hi my name is john, im currently single guy and im looking for a rich and wealthy woman. i have been looking for a rich girl for 2 weeks so i haven't spend that much time searching for a good woman. i dont care what age she is. i am not interested in her money. im only interested in her mind and her heart. i want to get married and grow old together. if she has money thats good, because we can be together and thats one less thing to worry about. i dont care is the woman if older than me, im looking to enjoy life together. if you are interested reply to me

Rich Man Looking For Wife

What Is The Most Important Characteristic In A Man For You?
rich faith ful real
successful and caring
faithfullness and trust
respectful, loyal, caring, loving and supportive
faithfulness looks, age,i dont care be yourself n ill luv ya 4 it:)
i am a man looking for a woman
that he enjoys life to the fullest.
trust. honesty. sense of humor. happy with himself.
loyal honest handsome loving caring
being loyal and honest
respect for a woman, loving and caring.
his smile
that he treats me with respect and likes for who i am
the ability to respect a woman
showing love because with love all good qualities such as trust, care, loyalty will follow
respect and loyalty!!
protection , pride , love, spirit
loyal honest fatihful n respect
be kind and understand me well, can help and support and spoiled me everything
No One Is Perfect In This World, What Is Your Biggest Flaw?
yes we all learn from our mistakes
speaking how i really feel at the worry time
my diet restrictions
my teeth
being single
caring to much
i worry a lot
being to nice
my teeth i messed them up by putting golds on them
care to much
making everything about me
um a bad lier and i dnt speak english well bt im very good in writting it
allowing people to constantly do me wrong o have a forgiving heart.
easy get annoy
i always fall for wrong guys
What Is Your Proudest Achievement In Life?
good life
i raised my son on my own
getting into a performing art high school
finishing school.
playing football for everton ladies
i luked after my mother til her death
my son
not had any as of yet but i would say achieving my flat
awarded in my collegue
my diploma
my children, and my business degree.
my kids
being a mum
making my mum proud
having my children
going to college.
my family
my children
so far, finding my passion.
How Many Children Would You Like To Have With Your Husband?
none from me finished that stage im a #nice# grand maman lol
how ever meany he wont
i only have 2 lovely boys
3 max
sorry im man
if i was married 2-3
i am a man looking for a lady but aim too old for kids but if desired i would like two
two or three
not sure
i currently do not have any kids but i would want 3 or 4 children.
listen you assume i am a woman but i am a man looking for a woman
1 are 2
1 or 2
no more kids
as many as god blesses us with.
at least 2 try for a boy and girl.
i have 3 children and no husband
2 or 3
2 children
as many as we can
Who Is The Most Important Person In Your Life Right Now?
only my son
my son
my dad
my son and my grandmother
my mother.
jesus christ
my mum
it is me
my lovely mom and dad
my best friend
my mom
mother n son
Describe How Will You Make Your Husband Happy.
always being there for him
i will cater to his every need cook clean listen obay and love him
i will just make him feel good about himself, i will always support him though everything he does and i will be a great wife
being sweet doing anything he wants
be loving loyal and good in bed. #love- is important
be nice to him and have a good time together. and be there for him for whatever
cater to his every need as much as physically, spiritually, emotionally and #love-ually capable
wear something #nice# for him
to respect him as my husband and treat him as i treat myself.
he will fell the happiest man on earth with me
i will be the perfect wife for him the best way i can be. ill give him all of me all the time.
by making him achieve his goals and beign a honest and loyal wife
cook for him
cooking, cleaning, laundry, homemaking, good #love-, create a family, stay loyal
loving him no matter what and always being by his side through thick and thin. also so have some fun..
i will make him to think that. he is ontop of the world
do unto him as he would do unto me.
i will always treat him with love and care. he would be the most important person to me since god says the two will become one flesh. i love to cook and clean.
giving him my selfless love.
i am a very romantic person and i believe that as long as my husband would allow it i would give him the unconditional love and devotion that he needs 24/7.
doing what ever he tell me to do,if it make him happy
love and take care of him in everyway
protect him and love him