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does any one know why wont vennessa hudgens be in high school musical 3?
why won'n you be in high school muscal 3
i think its because they are not paying her good money. vannessa is so popular right now, and she is worth so much. but who knows, the truth will come out soon
can anyone post this pics, i want to see them. i don't think its really her.
okay uou are not venessa
you now you did what you did and what you did was wrong and you now it so why are you doing it.it is so wrong and you never going to get back on the show so cry all you want but that is not going to help so get over your self you big nasty little girl you ego maniak why did you do it and if you say you was modeling that is not true.
i love pie!!!
i love pie!!!
i love pie!!!
heeee heeee,
hi guys i am so sorry but i couldn't get back in i wish i could so i am so so so sorry
luv ya all

by the way does any 1 like ashley tisdale cos she is my best friend!!!

gh xxx
at first i dident beleve all that but now its true but vanessa i think you are the only gabbrella thay will ever find thell never find a better singer than you but i think they will let you be in it as long as you never ever ever do that again acholy i know
i want venessa to be back in hsm3. we are not perfect definitely we all can make mistake we are not perfect. the only perfect man is god at least we've all made great mistake and god forgives so why cant the directors of hsm just forgive her and give her another chance and she could correct all her mistake. pls just have mercy on her. she is a young girl like me dont make her career be stoped. i wish you changed your mind.
wow, okay you guys vanessa hudgens probably wont be playing on hsm3. why? because, they probably dont think shes a good role model for kids just. lol im acted like such an adult =d
anyway peace out !
i think i know why vennessa will not be on high school 3 the reson i think is beacuase since vennessa hudgens broke up with zac efron she does not want to see zac again and she is afriad to even talk to him or talk tohim
she will she annonsed it in a publc comunity concert in las angles with miley cyrus vennessa also said if she where not in hsm3 miley cyrus or sharpay would be taking her place. hopefully miley
now she is acting in hsm3
i forgive you but anyway you are a grown woman you did what you wanted t do.plus you were sexy anyway. i love venessa bye
i no why ok dont tell no one jk but she wont because shes afraid that the media will go crazy or beccause she might have to kiss someone else than her weirdo boyfriend or she wants more $$$$$ and there you have it i heard this rumor go around la and my cosin heard it in new york too so i have gosh damn proof!
why do you think vennessa wont be on hsm3 thats hillarious
becuase she has been in 1 and 2!!!!!!!
may b she'll b in hsm 3 but i hate her a lot ... n she is really a very bad role model 4 teenagers.. she is a jerk!!!!!
i really think you've done a really good job in all the high school musical movies you've been in and i really don't want you to go.

your fan
daniel kelly.
hiyaa ma name iis chelsea im 9 years off age and i just so love u sososo much
hey i love venessa hudgens she is a cool singer i wish she could be my sis...stay in high school musical venessa hudgens i love you!!!!
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