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this is a list of romantic things to do with your girlfriend to show her you love her and you care for her
do you have any romantic places i can take a girl so i can impress her? i am meeting her for the first time and i want to take her to a special place

i have created a cool list, you can download all my secrets in the file i have included in this post. these are the first ten:

1. watch the sunset together. go to the beach during the summer time and share the sunset together, its the most romantic thing to do with a girl. she will love it, thats why its number 1 on my list.

2. take a walk in the city at night.

3. watch movies together.

4. go on a drive together

5. French Kiss.

6. Hold her w/ your hands

7. Whisper to each other.

8. Cook for each other.

9. take her out for dinner.

10. kiss in the rain.
i usually just take my girl to the movies.

my favorite thing to do is to take her to the driving theater where we watch movies on in our car.

this is some good stuff, i really like this list, i already do half of them, but it's some good ideas!
to say i love you in spanish you say:

te amo

pronounced: teh ahmo
say i love u randomly and kiss her we she is off gaurd
me and my man do every thing on this list now thats love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i can honestly say i haven't done all these because im only 17 but i plan to with my girl when the time comes... so far we already do alot of these... i friggin love her!!!!
Holy you guys are just a bunch of whipped . girls just want to be treated as equals
This is so lame. Y'all got no game.
sleep well dressed together? hahahaha loveing retard its called love
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