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i just got my heart broken by this girl. she said she dump me because i was too shy for her. she said she wanted someone more exiting, a guy that makes takes her out dancing and eating on the weekends. i feel such a loser. i really love her and now i dont know what to tell her, how i can make her love me again. well, who knows if she really loved with to begins with. she called me today and left me a voicemail telling me she was checking up on me to see how i was doing.. but i have not called her back because i dont know what to say to her anymore. i kinda lost respect for her. after what she told me i feel like if i go back to her, she will brake my heart again because i can't be the bad guy and exciting guy that she wants me to be. im just an ordinary joe who likes to be at home. i want to start a serious relationship with someone who loves me to and want to have kids. but she dont want to get married either. i just dont know what to say to her, i am really lost on this one.
all guys are jerks, they only want one thing and once you give it to them, they dump you.
maybe you should just try to be a little exciting. start small.
u cant say all guyz are jerk u havnt dated every guy on earth
how can i tell this girl she broken my heart
you can't judge all boys cuz you haven't been with every guy in the world.
you commentators are so silly. this GUY clearly says HE was hurt by a GIRL. then your dumb comments go on to say all guys are jerks yadda yadda, blame the guy, etc. do you even read what people say before you write off your bland opinions?

tell the girl she will always mean something special to you, but now she'll forever hurt you a bit too. girls understand that. over time, you can hope, the pain will subside, but as long as she knows how she played your heart-strings, maybe she'll take more care before hurting another bloke.
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