i just got my heart broken by this girl. she said she dump me because i was too shy for her. she said she wanted someone more exiting, a guy that makes takes her out dancing and eating on the weekends. i feel such a loser. i really love her and now i dont know what to tell her, how i can make her love me again. well, who knows if she really loved with to begins with. she called me today and left me a voicemail telling me she was checking up on me to see how i was doing.. but i have not called her back because i dont know what to say to her anymore. i kinda lost respect for her. after what she told me i feel like if i go back to her, she will brake my heart again because i can't be the bad guy and exciting guy that she wants me to be. im just an ordinary joe who likes to be at home. i want to start a serious relationship with someone who loves me to and want to have kids. but she dont want to get married either. i just dont know what to say to her, i am really lost on this one.