Hello there everyone,

I was asked to rewrite my post because the previous information i provided was not allowed. So i am going to attempt to try to give you the correct information.

There are many of you who are looking for telephone numbers of your favorite celebrity. The truth is that no one can give you that, except your favorite tv show celebrity person. As fans, we wish we can have access to our personal idol, but you have to face the facts, you are never going to get the number unless you are a very close person to your favorite celebrity.

Celebrities make millions of dollars from fans like us who admire their talent, and I as fan, i feel betrayed when the celebrity is not within my reach because i am just an simple ordinary person living in this world.

I know this sounds very disappointing because you thought you are important to your favorite celebrity, but the truth is you are not. They dont care about you. all they care is about your money and how they can get richer. you know what this is called, its called greed.

so if you are still wanting the phone number of a celebrity you saw on a tv show for example, the best way is to become a celebrity yourself. I am sure you must have some talent in you and maybe someday, you will be a big time celebrity.

If you were a famous celebrity, would you give your personal phone number to anyone on the internet.. i dont think so. but if you did make it big time, how would you treat your fans? leave me your comments below.