it was a quiet wedenesday. i was off work and my wife was cooking lunch for us. then all of the sudden she shouts. "the microwave stopped working".. the clock display was off. when I opened the microwave door. there was no light. my first thought was the power cord got loose. i checked and it was connected properly. then i thought it could be the breaker had flipped. i checked the eletricity breaker panel in ny house. it was ok. it was not triggered.. then i connected a blender to check there was power on the socket.. yes there was. so the only problem it could be is the microwave itself.

if it stopped working maybe there is a fuse inside..(i thought) so i started to remove the screws that hold the cover. once i removed it. i could see there was a fuse. but the fuse was not like the others ive seen before. usually they are a long ounded glass fuse. but this one was a ceramic fuse. there was no way to see if it had blown..

i removed the fuae and tested continuity with a ohm metter. there was not continuity. it was open. so i knew for sure the fuse was blown..

where do u get this tyoe of fuse? the fuse was label with 20A 225V

i drove around town looking for an aplliance store. i went inside and asked the clerk if they had any such fuses. he said no. but he said i could find them at radio shack. so then i drove to radio shack. i showed the fuse to the clerk and right away he got me a pack of 5 for 3 dollars.. wow!!

i drove back home and replaced the fuse. it works!!!! i couldnt believe it.. i could have spent $300 on a new microwave. but instead. i only spen 3 dollars to fix it. it was an awesome feeling.. its been about a week since i replaced the fuse and it hasnt bkown again.

note. if after u replace the fuse and it keep blowing.. there is something seriously wrong with the microwave. u should have it checked by a professional immediately. or stop using it and buy a new one.