hi my name is john, im currently single guy and im looking for a rich and wealthy woman. i have been looking for a rich girl for 2 weeks so i haven't spend that much time searching for a good woman. i dont care what age she is. i am not interested in her money. im only interested in her mind and her heart. i want to get married and grow old together. if she has money thats good, because we can be together and thats one less thing to worry about. i dont care is the woman if older than me, im looking to enjoy life together. if you are interested reply to me

Rich Man Looking For Wife

What Is The Most Important Characteristic In A Man For You?
carring personality
truthful,trustworthy,lovi and carin
a man being honest about everything, rather its good or bad.
if he can make me laugh
love and understanding
kind, loyal, hard working, funny,
the most important characteristic in a man is have have to have a good head on there shoulders, they have to have a good personality, he has to believe in me with my dreams, someone who is caring and kind hearted, someone that will love me for me and will always support me even when im having a bad day. he has be too be amazing all the way around. and looked dont have to matter to him
his sense of humour
honesty. i am so exhausted with this idea of the continuous lying and secrecy, i can take the truth i promise.
kind, understanding.
that he loves me for who i am
respectful, loyal, caring, loving and supportive
to be honest,respect n gv him lv
funny, loving,hyper,respectfully friend, listener,supporter and a good father one day
the ability to respect a woman
never cheat
#you know what# game
No One Is Perfect In This World, What Is Your Biggest Flaw?
not doing more charity
not sure
mmm.....i dont really know honestly
i love too easily
being single
wanting everything to be pefect
my education
canot finish my educashion
lazy in doing housework
um im a bad lier and im nt good in speaking english bt iim very good in writting it
i give too much of myself and i wear myself down trying to make everyone happy.
my attitude and depression
i get mad easily im jealous
my heart
um a bad lier and i dnt speak english well bt im very good in writting it
my teeth i messed them up by putting golds on them
wen i did somethin wrong,i always blame myself
What Is Your Proudest Achievement In Life?
being a journalism club chairlady in high school
done an oil painting of a great man, a work that i was honoured for
beating cancer & surviving a liver transplant
playing basketball
my children
obtains my masters degree
losing a lot of weight
helping some others
my love for the world and my kind heart
coming home to my mum
to help a lot of people in life
being commited to family members that need me for their trials and sickness.
giving birth naturally
write your answerbeing amum
a nurse
to get my master in business and to become a video game designer, plus to someday own my own company
to become a great woman in lyfe and to achieve my goals n dreams
hmm dont know
my education
getting a job in the us.
my career
How Many Children Would You Like To Have With Your Husband?
5 natural and 5 adapted
i have two grown sons and 4 grandchildren so no more babies for me
about 3
2 children
i would like to have four kids
i already have 2, no more please.
2 or 3
it varies i guess, sometimes i will say i want 6 and other times i just would like one. i am open to anything, but only for the right person of course.
sorry im man
write your2-3 answer2-3
2or 3
not sure
like 4
how ever meany he wont
Who Is The Most Important Person In Your Life Right Now?
god,my mother and children
my kids
mom and kids
my child
my mum
my mom
my parents
my dad
my family
my son
my children
my mom
jesus christ
my mum
Describe How Will You Make Your Husband Happy.
by being honest, devoted, supportive and there when he needs me most.
if we love eachather then everything what i will do for him will make him happy there is nothing more imortant that love
i wil showered him wit love,happiness and neva go against his wil
being sweet doing anything he wants
i would do anything for him as long as he except me for me and not try to change who i am. also that he respects that family is the most important thing in my life
by being submissive to only him
doing everything in my power for him
cook for him
stand at his side always
do unto him as he would do unto me.
by doing what ever he want
just being me
be nice to him and have a good time together. and be there for him for whatever
cooking, cleaning, laundry, homemaking, good #love-, create a family, stay loyal
i am a spontaneous caring and loving person. and i would intend on showering the man i love with all of these
loving him and being his best friends
to respect him as my husband and treat him as i treat myself.
by beeing supportive,trust and loving him
honest easy going and trustworthy
giving him everything
by giving him the respect he wants and all the attention he needs from me n have as much fun as he wants
being honest and faithful cooking and pleasing him