as you know, every page is the <title></title> tags to display the title of the page at the top of every browser. to change the title on a page dynamically you can use javascript without having to refresh or reload the web page. its very simple. i will show you in a demonstration how you can change it.

first look at the title of this page, it probably says: how to change page title on browser

now i am going to change it to: I Changed The Title Wallpaperama!!

ok, before you click on the link before, look at the top of the page the title of this page, then click and look at the title again and you will see it changed:

to change it, click here

so here is the code i used:

<span onclick="document.title = 'I Changed The Title Wallpaperama';" style="color:blue;text-decoration:underline;">to change it, click here</span>