. If you are a true fan of Zendaya you have to be nice and respectful.

After so much research, I found a good number that worked! But I am not just going to give it to anyone because I think that only true fans deserve to have it. So I am sorry if don't put it now because i don't want haters to be calling her randomly and saying bad stuff, then she will change her phone number just like last time there were some haters calling and saying mean stuff. that's not nice. If you want her number u gotta be nice.

if I give you her number, what are you going to tell her? Think about that question. After you are ready, take the

Zendaya Celebrity Quiz

Are you a true fan of Zendaya? If so, take this quiz to test how much you really know about Zendaya. If you are a true fan, you will get 100%. Good Luck!