Often my imagination goes wild. Whether I am looking at the ceiling or on the floor, sometimes I daze off and I start to see faces on patters of the floor. Like today for example, I was in the bathroom and I was staring at the floor. The tiles are made of marble so they have all these intriguing patterns and I saw a Greek face. It was the face of those Greek mythology people with a white beard.

I took a snapshot of the bare floor.
Face pattern
Do you see the eye, the nose the nostril and the beard?

The nose as you can see is a hair that was laying on the floor. It was some hair from my wife's head. but it made the shape of the nose, and then there was another short hair that was shaped in a perfect circle. this was not staged; it was just randomly there.

If you don’t see what I see, I draw a line over the shape I see. Here is the after picture.
Face pattern marked
I wonder if there also other people who see shapes in random things? Or am I crazy?