US States And Their Capitals Quiz

so today i was looking for a complete list of all the 50 states that make up the united stated, i got your list, but i wanted them to be in alphabetical order and to also include the abbreviation two letter. i could not find it anywhere so i created a list for myself, so i am posting here just in case anyone is looking for this list.

i know its very useful to have in case for getting a list of all the 50 states. my friend said there should be 52, but my teacher said only should be 50.

does anyone know how many should be?

anyways, here is the list i came up with.

  1. Alabama- AL
  2. Alaska- AK
  3. Arizona- AZ
  4. Arkansas- AR
  5. California- CA
  6. Colorado- CO
  7. Connecticut- CT
  8. Delaware- DE
  9. Florida- FL
  10. Georgia- GA
  11. Hawaii- HI
  12. Idaho- ID
  13. Illinois- IL
  14. Indiana- IN
  15. Iowa- IA
  16. Kansas- KS
  17. Kentucky- KY
  18. Louisiana- LA
  19. Maine- ME
  20. Maryland- MD
  21. Massachusetts- MA
  22. Michigan- MI
  23. Minnesota- MN
  24. Mississippi- MS
  25. Missouri- MO
  26. Montana- MT
  27. Nebraska- NE
  28. Nevada- NV
  29. New Hampshire- NH
  30. New Jersey- NJ
  31. New Mexico- NM
  32. New York- NY
  33. North Carolina- NC
  34. North Dakota- ND
  35. Ohio- OH
  36. Oklahoma- OK
  37. Oregon- OR
  38. Pennsylvania- PA
  39. Rhode Island- RI
  40. South Carolina- SC
  41. South Dakota- SD
  42. Tennessee- TN
  43. Texas- TX
  44. Utah- UT
  45. Vermont- VT
  46. Virginia- VA
  47. Washington- WA
  48. West Virginia- WV
  49. Wisconsin- WI
  50. Wyoming- WY