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whats up with that all these hispanic guys wanting to date white girls please tell me why
whats up with that. why are all these latin guys all of the sudden are dating only white girls. i mean, its crazy. im a blond in my 20s and all of the sudden these latin guys are hitting on me. i never expirieced this before. but i like it. i never gotten so much attention. its strange tho, i never imagined myself with a lating guy or a black guy, but oh well, i met this cute puertorican guy and he was so handsome and build. he had the cutes smiles. well, anywyaz, i was just wondering if anyone else has expirience all these latin men after white caucasian women
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Hi Linda, I just want to thank you. Personally I really like american women they look like angels, they are funny and interesting. I´m a profesional who studied in my country, i ve visited US many times, and other countries too. Many people think all south americans are poor, well thats not true. There are a lot of friends of mine living in my country, they are happy here, they have found here good people, nice and respectfull guys, my best friend married a canadian girl and she loves this country, they live here. I hope i could find a nice white girl, and live in my country, i love you girls, you are beauty, awesome and intelligent. Stop fighting. Many people could think all south americans are bad people because there are a lot of bad people they have know, accept it, there is bad people in every country.
99.9% of the time latin men just like to use white girls, they are second class to their own latina women. end of story.
omg thats me i always liked black guys and was sooo raciest towards spics but all the sudden i loveeee Guatemalans im still raciest lol
A latino guy flirted and asked me for my phone number at a store. I gave it to him and 6 months later we are still good. He is the right balance of macho and sweet. I have not been able to find a guy like that in the 'white' world. I can tell that he really cares about me and I wouldn't trade him for anything. PS he is VERY HOT!
i believe that people are too vain in choosing someone. Values what that person is about and what they stand for is far more important than attraction. Attraction is only step one in dating someone. The problem is as a society we are too quick to grab the trophy before seeing what is actually won. That is why so many people end up miss matched. Attraction great but does she or he hold the same values as you. People of variety of races share your values. Keep in mind Men are Men what ever race most will be into whatever is available. Women are Women and most thrive on attention from whomever whether they accept that person or reject them. Respect yourself and others because there are some great people that are genuinely looking for Mr or Mrs Right and not just not Right now..... those people will share their thoughts and values.
I think it's the stereotype that "latin" guys are better lovers?

Also, have you ever heard of that saying "Tall, dark and handsome"? That typically means "latin" guys, because the original latin men are dark (black hair), tall and of course handsome... according to historically stereotypes.

The short ones are usually Mexican, with Asian ancestry (Native Americans are originally from Asia), thus why they're short. Mexicans speak Spanish, but they're not the original "latin lovers" that many have spoken about.

People should stop calling them "Hispanic" or "Latino" because they do not represent all Latino people. Not by a long shot. But many ignorant Americans do not know any better, since they're sheltered for most of their lives.

It's basically like calling white Americans "incestuous, trailer trash hillbillies". Not very funny to be stereotyped, huh? ;)
their taking all our jobs lol and all our white girls
Hello everyone, I am a Italian woman from the U.S. I always felt a strong attraction to puertorican man,and vice versa. I love the P.R. culture. I am very fond of a man I met about three years ago.I can't stop thinking of him,and I miss him. we are not in contact with each other at the moment. This man has a loving heart he is very smart and I miss him I pray that I will see him again. He was a real gentelman to me. I want to make him Happy. Most mature Puertorican men are gentelmen toward woman who respect them.they seldom date woman who don't contain their emotions and use foul language. God Bless Puertorico. Seludos,xox
yea it's something happening..I'm dating now a mexican guy and been with him for several months. Of course dad being the uptight man he is hasnt stopped making drama about it but I don't care, becauz I feel real nice with Salvador (that's his name) :)
To me its been backwards, white girls are alwas flocking me and i always find myself the center of attention. I am good looking I am latino from south america. I dont know, I have a healthy self esteem so usually its girls trying to seduce me. Yes "colored" eyes are nice but to be honest We just like white women cuz white is a nice color. Plus their asses dont go all dirty usually.
Your spelling and grammar is horrible, so much so that it's hard to really tell what you are trying to say.
I found a love with a boy which is from south america...and he cares about me like nobody before...You call them latin people, whatever but they do... they know how to care about family, about who they love...Maybe you should stop sloving too much from where he or she is...the most valuable thing of all this is what you feel...I am european girl and alot people I know they are from divorced families...husbands and fathers they don't care...and I know that my boy cares everytime...he is good guy, I couldn't be happier, and that is it..be happy!
Ur a dumb who obviously cant get the white girls or a job yourself so love off iv been with a mexican for 4 years and he is the first guy iv ever had in my life and he does way more than a cracker white dude like u coud ever do so maby u just ainght met the right 1 or u just jelouse bcause the bonita mexi got the girll who didnt want u and by the way your racist comments are out of date (EMBESSY)
I like HIspanic guys! =]
Well, i'm latin guy, from Chile, Ilove the american Girls :) I think some latin guys are really nice and good people. Soft, lovely and frindly. Chilean people always going to make you smile :) I'm looking a girl who loves me :) I'm in LA
were are you from. i live in new york, and i have not had luck with love. i never dated a white girl, and maybe if i do i can realy find true love
Because They are visiting some alpha asian site.They meet asians ad they like their.
Hi Brittany, I like yo get to know you.
um, actually 99.9 of latinos date white women because we don't have 3450835 kids from different men and tend to be more conservative.
e-mail me at nickhyper - at - Google if interested
brittany you're so hot! that mexican guy whom you're dating with must be really lucky to have you ;)
this is sooo racist!! how sad :(
hi ..im Mexican and im looking for a serious relationship !! XD im 23 !! get to know me !!
We are all entitled to choose happiness over anything even color or race however how can one not get inclinations that are built into your dna (e.i. Being attracted to white women) Let nature the its course and be aware of your inner need for happiness over all. I want to date a girl because am genetically pre disposed to. So if you are too what can you do to change that? Nothing...
You are freaking hot! <3
No we are not, you have no authority or ownership of all white woman, let alone the one you "have". We are getting our women! and our job!
We have an attraction to American women, probably we feel that because we think that we can give that touch of romance to their lives, I think the Americans are cold, but because there is nobody to explode emotionally, and we have that little touch that they need to become happy. Also we are good lovers. Anyways, i been attracted for american women's, they are beautiful and also take care about the man that they love.
My boyfriend of 6 months mom is from el Salvador & dad is Puerto Rican. Before me he dated some white girls n some black . But he tells me he can't stand white people because they're weird. Pretty much im confused why he even dated them then. He likes curves but generally white woman are straight up n down compared to ethnic women their bodies suck. They get old fast. Etc. Where's the beauty? Can someone explain what he saw? (They werent even attractive) ugly is ugly colorless. I think its personality that captures hearts...
Yay. More latina girls for me. Go get the white american girls. :)
well im ecuadorian and puertorican, and being raised in n.y.c has allowed me to date women from all backgrounds. but in the beginning i was always mostly into latin and black women. i wasnt really attracted to white girls. but then i took a trip down south, for a family funeral, and i met and had a fling with this interesting whitegirl. now that im back in ny, i find myself now chasing or admiring white girls, from redheads to brunettes. i guess i used to be turned on with girls that were of my ethnicity. but now i find myself really turned on by my opposites(whitegirls). i work in manhattan, and so far ive been playing the field.going on dates and stuff. but i really just want to come across one special one. and the girls from my neighborhood (the bronx) hate on me now, but theres nothing wrong with latin men hooking up with white women and vice versa, i know opposites attract. godbless all women....
Please learn how to spell!!!! U just make yourself look silly
I know a pr that claimed to looove only whitegirls but he was acting like that to soup up the girls heads because he knew they would do whatever he asked then ended up with a dominican girl he never intended on anything other than hooking up with the whitegirls and using em for their money.Never trust it if someone claims to date a specific race or type its not for love because love has no color or race
To answer the question: I'm a white girl and I completely adore Hispanics. I live in a small college town where the only Hispanics are the ones who work at the Mexican Restaurant and the ones I met who first sparked my love. I'm majoring in Spanish and my school brings in about 15 foreigners a year for the soccer team.. and some of them are Latino. I got to spend a looooot of time with them, and they would take me to the city and I would find even more Hispanics. I've had a lot of experience with them.. :P I like Hispanics because they truly will adore you, and baby you, and spoil you. They treat you like royalty and honestly know how to love. Plus I find them really attractive.. :P (Not saying they are all the same in personality and appearance, but Puerto Ricans, Hondurans, Cubans, and Nicaraguans tend to be the cutest ones I've found; and Chileans and Mexicans being the nicest/most loving.) :P Take a chance, Hispanics are great. ;D It helps if you know Spanish.... :P
first of all hipanic men are from diffrent country's puerto rican men are us citezens even if they are born in puerto rico puerto rico is part of the us for those who dont know and not all mexicans are illigal most mexican are citezens
I am dating a guy born and raised in El Salvador. We have liked each other and dated for 6 years. We are seniors in high school. Being with him, I have learned a lot. They have different standards and ideas because of where and how they were raised. He thinks a lot girls from his country are trashy, and he sees his mother, a wise, loving, Christian woman- in me. Guys were raised by their mothers, and typically look for a girl who possesses the same traits. They like that we are different, and he likes that I am learning his culture while he is learning mine. It makes you a better, well-rounded person.
yeah i'm dating a guy from columbia, it's so hot!!
Hey guys I'm a Latin guy and .. Ive been busy with lots of withe girls ( but these pretty girls are from Europe ) with this I don't say that " American " are different is just because I dont speak English well and I feel shy ( for the moment)... And I'm studying in an international English school ( oh ! You got it now!?) I feel confident and ask them ... Why you hang out with Latin guys ( like me and I'm not a talk guy with fan cy fance) The color brown looks lovey.. About personality ... Is out of this word ! ! ! Well if some withe girl want to chat and halo me out with my English ..: that be cool !
hi im linnea, i have dated two cuban guys. they are the sweetest and most loving men to women and the one guy i am still with and very happy to admit it
Hi my name is Jose i´m 33 years i´m peruvian guy i´m looking for serius relationship with a nice girl this is my mail josebozaperu - at - gm have a nice day ¡
well, i think it happend because a very big reason.... norm latin guys dont see blonde-white girls in our countries, so, is like a "oh god she isnt from here, is rare, is beautiful, is oh god.."...and i must admite that white-blonde women are beautiful, more for latin man eyes....(sry for my bad inglish :D )
I'm a white girl(though I don't look it) and I love my boyfriend and he's a Mexican. His race didn't matter at all to me when we first started talking and then got together. But then the further along our relationship got the more I started loving little things about him being Mexican. When he talks to me in Spanish my heart flutters and when he holds me to try to teach me how to dance(with my two left feet). I listen to his music and I listen to his music in Spanish just as much if not more if I listen to music in English. Plus his whole family's accents make me smile, like I could listen to them talk forever just to hear their accents.[Which I used to listen to my 'Uncle' Rolando who was married to a woman my family was close to] And to be completely honest I don't find people with skin lighter than mine all that attractive. Ye I will point out that I am 16 & he's going to be 18 in the next week. We've been together for over 2 years. And I first started talking to him when I was 13.
Probably because they have money. More than half of them are drug dealers. The older ones don't know enough to leave littlte High School girls alone. Go home Ricans.
Wow what an ignorant comment made by a foolish and ignorant person.....by ricans you mean Puerto ricans right....did you know that Puerto Rico was part of the united states....Lmao...obviously you did not know this. Alll well i hope i got some knowledge to your inaccurate intelligence deprived ignorant mind...nice to know you..Lmao.
Yes I agree & your very attractive!
Yes I agree its because white women are so beautiful and Latin guys when they look because in their countries they don't see women like us because I know this to be true I want to Latin America before the guys look and looked at me so when they come here we are like a goddess to them I love Latin man its like they know what I want I'm dating one right now he is loveing Hott
i'm latin male.i dated white girls before,don't get me wrong whites girls are nice.but i love my latin girls.for all you latin guys that only date white girls that's good.. more latin girls for me.
I am a white aAmerican woman and have dated both white Americans and Mexicans (from Mexico, not Mex-American). Either one can be lovey. I do tend to be attracted to people darker than me. Well, I'm a redhead so just about anyone is darker than me. I never dated another redhead though. I always thought that would be like incest and playing the gene pool too close. The only problems I have found with dating Mexicans is that I sometimes get in trouble for not following the unwritten rules of the culture. Like, having other guys as friends or giving another guy a ride home from school in my car was met with extreme dissatisfaction from my Mexican boyfriend. I also have that American tendency to be rebellious and defiant which often leaves any Mexican boyfriends shaking their heads in frustration. I say no when I mean no. American guys are used to that because their mothers and sisters are white. But the Mexican guys I've dated don't like to be told no and see it as disrespectful, I guess.
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your comments make you sound like a total dumb not all latins are drug dealers that like saying all white guys are child molesters cause every one knows that there is white child molesters than any other race.
I used to think white females were Blah until I dated a part Colombian part Italian for 2 years. After her, it was over. I dated many many Caucasian females and enjoyed every single moment. they are Super Sweet. I tend to be the most attractive to Polish females. Love the small lips and nose. I dont choose to whom Im attracted to. It just happens. Something I cant control. On the other hand, my Attorney LOVES Latin females and we constantly go back and worth which one is better. LOL!
I have always dated white women. I have six children with white women, and yes that is a heck of alot of child support. I only wish that I would have taken it slow in the beginning with them. I prefer blonde women now that I am older. I don't know why, but I have found that it is an obssesion with me. I am a 45 year old mexican american, college educated and was raised in a good family. I was raised on military bases as my dad was in the military. So I don't have the traditional mexican values, but more the anglo, I live in a region of Texas where there are alot of mexicans. But there are also plenty of white people. Maybe one day I will find a nice blonde to have a good relationship with.
I go out with a mexican too, and he is the sweetest, seksiest guy ever. we both love each other and Im his 1st love! Im also white/puertorican, have blue eyes & brown hair. Adios!
The little fellôws lwould mount a donkey if it whas fat and sported a blonde wig
spics and spooks. why on earth do white girls date them unless they are fat or unattractive. many fat white women migrate to blacks cause white men wont take them. mexicans are scum. dont trust them
your a jelous little ugly
yes all latinos should get white girls
:) well I'm latina i from Guadalajara mexico..and yes las latinas semos las mas chingonas..
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I Have been with latino men since I was 18. I am Irish american. My first husband is Mexican, and I have been with a Salvadoran man for 3 years. I did not quite plan to be with only hispanic men, but I am dark and curvy with blue eyes and curly hair, and I seem to attract them. They have many good qualities, but having been in this life for 14 years be prepared do cultural.differences. The hispanic.culture has a very different outlook on women. The men are not as liberated.when it comes to women. They also tend to enjoy more.than one woman at a time. On the other hand, they are hard workers, very polite, and charming. They will always open the door for you and carry the.groceries inside. My children have been brought up with DOS Mundos, but I have also taught them not to put up with crap. Just keep that in mind. They are not ALL like that, but many are. Life changes Sometimes I miss my American Culture.
I'm from Costa Rica and I want a girlfriend from the U.s, Ireland or England. I really need to improve my English. It's urgent! lol
your so hooooooooot am mexican light skin i love all grils
I'm a 28 y.o white guy and I think mexican women are so gorgeous. If there are any that want to chat sometime: mjpm00284 -at- yah
well to be honest I like more American girls they are so cute and so different from Latin girls, I live in EL SALVADOR most of the girls here are so weird to me I don`t want to talk bad things about my country or salvadoran girl I love this country but I usually don`t get attracted to salvadoran women, don`t ask me why. I could count with my hands the numbers of dates I`ve had with salvadoran girls(jus a few) in conclusion I do prefer American girls , I`ll put my E-mail here just in case the miss right shows up. solitaryground22 - at - Google (solitaryground22 AT gmail DOT com

I hope you're a very young guy who is just growing up. You are a total moron for saying that. Salvadorean women are amazing, dude, the woman who gave birth to your ignorant assface is Salvadorean. You are probably so ugly that all the girls don't even wanna look at you. go date white chicks, see how much they love you and treat you like a real Latina would.

Thats all.
Hello!! My no is Kelsey and I love Latino men, I cant help it. I've had such bad experience growing up with the white men in my life...like watching my mom get beat and abused allot that it made me not want to have a white husband. I have been with my boyfriend for almost 5 years and have two daughters with him..there are thing about his culture that i love but there are also things we disagree on. If your a grown women and your wanting a romantic fling or night out then i suggest spending it with a Latino guy...he will shower you in affection. BUT if your looking for a long term relationship take things very slow because the culture differences can cause many problems.
Wow I'm surrounded by latinos everyday of my life and all of them are attracted to latinas and young mex american girls. I love mex guys more than any other race and yes they are just as hot in the bed as their jalapeños. They taste sweet and act sweet but be careful just like anything else there's good ones and bad ones don't end up with a machista and don't let him fool u into thinking he's one of the sweet ones. Til next time adios fine daddies and I will continue to date you guys. Email badreligionfan18 - at - Yahoo! besos :)
okay, some of you peoples comments are funny. lol. Everyone no matter what your skin color, has a certain preference in who they are attracted too. I am white, and i have always for as long as I can remember, been attracted to latinos. My first boyfriend in elementary school was mexican. I am now 25 and my husband is mexican. He is from Mexico City. We are very happy together, he is a wonderful man. I love him very much. I met him when I was 15 and have been with him ever since. Also I do not understand why some of you think that latinos are with big fat ugly white girls lol.. thats soooo not true.. not true at all. yea i do see some hispanic men with some trashy white women.. but i also see clean beautiful white girls with hispanic men too. So not all white girls that date hispanic men are ugly.
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hola; helloo

my name is jorge antonio, and i would like to know some nice girl, that shows me, how charmed coul be the american way.... well in case you´ll like to talk to me heres my pic.

greet for all of you

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