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these are some of my secrets i will give you on some things you can say to your girlfriend, wife or just a girl you like. women like guys who are romantic and they like it when you say romantic things, i will teach you how to say romantic words
there's no doubt women like poetry. but some of us find poetry really boring. i mean its really boring. but if you want to get a girl to like you, it pays to know some poetry. when you learn poetry, you learn to say what's in your heart in a totally different way. poetry words come from the hear and it doesn't matter what words it is. you can use a simple words like us like "staring" for example, and take it the heart. for example, when i look at a girl and i like her, i stare at her. then of course she asked "what the hell at you looking at" and i would reply something like "I'm sorry for staring, but my eyes could not ignore your beauty" wow! that just melts their heart. if you really want to impress a lady, you have to get into their heart. emotions are very powerful for women, the love to feel important. i have more secrets, but that's all im going to post here, if anyone is interested in more, reply to this post, if i get good responses i will post all my poems here. or if you have a good pickup line or poem that always works for you, there are many guys looking at this page, so share with us.

if you want to know more romantics things, please read the comments below. thanks to everyone for their advice.
Hey, I am intrested to learn more poetry like this as you mentioned, it's really good to learn as well as to tell some. So i am needing of these kind of words / poetry to impress my girl.


if loving you is wrong then let me never be right
poetry words come from the hear and it doesn't matter what words it is. you can use a simple words like us like "staring
hey, my man... i have something to tell you... im a good and handsome boy... every place i walk all girls will start looking at me... whats the meaning of that? and some of those girl i knew i ask them to be my gf but they wont answer my question... whay aren't they answering? i'll appreciate if you answer... from: jeff to: you! my man!
i really like this girl but every time she says no i ask why and she just says i dont know why
really i need some word to say my girl friend,but i know she has already a boyfriend how to impress her and for my side
Thank you but could you teachers of how to write poetry and show us a few poems youve done?
thanks for that line yr i need more poems like that or just lines only plz send more
I strongly accept the fact that girls love romantic words n no matter wat ur appearance may look like,girls still like to be flatered.I like the manner in which this example is presented,its another romantic word and the maner in which it is presented wil strongly touch everygirls..
I hope so this will help me....
being a romantic is such a wonderful thing and i thing you are a romantic man..may god bless you...
I like a girl so much and I'm in dare needs for the apt Poems/Words to win her heart.

Hey Imma girl, and well heres a nice thing to say God was showing off when he created you Lol i was searching the web for some cool thigns and found that. I was writing a story and needed something so ya XD
Hey Dude, I don't have much experience on that but am sure if you truly love her she will except your love... Tell her what ever you think abt her.. And lesion what she say..respect her feelings.. surly you will get your angels love Good Luck :)
i want to impress girls and i dont get words to describe their beauty
i have girlfriend on facebook i want to impress her... so help me dude..
hey boys and girls just tell you lovers you went to see your doctor fo X Rays and they found your lovers name in your heart and if they removed it you would die because you lovers name would not be there.example.

This mourning I went for X Rays and they found you in my heart and they said if they took it out I would die cause you would not be there anymore
hey hii dear i need ur help i m meeting a girl tonight, but she hardly knows me so how can i tell her that i m in love with her
just whip "it" out and show it to her.. never fails
hahahahaha thats loveing histarical
i'm quite impressed with what i've read and would love to know more. please
i like 2 know more..plsss..
hello dear , i will like to know more of the poems cos i need to send some strong words in poem or in proverbs and to see how far it will work for me
Its really true plz post sm more
just walk up to her and say : can you help me with my phone, then she will say what is wrong with it ,then you say it doesn't have your number in it so can you help me.
very nice poem, i want to read more.
i so happy to look this page, really you have wrote some pricous line for gril, or key line for boy, please send some of them to me , thank you so much,
good but if girl couldnt ask
nice i wish a girl would like 2 date me
hello dis is really nice and now dat i got a girl i wud luv so much if i kan get her,,,,pls i wud like to read more of ur poems...tnx ...
i like that girl really much her name is emily, and i would like to get a help here, she is like ahip hoper, and she like the weed, just as much as i do to be honnest, and i would like to know how can i impress her because im trully falling for her, but the problem is she's my x girlfriend, and she has a boyfriend, but she goes with me, but it's not the way i was expecting if you get me, so please help me to get her heart and be her boyfriend again please. please some one help me, i would really appritiate it so so much,
man i can not be patient, i quickly say " i love you " .. so please tell me what do i have to say ??
well this poem pharse did help and the girl said i really like this pharse and then we got further into bussiness thank u please post more.
i got me 2 girls
i like this page
Dear Sir,

This page are so serious for love & to make friendship with girl that's why i really love this page. If you have more secrets for the same then post me more qoutes. I want to know also about girl that what she like or dislike anything. Please help me to teach me more words for the same.

Abhinav Singh
ur words are cool for a girl send me words so they like me but not that one
i said that and she told me to go love myself
hey bro, we r in ze same dilemma. well, I just confesed my love for her and waited. The nxt day we met, she stared at her in the eyes and her heart melted. She totally cracked for me and was willing to dump his boyfrnd for me.
this is really good, i like it
am speechless,ur words are really cool))))))
dude really liked it..can u send me sum of ur poems or pick up lines to impress a gal.. im in deep confusion with a gal i luv truly :(
can u give me some tips to get a girl on and powerful words to melt a girl? i really need it :(
Man there is girl that i like at school! i think she knows. But i do not know how to woo her. can you help me please?
i like your side and i will like to make it be fun am 20 give me the power words plz
you see i like this girl but dont know what to say to her i mean she is veryyyyyyyyyyyy pretty so wat shud i say
justwate for a log time, you can say thinkgs like "i like you" but you should ALMOST NEVER SAY "I LOVE YOU" cause those are three wprds wen put together they have alotta maening and wen somone says it without knowing ormeaning it, a girl will findout
needs some pickup lines or chanting word to talk to a lady
I don,t know what i have don,t to the girls thay always wonna broke my heart OMG
what more woman like to hear from man plz tell me :)))
i m speechless but always try to explain my feeling, because i think u r best sharing partner for me but couldnt share because kahi aap bura maan jaengi to sochuga kiske baare main. just sent that word to ur girl frnd definately she will reply u soon.
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