These are some things you can do do when someone hurt your feelings:

  1. Be Graceful - Be graceful about the situation. If someone was a jerk to you an they are apologizing. Accept the apology and move on. DO NOT bottle bad feelings inside your heart. Just let them go. The person is apologizing. Sometimes it takes courage for someone to say they are sorry. Therefore, appreciate the gesture.
  2. Be Positive - Some people will say mean things because they are upset. If someone said cruel things to you. Give them their space. If they are good people, they will come back and say they are sorry. Do not let their negativity follow through you.
  3. Be Smart - Understand that we are all humans with human emotions. Sometimes stress has a big part when people are being mean to someone else. If someone is being mean to you. Stay away from that person until they calm down.
  4. Follow Positivity - Associate with people who are positive. They will give you good energy.
  5. Get Revenge! Revenge is never a good idea. You will just make things worst and you will feel even more sad because not only are you hurt, but you are feeling guilty. You might regret it later once all the bad feelings have gone away and you want to mend the relationship with that person.

Remember that we are all humans and we make mistakes. People will always disappoint you and you will disappoint other people. Its part of being human. Be strong and smart enough to know that we all make mistakes. Accept this mistakes and move on with your life. Its that easy. I don't want to write a whole article about it because there is nothing else more to say. Its very simple, move on and don't let other people's negativity affect you.

Good luck.