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why does love hurt so much? On this page we will talk about why love hurts so much and why you feel alot of pain in your heart when you are in love. we will also talk about how to get over the pain and forget the person who cause this pain
have you noticed that sometimes when you are in love and someone breaks your hear, the pain of love is soooo big.

i was in love with this guy and he broke my heart. but i can't stop thinking about him?

how do i forget him?

that's a good question, i love him so much and yet i hate for what he did to me,

anyway, was just wondering why if love is so beautiful yet the pain i have in my heart is so painful and it hurts alot. i often have to cry because it can't bear the pain of love. this sucks big time.

what can i do to forget this jerk? anyone has any ideas they can give me
i know what you're saying. for me, it has been a rough ride. it takes time for your heart to heal, and i have learned that. but you have to learn to understand what the other person did to you. and just think about the good memories you had, the ones where you loved eachother more then anything n the world, and you'll learn, that theres always someone around the corner.
hi i am in the same position. i love my ex husband but hate him too for all that he has done to me. can someone help me too or are all men just jerks?
i think u should just understand that hes not the right person for you...you may think hes ur love ur oxygen..the light that makes your life brighter..the hero ect...but its just not true..if was able to break your heart without looking back without any regrets..than your just one of those girls he used to proove to himself that hes a man an hes strong...quit imagining stuff..fairytales arent true u know...stand up for urself an put in ur mind that u deserve way much better ....n its true man...ur so precious u know how to actually love someone an care about him ....he doesnt..hell never...find someone..who is really worth it...dont try fixing things that are already damaged ...get over it baby..just get over it.....go out...work...flirt..play..make new friends..think about your future....plan your llife...your not gonna live twice.....so seize the oppurtunity and make ur life better...ans dont try callin him nor tryin to understand y he did it .....its no use bad ppl are just bad!
well i've been married for 2 years and now were getting divorce.we have 1 yearl old kid and another one on the way.he left me for someone else.how can i move on it's to hard for me i miss him and love him still.specially my baby.would i ever move one? or would i always miss him?but than am scared to fall in love again i dodn't want to get hurt again.
you cant see whole person if your only looking at the bits you like,
focus on him bad points, and >>smile<< bcos you cant be much worse of than me!!
i know love give pain but if u want to forget him then u try not to think abt him if u cant then think wat he done with you then u really hate him and one thing u never forget him,,u alway remember him as your first love or abt wat he done to u so try to think abt wat he done to u it give less pain and if u got something new idea then give it to me
kip urself busy n u myt forget,but also move on wid ur lyf dat guy wasnt worth ur luv,im sure u will get sumoneelse worth it,dont hurt urself coz those hu luv u want to c u hapi so b hapi 4 them n soon everythin wil be k.
its like omg when your heart beats so fast when your palms sweat and your mind go crazy when you did sumthang so bad and wrong and he forgives you but he always sits and tells you all the wrong you have done and you cant change wat u hav done but live with the pain and wonder if he is ever gonna do the same to u
Time changes everything, even peoples feelings. We should always learn to take care of the persons that care about us and love us
i know love give pain but if u want to forget him then u try not to think abt him if u cant then think wat he done with you then u really hate him
ok well went out with sum one for 1 yr he hurt me s soo bad but tht were true friends come along n talk to u i even wanted to box tht gurl just kuz he would tell me he loves me n he would be with her i tough she was the one in between but want hurt me the most i would go see him n he would tell her he hasnt seen me but in a way dont u thing guys feel good when u fight over then well then do .. he used me n her but mosly me.. me im already getting over it i have my friends tht help me tru but if i think about it n u say y do i get hurt .. well just think about when u hurt sum one tht loved u n u just broke up with then n though oo weel he /her well get over it y kuz u wanted sum one else n now u are in tht position .. n just give it sum time kuz if he is really ment for u he will come bak but if he dont he was never bet for u .but if u are really hurt the best thing u can do if hang out with friends n meet other pplz u may say all i think about is him thts what i would say but she called me one day and they were together n she told him did u see her n he say hell na n from there if u think about it if he said he loved me y did he denad me like tht .. but there think tht can make u forget him /her just talk to the pearson tht loved u before or meet new..ppz there alot of ppplz in the world tht are so much cute better n will not hurt but if u dont look around u will just be stuk on him/her when tell are moveing on already ..but at then end if he is reall bet for u he will come bak and regreat everything n try his/her best to get u bak ..>!!! love hurts but love can make u stronger..
i also have got this problem happen to my fren too the best way is think what he do to u what he do bad to u like that
i have had a bf 2 months or soming like that, the yesturday he mets this girl and now he wont stop talking about he i feel terrible my heart achs so bad im crying non stop
what should i do?
u know wats best for u . What i can say is that try to forgive the person n move ahead.empty ur love bucket, avoid them , the stuff they gave u, letters cards or other gifts. Detach from him n his stuff. Stay cool and confident. Find ways to make ur self happy and relaxed.
half of the comments on this thread suggest that the problem is you can't read or write! some of you really should take a class in language arts and learn to write using real words, nouns, verbs etc. maybe communication was your problem.. geezzzz pathetic
I know how u feel, i just hang out with friends, it helped a little my heart still hurts when i think of him, but just hang with friends and have a lot of fun. Hope this helps.
Hannah the pain never completely goes away until you love someone else. The pain becomes less as time passes but the only real way to stop it completely is to open your heart and love again. I wish you the best and hope for your happiness.
dear miss, who told you love is not accompanied with pain.when we love someone,we always think we will get hapiness,it will be like a dream,but not one think of pain,yet,most,if not all of us also have to go through that pain.it is part of life. i m also going throught that situation.i love my girlfriend very very much,but i had to go n study abroad.there was a lot of misunderstandings,and finally,her love changed into all kinds of negative thoughts u can ever imagine.im not perfect but most of the time when she contact me,she hurt me deep in,she has even left me,but after some days she came back and i agreed for her to come back in my life because i got to know that when u love someone truely,u will love the person to be happy,so if she is happy with me,am happy,if not,tell her to leave,koz she deserve to be happy in life..and no regrets at all,take it positive,all these happiness will stay in my heart and all the pains will eventually make me mature.so u just need to accpt the situation and be happy koz yr ex is happier to live like this.
i was in the same position , im still dealing with it still trying to get over it and this happened in november .. i was with him almost 2 years, i had never felt real love until i met him , hell maybe that wasnt even real but it felt real to me.. i ran away with him and then i ended up going home and we broke up cause there was no way it would work .. he ended up going back to NM and found someone else , he cheated on me numerous times , the day before i ran away with him he cheated on me.. but for some reason i wanna forgive him and take him back ndd feel wholeness again . but you gotta realize you cant put yourself through that pain and heartache anymore. you will do nothing but tear yourself down , trust me.. /:
i really luv these heart breaking words....becoz it also happen these for me. mt loverr......its my first cincear luvvv........ca stop thinking about u daaaaa.......
sigh...same problem too,i feel so dead and everytime i think of this guy i cry we broke up in December and i didnt know i could be this dead in my life i love this guy sooo much,can someone help me before i lose myself,please
yeah i feel that too, but when u want to forget him do things that help you forget him things that u love most instead of him... thats what i do it makes me forget all the things that we've done and that hurts me a lot....
pain is not really easy,more love pain, but the best thing is u just have to forgrt about the person and move on with ur life.
ikr i feel like that to
i too had a same problem
always remember dat if somone cannot see your worth just let him go by forgiving everyone dat wer involve in ur past hurt.let it go is the watch word.
never never i ill never able to take u out from me coz........me is u....
i know the feeling every time i woke up i remember her and my heart starts to hurt me :(
i also hav d same problem, cant stop thinkin abt her, wat i get in return of all my luv... Her back at my face n may b fr frevr.. Bt hav faith in ur luv.. Time clock turn fr u 2, i kw its hard bt if u kw true luv dan u must kw dat d 1 person worth ur breathe... Choice yours..
me too... i love him so much. and he just left me without saying anything. that love makes me think to commit suicide . i keep drinking alcohol mostly every night coz i don't want to wake up and think of him... its hurts me so badly! there is a time that i continue drinking alcohol coz i don't want to wake up again with the same feelings! funny things is i didn't die,.im still a live till now! i am still thinking about him every minute and day.. even i keep myself busy at work! i hope i can get over it, coz i am really getting tired and sick of it... cant sleep, i cant work properly! i hope what he done for me, will happen to him as well...trusting and loving someone is the biggest mistake of my life....
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