so let me tell you my friend, last night i watch a movie called slumpdog millionaire on dvd, i finally go around watching the movie because there was a big buzz las year about wininig awards in hollywood. i have to say, it was a really good story, it made me cry. very emotional movie. what impacted me most about the movie was the beauty of the Latika played by freida pinto. when i read the credits on the movie, i couldnt believe her name was freida pinto. why,because freida and pinto are two spanish names. so i thought she was spanish or latin,

so now, im wondering, why she has a spanish last name? is that her stage name maybe. well, i dont know. if anyone has any information as to why freida pinto has a spanish last name, please tell me, i would like to know more about freida pinto. if i had a chance i would like to call freida pinto on her cellphone and tell her how much i admire her.