i want to get even with a guy who cheated on me, i feel so broken hearted right now its not even funny. my heart hurts so much i wish i forget about him and stop crying so much. the pain hurts and i dont know if ill even be able to trust a guy again. i know not all guys are the same but i really want to forget about jimmy. he is not a good guy. i feel like maybe i did something wrong like maybe i said something or maybe because im not pretty enough for him. whatever the reason is, that fact is that he left me and i dont know what to do without him?

if anyone has been feeling like me, please give me your tips on how are you dealing with the pain because someone broke your heart.

one thing i know is that in order to get even with someone who broke your heart is to just forget about him.

so i thought about it and these are some things i can do to get even

1. ignore him
2. forget about him
3. move on
4. find another person to go out with
5. let him see you with another person
6. show him you are happy

if you have any other suggestions, i would appreciate let me know