has this happen to you?

you meet this guy and then you become lovers. then you add him to your list in your facebook, myspace or other site. then you break it off. now you are stuck with him on your list. so you are tempted to delete him because he keeps vistiing your profile and leaving your message or sending your private emails.

you know you want to get over him and you want nothing to do with him. so the questions comes up.

do you remove him from you friends list or do you leave him on?

well, the answer is simple. you know it in your heart to get over and continue with your life, you have to give him up, that means even removing him from your life. since your profile is your life, then it only makes sense to delete your ex. otherwise, he will never let you go. unless thats what you secretly want.. you fool!!!

tell me what your situation is and i will give you my advise