there's no doubt women like poetry. but some of us find poetry really boring. i mean its really boring. but if you want to get a girl to like you, it pays to know some poetry. when you learn poetry, you learn to say what's in your heart in a totally different way. poetry words come from the hear and it doesn't matter what words it is. you can use a simple words like us like "staring" for example, and take it the heart. for example, when i look at a girl and i like her, i stare at her. then of course she asked "what the hell at you looking at" and i would reply something like "I'm sorry for staring, but my eyes could not ignore your beauty" wow! that just melts their heart. if you really want to impress a lady, you have to get into their heart. emotions are very powerful for women, the love to feel important. i have more secrets, but that's all im going to post here, if anyone is interested in more, reply to this post, if i get good responses i will post all my poems here. or if you have a good pickup line or poem that always works for you, there are many guys looking at this page, so share with us.

if you want to know more romantics things, please read the comments below. thanks to everyone for their advice.