Why Do People Believe So Much In Jesus Christ, Why Should I Believe In Him?

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Why Do People Believe So Much In Jesus Christ, Why Should I Believe in Him?
20081013_726_praying-hands.jpgAs a believer, I believe in Jesus because I can feel him.

For example, if there is a blind man, and he asks me how the wind looks like, I couldn't tell him how the wind looks like, even though I can see perfectly with my own two eyes. To answer the blind man's question, I would take him to where there is a breeze and have him feel the wind on him. Then he would feel it and know that it exists.

It’s kind of like that, even though you can't see the wind, you can still feel it. Jesus is the same, He exists in my heart and I feel him. When you accept Jesus as your personal savior, you begin to feel his presence, until you feel him; it would be hard to believe. You must have faith in the Lord and he will show himself to you.


Ok I see that I got some replies on this. Regarding the blind man. Yes, that's you. You who don’t believe in Jesus. You are the blind. Because you want to see to believe. But Jesus is not a thing, he is everything. So the only way you are going to understand is if you feel him. If you feel him in your heart. If I had to describe that feeling for you, it would have to be like, there is a whole new person in me, and it’s not physiological, because he is not in my head, but instead in my heart.

It’s kind of like when you are in love, when you love someone and they hurt you, no matter how much you tell it in your head to forget about that person, you can’t, because they still are in your heart. Same thing with God, he lives in your heart, so if you are blind by thinking that Jesus is something logical, it won’t makes sense to you because he is not logical, its spiritual. You have to feel it with your heart.

Brain = thinking
Heart = feeling

There is a difference between what you think and what you feel.

When you have Jesus in your heart, you feel at peace. You feel secure in knowing that he is there to guide you and protect you from evil. Its makes you stronger and you feel like you can do anything. You don’t feel afraid, instead you feel confident and you feel this urge to help others.

It’s possible that you are wondering what do I gain from sharing the knowledge of Jesus with you. Why do people always want me to know Jesus?

Sharing Jesus with others it’s something that you get in yourself being when you accept Jesus as your savior. You feel good inside and you want others to feel the same way. You feel unselfish and sharing. You want everyone to know that they can feel good and look at life as a blessing instead of a curse. Instead of being pessimistic, you can be optimistic about life. To me, I see life in a different way. When I see the sun shine on all of us, when I heard the birds sing every morning near my window in my room. When I see all the creatures of the earth and how beautiful they are. This is an amazing world and I feel joy when I know that Jesus is with me. And I want everyone to feel that joy. I don’t want brainwash anyone; I just want to share a feeling, not an idea.

UPDATE.... i see that i've received more comments regarding this topic, but many of you keep saying 'brain washing' - not at all, there is something that no one can control, and that is your emotions. until you feel the love of God in your heart. your mind will always try to make sense out of it. if you dont feel, then you wont comprehend the love that God has given you. God will never let us go, its us who let him go. He will always be there for you when you look for him. He is a loving and merciful God. Jesus has promise us he will forgive our sins. all you have to do is repent and accept him to come into your heart. He loves us all, for i am witness of his love and mercy.
i am doin some reasearch on jesus. i believe all the time though that he is sitting next to me. i think i can see his shadow but i know that i can not. i bless him
people beleve in him because they read the bible.
yea...see one thing that's wrong with that little analogy up there is..

the wind is a proven, existing, naturally occurring action caused by the movement of objects and such.

the difference that destroys that analogy is basically: you can place 'said' blind man too a windy place and say 'feel that, blindy?"

because wind..actually exists to be proven.
i'm not really a religious person. but this morning i was reading the newspaper and came across this page by some pastor about "living a spiritual life." i thought it would be really stupid because i honestly didn't understand why people would devote themselves to some jesus that might or might not have even existed. i thought believing in god and jesus was like believing that magic and wizards exist. but as i continued to read the article, it made me understand what people mean when they say that jesus died for our sins. he accepts our blame if something bad happens and he accepts our thanks when something good happens.
from what i read jesus is in everybody. he's like a second conscience, and the difference between a spiritual person and a non-spiritual person is that one opens up to jesus (the second conscience) and the other only depends on their own conscience. having faith in jesus means believing in and trusting in that second conscience to help your own conscience guide you into making the right decisions. that's why if you just have faith in jesus to guide you, then you have support always and are never alone in whatever you decide to do or whatever happens.
jesus is in everybody which means he is always apart of you. just believing that this holy, divine, jesus guy is inside of you, guiding you if you just let him, is enough to boost anyone's confidence. it's enough to make anyone feel special if you totally believe it.
having faith in jesus means having faith in yourself. jesus is in you to take the blame for your mistakes. hence he died for our sins. he's just someone you can depend on. and ofcourse none of this is literal. well atleast i don't personally believe that there is this man named jesus sitting in my brain and helping me make my decisions. i also don't believe there is some type of ghost always beside me, because that's just creepy. to me, it is an idea. jesus is there to help us, he is someone everyone can rely on when we are confused about what to do or when we feel lonely.
well, that's what i think. again, i'm no religious person so i could totally be wrong, but yeah. the article i read was in the la times, and it was by this guy named pastor ong soo park or something like that.
just remember, that Jesus is not YOU, Jesus is the Son of God, and when your flesh dies, your soul remains, (the second you) but you still have to answer to Jesus in Judgement day and YOU dont have the power to do that. God has given that power to our Savior Jesus Christ.
jesus is actually a copy of ancient egyptian religion, look it up its like 3000bc...
there is no world documentation, no forensic evidence, not one line written by any writers of that time and many were jewish writers about a man named jesus who was born of a virgin, performed miracles and was crucified.

the only information is from the 4 gospels and they contradict themselves about most what they write about, were written decades after the supposed crucifixtion and who says there copied writings are not made up. (lol)

back in the day jesus (jesuah) was a common name. the name christ was used by many people who had influence of that time.

jesus the jew made a blind me see, raised lazerous from the dead, fed the poor, turned water into wine at wedding of cana, fed 5000 people loaves and fishes. we were all taught this right? wouldn't common sense tell you that the jewish people would have embraced a jewish man like this? they didn't! they screamed for his crucifiction!......does make sense? no! and you would agree. up until the 8th century any christian artwork or paintings indicated a lamb on the cross not a person (jesus) well that was changed along the way. no where in the bible does it say mary went to heaven body and soul. no where in the bible does it say that mary & joseph went to an inn and it was full so she had the baby in a stable. every christmas eve thousands of catholics go to evening mass with their children teaching this fable. all made up stories like the whole story of jesus. unbelieable today that people still follow these old fabled family traditions that have carried on for centuries.

i can't see the electricity in the wires in the wall, but i know for a fact the electricity is there. i don't have to see something to believe it.
richard it saddens me to see that you have no faith in our lord jesus christ, so please hear me out on this because im not a preacher just a believer ok. do you really think that we are alone in this world that there is no greater power holding us responsible for our actions and our doings. you feel the wind everyday right, but you never see it but you will say it exist. what if there is a greater power, what if jesus does exist what do you have to loose by believing in him. if your wrong adn there is no god then no harm done right, your not living a life a or termoil and corruption right, but if your wrong and god does exist, and turns you from him and you spend eternal in the lake of fire in hell what then rich you would loose so much please open your heart to what is out there, i have encountered an experience that would prove god exist , because there is no scientific proof to illustrate what i saw and what occured to me. i dont know a lot of things but one thing i do know with th
i beleive that god is my friend , the same way you can talk to a human friend is the same way you can talk to jesus , because you cant see him of feel him you cant be judged you can only be given guidence from him .
i know this is nothing to do with jesus but it is friendship. i have just started secondary school and my best friend has gone to another. she has not been talking to me and her friend is horrible to me and she does nothing. what should i do! amy
i say let her go and find new friends.
thanks for the help (not )none of this is fact its opinion how does that help people?
one thing that is undeniable and is backed up by historical writings of the time in addition to the bible. that a man named jesus was crucified and there were reports that he rose to life again. it is also undeniable that his friends all suffered horrifiying deaths for their accounts that they saw all this happen. this must be considered by all reasonable people.
good review dude :)
i realy want to know more about jesus and other religious (different between them)
i just started to become a christian and have faith in god, and i know he's there because i can feel him, but what i'm just confused on is just believing in jesus and i don't understand what the big deal is about him. why can't i just have a relationship with god?
Many people believe in Jesus because they have felt and seen what he can do and how he can change lives for the better. No one is forced to believe in Him, it is a choice. "Blessed is the man who believes without seeing." We may not be able to see him now, but we will when he returns. So, I think that taking a chance in believing in him NOW will result in a reward far beyond anything this world has to offer. So weigh out the decisions. It will be the most important decisian any one will ever make. Believe, or turn away from God's free gift of salvation.
Jesus is what you percieve him to be. The Bible says He is the son of God. He is God. So if you believe he is God he will do what God does for his children. He will bless you. But if you don't believe in Him, He will still wait for you and give you lots of opprotunities to come back to him. For His love is never ending and He is a forgiving God. If in life you have tried all sorts of things to make you happy and still find no peace within, then try Jesus this time. Surrender to him willfully and with your whole heart, mind and strength and then you will see the wonders he does for you. May God be your guiding light always - Amen.
the things you see are all beautiful peaceful things. now how about when you see people suffering, DU babies, people being killed by enemies. How do you feel then? That too is a part of life and a part of the world and you need to address that if you want people to listen to your ideas on Jesus. You seem to be wearing rose-colored glasses in viewing the world.
the things you see are all beautiful peaceful things. now how about when you see people suffering, DU babies, people being killed by enemies. How do you feel then? That too is a part of life and a part of the world and you need to address that if you want people to listen to your ideas on Jesus. You seem to be wearing rose-colored glasses in viewing the world.

there is no doubt that also evil exists in this world. so its important to know Jesus, so all these bad things you mentioned can become something positive in your life.

for example, people suffering... once you have Jesus in your life, you will be Guided by our Lord to help those who are suffering. Instead of complaining about whats wrong with this world, do something about it. Why does evil exists? No one knows, but i do know that if i have Jesus in my heart, i can overcome evil by being faithful and being a good person to my fellow man. You can overcome evil with kindness, compassion, mercy etc..

we all have our own tribulations, im going through mine right now, but i remain strong knowing that Jesus is with me and that gives me strength to overcome any fear.
I believe in Jesus because, to me, Jesus is my God. Many times He showed me His miracles at the time I was down and out that no people could ever made. He gives me inexpressible joy even if I personally in harsh life difficulty cause I know He is God of every crisis. Amen.
I believe that people believe in Jesus because they feel something and they've been taught that it could only be Jesus that they're feeling when in fact the feeling(s) could be explained by a hundred or a thousand different possibilities. Rather than explore the options and leave themselves open to new information they are encouraged by everyone in their new-found religion to reject all other explanations. Most, if not all, so-called proof of Jesus' physical existence has been shown as questionable at best so those who say it's undeniable are so far absolutely wrong. Beliefs, though, by themselves, are formed by an accumulation of experiences and received information and our interpretations of these things. They are not the truth, but rather our interpretation or viewpoint of the truth. Two people can see the same accident but see two completely different things. Two people can experience the exact same "spiritual" phenomenon or feelings and say they're two different things - one says it's Jesus and the other might say it's just a natural occurrence.
I just wanna say we don't feel with our heart, thats something thought up by Galen back in the day. I am perfectly fine not believing in Jesus, if he was real or not, I'm just gonna be a good person because it makes me feel good and i don't expect to go to heaven for it. I am not afraid to be wrong and I do not want to be converted.
Religion is an extremely powerful mind tool for good people to do evil things. all that Jesus talking is the biggest con in human history. It's unbelievable how gullibale some people can be.

I don't think there is anything wrong in believing in God, as it's very comforting. It helps a lot of people who would otherwise be unable to deal with the hardships in life.

But please, don't make up ridiculous stories to brainwash others.
Oooops! my last comment was not aiming specifically at the author. Just find it very disturbing, the manipulators who wrote any holy books. Also just to clarify, I was not implying that all religious people are evil (just saying that religious is a very powerful mind tool that can manipulate others, be it for good or for bad).
hello.. .i want to ask something.. .how did you believe in jesus that easier ? .i mean i do believe in christ but i dont know why i felt so hard to make HIM into my heart.. .not that i dont believe but its just that i dont know how and what to do to be like u. .to be someone who have a very strong faith in jesus..sory my english is not so good.. .
I have repented a long time ago and accepted Jesus into my heart and i can feel him in my heart and soul. To me its kind of like a feeling when you are about to do something and you get that feeling that it may not be right. Well the feeling i have is in a way similar to that but it leads me along the right path as if i was going to do something worng or right..i get a feeling as to guide me to what is 100% right....its all hard to explain. Also its NOT brainwashing
I think it is important to remember we do have an unseen enemy that blinds us and wants to keep us that way so if dont believe in jesus maybe its time to ask yourself what is keeping you from believing or WHO is a better way of saying it. Its not brain washing its the truth and how dare any of you TRY and steer a believer to a satan worshiper you will have to answer to God one day and my hope for you is to do some research let Jesus lead and guide u before its too late
Hi. How do you know you are NOT brain washed? -You insist in the existence of something you can´t prove. -You talk about it as a FACT and not as merely personal HOPE. -You think reality must be "first love then you will see" Are you lying to us? you are too self confident about him? ok . ask him to tell you something personal about me. that may be easy for the creator of the universe. answer this one and I will take you seriusly, else you are just lying to people.
My prayers are with you,but its simple as this, in order for you to feel his presence and know he is real, you have to believe otherwise He would never reveal himself to you. Just as evil is presence so does the good, and good things only come from God, when you seek the Lord, you start living and caring for others, why does the sun exist to give us light and help our food produce, why does food exist, so that we can eat, why does a fruit fit perfectly in your hand. Could you think evolution would bring that for us to survive, if you think about it why, evolution is not someone, its something why would it even care if we survived, Seek him and his word and you will have the answers you need. There is a creator who wants to be real in your life, but we have choice to doubt it or research it ourselves. Praying for you christopher. God becomes real when we seek him, if we don't u will still be questioning yourself. You have answers that you do not even seek, Jesus was spoken about 2000 years bfor he came to exist and so was crucifiction. Did you know that? just like when you go to school and want to learn about something, the same thing with Christ, you have to research. He is waiting.
I find it really sad when people need someone like Jesus to give them morals or a reason to live and love i don't believe jesus is anything sepcial infact i think he was a power freak trying to control the mass which he clearly achieved.. look at it this way i don't believe in him and i feel 10X better without him
My Story: I have smoked weed and drunk alcohol nearly every day for the past decade, I'm ashamed to say even though i didnt drink on days I had to work I would wake up and have a cheeky wake n' bake and I was happy, very happy. I ridiculed religion and surrounded myself in atheist friends, my parents are strictly atheist and I was educated to the highest level in the sciences with not an ounce of consideration or thought to any deity. I did not believe, when a few months ago I started getting a nagging feeling inside me like there was something I had to do and it was insatiable. I figured that I was finally gonna get off my butt and start writing like I had wanted to do for years but when something decided to hit me like a train, I was overwhelmed with love and warmth and I was petrified never did I imagine it was God the very person i had ridiculed my whole life. The only way I can describe it is its like a feeling, but more than that, like a sense, just overwhelming happiness and peace. I find no fun in drinking or pot anymore just because it numbs this much REALER feeling of peace and happiness that I have constantly in the pit of my stomach. So i kind of disagree with Brenda that you have to believe it to feel it because even though I didnt believe it it hit me like a brick and I knew instantly that I had discovered the truth. If i was reading my own comment Id think I was a nutter and I totally totally understand why people think that about religious folk because this time 6 months ago I probably thought worse than any of you guys. But i honestly was not looking for it. It seems completely irrational to me to have this belief and I think people that get lost in this ridiculous feeling forget what it was like for us before we felt this way, and before we knew!! I guess what im trying to say is im still trying to get my head round this. Everything looks different to me and feels different to me. And its so difficult keeping this from my parents but I know exactly what they would say to me, so i guess its lucky i only see them once a year. I promise you guys this feeling is real and HE is real. But you have to feel it to believe, not the only way round
News Flash, your heart is an organ, it has no feelings, it pumps blood around to your brain, and thats it. Your brain does the thinking, and its your brain that does the feeling. So this whole believing in Jesus thing is a brain activity. Just like a Jew believes what they believe. Another human told their brain something, and their brain can say hmmmm, thats ridiculous, or hmmmmm ok a man died and came back to life! thats me, I am a believer!!!!
than this means you are without feelings. i "feel" sorry for you.
well there Patrick, sorry to update you. You say your 10x happier which is all fine and great. you live as if you will not die ALONE internally. you brainwashed yourself to think this world is the stage. when your clock stops eternity kicks in - timelessness. since you do better without him. you can honestly sit there and say the alternative place after death will be better? forever? you need to understand we are visitors and those who prepare to receive what is waiting will be the only ones to experience it. you are stuck in this world's focus window and under the impression its all that is waiting for you. wake up buddy.
I've seen Him twice! And what I felt in His presence is so amazing! I love Him and you will stand before Him and give account because He is God. He loves you and wants to reveal Himself to you. The new testament was written by the apostles who have seen Him in His earthly ministry and after His ressurection. You see, Jesus came to make a way for you. We all have had the same cancer of sin filling us. We were born in it. Its the sin of unbelief. Unbelief leaves you arrogant and proud and hating God. You hate God. You want nothing to do with Him... Just like all of us... but He loved us first and bacame a Man named Jesus and was crushed by the wrath of God on the Cross to pay the penalty for our sins in FULL.. Only repentant believers who accept the Blood of Christ and have the Holy Spirit in the will be with the Father for eternity. If you reject the precious blood of Christ that paid for your soul, then the very wrath of God that Jesus took for you will be dispensed upon you for all eternity. He really loves you this much! He is crying out for you to come to Him!! You are His creation!!
What I keep reading from the non-believers is "brainwash". So many of you are thinking with your mind only and not your mind and spirit. I see the snarky young man below states "Your heart has no feeling, it is an organ" When people say with their heart, it is a figure of speech. It is your spirit that knows, the one thing of yours that goes past this life.

My story is very similar to some of the others. I was having deep depression, and felt like I was on the verge of "losing it". But one thing I did through all my years of pain, was pray constantly, even on my worst day for God to help me. Then one day this past February, I was having one of the worst days of my life and felt like I just could not go on anymore. After all these years, why hadn't God have given me some relief.

I think part of why I didn't feel I was getting closer to God, was that I was paying for my sins of the past. And boy I had some whoppers. Sleeping with married women, constant one night stands, drinking like a fish, etc.

I think why God came to me that night last February was that no matter how hard my life has been the past five years, I did always keep my faith and I prayed. That night I felt like I could not go on anymore, this was it. And I think a large part of it was that even though I had so little hope, it was time for him to come into my life and make it better.

How do I feel now. I have undying faith in our Precious God! Every day now I look to see the sun shining, how beautiful it looks on the leaves of the trees. The gorgeousness of the blue sky. I barely even noticed these things before.

It is in your spirit, and somewhat your mind that realizes without doubt, Our God lives. No doubt. As many of the believers above have said, you feel him, feel him and your entire life changes and you want to do good for so many people and honor God.

I believe that only if you keep an open mind to his possibility, and pray to him, even if only half heartedly, but give him a chance he will come into your life. It took him years to come into my spirit, I am 42. But I know and love Him with everything in my spirit, mind and soul!
The brain is the center of all emotion. Not the heart.
i ask you something. When you have fallen in love with someone special to you and then they break your heart. have you tried to forget about this person? no matter what you do, you can't, why? because your feelings are stronger than your thoughts.
Your feelings are your thoughts.
"religion is the good stuff that keep common people quiet" N. Bonapart.
Go ahead and be a tool. All you believers. Just remember more than 6 million Jews have got murdered praying as hard as they could to the same God you praying...
I would first like to ask how you know who Jesus Christ is, because it seems you get all your information from people who make it up such as priest and speakers, and/or you follow a 1900 year old document written by many people of a Judaic tribe, its called the Bible. Therefore your Jesus can be comparable to Hercules who also has been passed down through books and oral tradition. Secondly you have to also realize that these tribesman had a very flawed view of the world believing if was flat and they were the center of the universe. Unless your a staunch Catholic prior to Galileo and Copernicus, then you realize the biblical universe is complete and utter wishful thinking. Unless you understand science and how the laws of the universe work, such as there is no action without equal and opposite reaction, then you are able to believe nonsense. I think you bible thumpers need to see the "Light" and quit oppressing your thoughts because "God" says so. God is different for everyone. I would like to ask if a Muslim said they felt the presence of Muhammad or a Buddhist felt the presence of Buddha would you disregard there feelings, to make yourself more dignified? It seems you use Jesus to build yourself up rather than accept equality between you and your fellow man, regardless of there religion. That is why I am an Atheist. I do not believe that just because you believe in something that makes you better than the people around you. And shame on you if you think you are better, only shows your self-conscious of yourself and dont have the will power to handle your struggles and stresses, meaning you always have to count on someone else rather than yourself.
all the things you have just said are ideas. ideas of men. as a man i believe in the stars and in science. but as a christian, i believe, i dont think.

why nobody understands me? Jesus does not live in my thoughts, he lives in my heart.

all the evidence of science are in my brain. doesnt mean i believe them. but what i am saying that jesus is not a logic, Jesus is a feeling.

you dont believe because you dont feel it. but once you accept jesus as your savior, he lives in your heart and you will feel the presence of him all around you.
Blake, you have no hope. You have no hope of anything after you die. Jesus gives me hope of eternal life.
Believing in these words of the greatest man that ever lived is worth considering.
I love how people always bring up the bible and how it was written by man. Yes it was written by man...many types of men from all over and when all 66 books were put together they all flowed very nicely as these men were inspired by God's words. They came from many walks of life. There has been archaeological evidence found having to do with the bible and it matches it perfectly. Science has not been able to disprove that the bible is not real and not written by God's word, Science has not been able to prove that God didn't create the universe and everything in it. Science has proven quite the opposite..that something or someone with great intelligence created all around you. I found the most awesome video on youtube just recently that explains it all...it's a must see for the believers and non believers it's called GOD OF WONDERS-SCIENTISTS PROVE ALMIGHTY GOD'S EXISTENCE THROUGH SCIENCE check it out!
well, believing or simply having faith in our Lord Jesus Christ begins in the Power of Him by His Holy Spirit and His Word. Once a person listen to His Word intently, it is Him Who works in the heart of man to make him believe that He is truly existing. Once this man responds to Him, there he showed faith or a belief to Him. You see, Our Lord, God uses His Word to know; He uses His Holy Spirit for us to feel His presence; and it is upon us to respond to Him or not. What is your respond to Him? Will you listen and accept Him or just ignore Him?
All I have to say is that I have heard and felt God and it is the most amazing feeling in the world,for those who dont believe I challenge you to go somewhere quiet and call out his name with your hands in the air but dont just up your mouth open your heart and truly mean it everyday God is working in ours whether you want him to or not but if you really want to see his power for yourself do the challenge and I promise you will never say God isn't real.
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