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this topic is about the most popular reliable automobile ever made in the world. you will be surprised to know which is the most durable car ever made in america and in the world. you might think is a japanese auto manufacturer but i will tell you the car
OK. so you want to know which is the MOST reliable car there is.

probably you are in the market for a new or used cars and you want the little car to last long.

I think the most reliable car ever made is either the Honda civic or the Toyota corolla

But you might be surprise to know that the most reliable car ever made is not a car but rather the Volkswagen beetle. That car can go on for miles and miles. The engine is simple and it uses air to cool it instead of liquid like the other traditional cars, but the beetle is no longer in production so if I had to guess the current most reliable cars right now would have to be the Honda Civic or the Toyota Corolla.I am sorry to say that none of the American cars are very reliable.

American cars are made with very cheap parts. Where as the Japanese cars are made of higher quality materials and with higher tolerances in their engineering. Until I start to see American cars build with higher tolerances on their engineering, they will not as reliable as Asian Imports. I think that American manufacturers like GM FORD AND CHRYSLER make their cars not to last as long because they are thinking of money. They are being greedy. Why do I say that.?

Well, if they make cars last long, you wouldn't have to buy a new car more frequently. It makes sense from a business point of view. All they seem to think is about their pockets. I am a mechanic and I have worked on all kinds of automobiles, and I have to say when you replace the parts on each cars, the parts on the Asian Imports are made of higher quality, they last longer and are therefore more reliable. if you dont believe me. try this.. if you have a domestic car like a Ford or GM, look under the hood, look at the engine parts.. you will notice the parts look bulky and oversize.. why is that? its because they are cheaper to manufacture so they have to pay less to the employees who make them and they get to make more parts faster. but if they made good quality engineered parts, the parts wouldn't break as frequent.

let me give you an example. this is a pulley from a domestic car:

now, this is another pulley from an import car:

do you see the difference? better quality? The difference is clear. the first pulley is very simple in design, therefore, it will be easy to manufacture, thus, the car maker will pay less money to have it made. Now look at the second image of the import part. you can see that it will be more complicated to manufacture because of the engineering. and that is all i am saying here. American manufacturers need to engineer better parts for cars so they will last longer. simple. I am an American, and I love my country. I want America to be #1

American Manufacturers need to stop being so greedy and start making better cars if they ever want to get the trust of consumers... I have own a Dodge, Ford mustang and a Chevy car, I have also own a Toyota and a Nissan, and I would never buy a Dodge, Ford or GM car again. My first NEW car was a dodge Ram 1500, man, I only had it for one year, I bought it for $21000 in 1995, in 1996, I traded in for a Ford Mustang, in 1998 I traded the mustang for a used 1989 Maxima, I drove that Maxima until 2006 with over 280,000 miles, then I traded it for a 1998 Nissan Pathfinder, currently its what I am driving and it currently has 170,000 miles and still running strong. Last year I purchased a 2007 Toyota Yaris for commuting, it I love it, it has 40k miles per gallon. runs great and nothing has been broken. only thing I've done is change the oil and air filter. wow!! I love it.

One thing I will give American car makers is 'innovation'. they come up with good new features, but the the Japanese get them perfected. Also, remember that these import cars, are not actually made outside the U.S.A - many are made by Americans, so its not that American workers are making cheap cars, but rather the Company. For example, many of Toyota's cars, are built and manufacture here in America by Americans.
the winner is the 1978 datsun b-210gx. i owned a few and were only sent to the scrap yard because of acccidents. the b210 engines were amazing and never wore out
i have owned 3 toyota's, one honda, and a nissan, i still have my 91 honda crx and would definitely say it is the most reliable car that was ever built. it has 175,000 miles and still runs like new. aside from general maintenance, i have put less then 2000 in repairs to this car, i have only replaced a couple wires that went bad on this car. i can't say enough, if you ever see one for sale, and it's in good condition body wise, buy it. mine never sees the winters. honda def. makes the best car overall. i would swear by that. if you google all the troubles toyota has had in the past, you would be surprised how good they are at hiding their faults. nissan is better then toyota anyday, i currently have a nissan altima. great car. ok. that's my opinion, lol
i'm sorry but i have to disagree with your statement about jap cars and there reliability, they are good city cars but other then that the reliability end i believe that without a doubt the most reliable cars are older mercedes benz e classes.
i think your english writing skills suck.
im nissan 100%...il have to say its my 94 toyota corolla all thou its expensive for some people and i.. il say that is the most reliable car ive ever had... also my 87 sentra b11, change that stock piece of crap carb and lets go!!!!
illiterate, ignorant america-hating faggot!
you guys are so nice to each other, yeah nissan maximas have some incredible engines, believe it or not buicks are very reliable, honda is good, toyota well lets just say in the guiness book there is a old body corolla that hit 2 million miles, german cars a good but expensive to fix, used cars are the best way to go just do the proper research and you'll find a good reliable car.
i think my prius is the most reliable, i hope i can modify it to get 100 miles per gallon one day
I forgot to tell you, i have 89,000 miles already since i commute to work everyday with my carpool we all love our cars
volvoclub.org. is a ford E-250 Econoline about to break the million mile mark as well. I'd have to put these in the top categories for most reliable cars ever made. Also, don't overlook Ford's Crown Victoria. Mine is a 98 and has 437,000 miles on it now, i bought it off the Greece (NY) police department for $1500 with only 150,000 on it. Engine and Tranny are all original. I hope she breaks the million mile mark as well.
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Defenetlly most reliable car of all time is mercedes W123 diesel, its really a legend. I do agree that corrolas and civics are very reliable but they live up to just avarage milage. Todays cars are not as reliable because of much complicated design, cost cuts, computer enginering, and worst of all they are hard to service.
1984 Honda Accord 5 speed over 1,000,000 miles some Mercedes Diesels Corolla 5 speeds can go a million if maintained
Mercedes w123 and W124 own eveything.Also old Volvos are like tanks(740 and 940)
What's a voltwagen? Whatever it is it's probably not in production anymore because Volkswagen sued them for having a similar name or something. Besides the Beetle is pathetic, my friend got one in high school thinking it was reliable, it didn't make it to his senior year, even though he babied it. It's so hard to understand what you're saying that I'm having difficulty arguing with you. But it sounds like you think american cars arent reliable, which is just plain bull. I bought a 92 pontiac bonneville as my first car. Its driven me through 6 winters and 270,000 miles so far. The only problems I've ever had were running out of gas and one time I left my headlight on and klled my battery. I rarely even change the oil on it. Most cars would have been dead before 100k with the way I treat my car, but it's still running strong (and 100% american). Also, higher tolerances doesn't mean more reliable, it means less room for a part to fail before it does serious damage. If you've owned 5 cars you must either be wasteful, unhappy with what you have, or old, but either way you should still be older than me, I'm only in my mid 20's, and if you're older you should at least have the grammar of someone who attended school above 6th grade.
HA! 100% american. most of the parts for it sourced out of china.

I agree with what this guy has to say. I'm American- born and raised -never left the country, and even I agree that most American cars are built very cheaply and unreliably. My dad had a 1972 Datsun b110 (NOT 210) that got about a million miles on it with very little work other than basic maintenance (original engine and everything). My mother had a 97 toyota corolla that got 200 thousand miles on it while literally doing nothing to it accept oil changes and replacing the headlights. My dad's 97 Lexus (made by toyota), other than routine maintenance, has never had a problem since he got it with about 110,000 on it (it has around 170,000 on it now). The top 5 least reliable cars of 2010 were all American, and I know several people that love the dependability of Yota's. Anyway, I respect all opinions and am open minded to new ones.
I'm sorry but whoever posted this is a complete moron. I'm a Japanese car driver for life but the article is completely irrelevant and biased with no fact to support their claims. Word to the wise, if you want to sound credible make sure you reference sources and stay away from misleading pictures and personal experiences to support your claim. You show an old dusty underdrive pulley and brand new underdrive pulley. Neither picture is an example of quality or tolerances. What if the pully below was actually made of plastic and the one above it was made from steel? It's just not an example of quality and makes you sound foolish. I will agree that Japanese cars outsurpass American and German cars as far as reliability is concerned but this article is just plain dumb.
I have a 1993 Ford Escort LX Station wagon with well over 300,000 miles and it still runs like it's brand new. The air conditioning still works, heather, power steering, everything! I haven't really been taking care of it too much since I only go in for oil changed when the oil change light comes on and it's still on the original engine and transmission and never once rebuilt. Now that's a reliable car.
I have a 2003 Kia Sedonna and it is NOT the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. It has 140,000 km and we have replaced the timing belt, ignition pick up sensor, battery, and still doesn't run right and doesn't produce enough heat. It's turning into a money pit. It is expensive to fix. Thanks for sharing your advice on reliable vehicles. I need one.
timing belt, battery, spark plug air filters, oil filters, tires are just a part of regular maintenance. You have to replace those on EVERY car. What we are talking about are cars that run great even if you do do that
Hey i was confused when you said you traded your car for another one ive heard of selling them for cash but never trading. how did you do it?
i repair cars for a living
I find it ironic that you claim his English writing skills suck when you fail to capitalize "I", as well as the proper noun "English".
You are such a dope. The top pulley is probobly at least 20 years old and is perfectly serviceable. Inexpensive and would never be replaced unless the car was in a collision.
Irv Gordon's 1960's Volvo P1800 will soon clock 3,000,000 miles. I think that qualifies it as the most reliable car of all time, or at least the most durable car of all time. My lowly 1993 Toyota Camry will soon reach 350,000 miles, good but not even close to the P1800.
That is not the point the author is trying to illustrate. He was merely using the pulley as an example of the way American manufacturers cut costs by making cheaper parts.
This guy is silly. First of all, the comparison of the two pulleys are for different applications. The top is a water pump pulley, the bottom is a crankshaft pulley. This guy has no credibility what-so-ever. BTW, I am a mechanical engineer. If you are going to make a comparison, just go by the collected data from a reliable source.
Japanese car are the best.
coz propaganda is the best way to make bealivers , even if its true or not , the people fall for the crap of propaganda , , the reallyty is that jap cars are only good for gas miliage with little engines below 2 liters but once you are above that , they become as bad in gas miliage as any v8 , and cant beliave how people beliave that this engines are reliable , why do this jap engines burn oil easily , and why americans dont,i want an answer??
i have owned chevy, ford, nissan, honda and toyota.

i can give you an answer. its simple, the gaskets. its normal wear and tear. you only noticed jap engines burning oil, because the engine is already at 200k+ miles, i have a nissan at 216k+, and just last week, i changed the valve cover gaskets. the gaskets wore out, not the engine, the engine still is kicking.

infact, just today i went to do the state inspection smog test, and it passed the emissions without any problems.
I have a toyota corolla that runs perfect with 300,2010 miles I am a sales profesional and get to drive it every day to all my clients. simply the best car.
My husband told me the same thing 30 years ago and i have always bought Nissan or Toyota since then. I have never had a mechanical breakdown with these cars with proper care and maintenence. Quite a different story when i had a chevy and pontiac prior to learning from him. What he says is so true!
dumb pst dumb comparation this guy just dont know what his talking about plus many other people also,letme tell you and hate me if you want but jap cars are the worse piece of manureever , if you dont bealive me go ahead and gougle the 10 worst second hand cars to buy , and you be surpriced to know that the corolla is one of them , and the promblem is engine mud instead of oil , the engine is ****i and gm came up to be the only one with no failing exept for the dexcool coolant problem read it your self and dont come with crap that comes out of you little brain
This is the worst review I have ever read in my life ! First of all, the comparison on pulleys is wrong. The second is not a pulley but a crankshaft harmonic balancer. They look alike on all vehicles. And the explanation on import parts compared to domestic is child like. Bigger parts smaller parts. This guy's a joke ! I'd take a Police Interceptor P71 Crown victoria over a Toyota Camry any day for a safe and reliable car. Just ask every Cop & Cab Driver in the country !
Dude that is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Those pullys look like one is out of a 20 year old car, and the other straight out of the box. And another thing is that I think that the dodge dart is and always be the most reliable car. If you talk to anyone that knows engines they will say that dodge has the best.

P.S. Ford sucks associated
The Mercedes w123 diesel is the most reliable and robust car ever built. Period. The om616 and om617 engines will last for millions of miles so long as it is cared for. I personally have a 84 300D and it has over 352,000 miles on it, it is miles not kilometers. The highest known mileage on one of these cars is over 2.5 million miles belonging to a man in Italy. 'Nuff said
I think the mark of most reliable car should go to a car that has a long life while NOT being well cared for. In which case my trusty old Subaru Forester has a strong case. I changed the oil every 3k miles or so. Thats about all the care I ever did. This car has had an interesting life, for sure. I think its proudest moment came when I spun out on a remote desert turn at high speed, about 60. Spun sideways, almost flipped, took a fairly forceful impact going sideways over a drainage ditch. The bottom of the engine took that impact. Ripped off parts of the oil system, bent the frame, displaced the entire engine up a few inches to pop open the hood. Tore a couple tires off and bent all the rims. I thought I had finally killed my poor old car. But it didnt die! 400 bucks is all it cost me to replace, tires, rims, oil stuff. That ended up being the most expensive fix I ever had to do. She's still running at 150k miles. What a champ!
i am still driving my 1995 Honda Accord 6 cylinder. I bought it used in 1997. It had less than 20,000 miles on it and now has 157,000. I leave it at the airport every other week for days. My door opener clicker has black electrical tape holding it together, there are little dents all over the body, and the front leather seats are somewhat shot so we put covers on them, but it is SO reliable. The driver's side window h as gotten a little sticky to get back up but keeps working anyway. I wanted to buy another one but I hear the newer Honda's just aren't the same as the old ones.
1989 honda accord lx carborated I have 751,804 miles everything on the car is original haven't even changed the waterpump for timing belt I'm going to make it to 1,000,000 miles and I get home is 40 miles per gallon can change my oil every 4000 miles regular putting new brakes on it keeping it running the car has not lost any power do to it I'm mileage and I still have the original ice cold factory air wow let me see you do that with a chevy or ford
An indestructible? The 1981 Toyota Land Cruiser. Simple, rugged, simply almost impossible to destruct. The 4x4 is amazing.
If you read the reviews on Car survey, MSNauto and Edmunds you'll discover that the 1991 to 2011 Ford 4.6 also ranks as one the most reliable engines in the world. A substantial number of them have reached over 1,000,000 km, some of them never needing rebuilding. Many of them were used in fleet cars and were well maintained. The were also highly praised for achieving excellent mpg.
i agree about honda and toyota cars being the most reliable having owned both in the past,however there is one
american brand that i will stand by and that is Buick.I am currently driving a 2004 century w/208k and have not had a lick of problems with it except the dimmer switch for some reason.
Wow, 40,000 miles per gallon with the Yaris? Now that is impressive.
ive drivven 890.000 km in my 1978 Volvo, and have never had a mechanical breakdown in it. Hard winters, warm summers, it always starts and goes. Neverhad a engine reebuild, only had regular service on it = oil, sparks and belts.
everybody has an opinion. it sounds like most of these including the guy who wrote it has owned very few vehicles. take it from someone that has owned over 100 vehicles from mid 60's to present. it's mostly in preference. i have owned more fords although they are not my first choice, every type of of gm's and they are not either. dodge not close, amc's at the bottom except for jeeps. a couple vw's that i liked, a nissan that is very good, kia that was pretty junky, and that was new, toyota's that i have thought the highest of, an old pickup with a 22r engine. i have never own a volvo, mercedes, audi, lexis, ect. i never had that kind of money. if you have no money and want luxury and mileage an older buick with a 3.1 liter will get you 30+ it's 100% preference all cars are made pretty well these days.
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