my name is hung li, im a wealthy men in my 50's and i am looking for a white caucasian woman to marry. i know im an old guy, but i want a white girl, why, because i've always wanted to have a caucasian women for a wife and now that i am old i want to have my dream of having a caucasian women as my wife and partner. so if you are a white women who is over 18 years old, please let me know. i own many gas stations and several dry cleaning stores. i've worked very hard all my life and know its time for me to live the life, and i only want a white woman by my side.

Rich Man Looking For Wife

What Is The Most Important Characteristic In A Man For You?
sweet to me
intellectual curiosity
loyalty caring loving
honestly in loyalty
sense of humour
that he enjoys life to the fullest.
a man being honest about everything, rather its good or bad.
educated, nice looking fun to be with loving,caring and understanding
who will respect me
faithfullness and trust
protection , pride , love, spirit
love and classic
listen i am a man looking for a woman
love caring and understanding
someone who is matured, loving with good heart and caring
honesty and loyalty
loyalty and kindness
No One Is Perfect In This World, What Is Your Biggest Flaw?
i give too much of myself and i wear myself down trying to make everyone happy.
making everything about me
my breasts are not big:(
being a failure in life
wen i did somethin wrong,i always blame myself
scar from 5 open heart surgeries
lying sometimes
always busy and always attract alot of attention
mmm.....i dont really know honestly
my mouth
my willingness to help others even if it means hurting myself
my height
my face
caring too much
being single
i try to save the world and help everyone but myself.
picking the right man to be with
my height
hate an arrogant man
What Is Your Proudest Achievement In Life?
when i try to work to earn my own money
when i received my first paycheck
helping my mother
doing what i love doing today, modelling
helping others in need before myself
being a mother to my two boys
help taught my sister to read
helping people become more confident and love life
my kids
nursing school.
im a hard working mom
i luked after my mother til her death
been sincere
my children
graduating high school and starting college.
not killing myself or anyone
finishing school.
graduating high school
my children
opening up my own business
is being able to see my family standing together as one
buying my first car
being a mother to my beautiful little princess
giving blood to save a friend
How Many Children Would You Like To Have With Your Husband?
i have 3 children and no husband
as many as i can
i would love to have 2/3 but i cannot have kids anymore due to medical issues
i prefer 1 or 2 but if he wants a football team than fine
3or 4
0....i have 2 already
3 max
oh my none i already have 8
i already have 2, no more please.
sorry im man
4..or the ones he wants
as many as posible
2or 3
Who Is The Most Important Person In Your Life Right Now?
my best friend
my two children
my kids
jesus christ
my mother.
my children
my mom
my mom
my baby boy
my family
my mother
my daughter
my son
my mum
my dad
my two rons
my daughter willow
Describe How Will You Make Your Husband Happy.
love and take care of him in everyway
loving him unconditionally
giving selfless love.
give him everything he wants n love him unconditionally
giving him everything
respec, lv him so much az wll lv family of him
i will treat him very good as much as i can. look after him about everything even if little things
by being a very supportive wife being there when he needs me and always stay in loyal
what ever he want from me i will do it to make him happy
cook for him & make him feel comfortable
i will do and say whatever makes him happy..
#love- everyday
i will cater to his every need cook clean listen obay and love him
support him , advice him and mk him feel like his more important in my life and show him sm good bed time fun if you knw wat i mean
any how he wants it
practicing deen obedience comfort assets
respect and look after him
by doing whatever i need to do as his wife
rub your back and feet cook great meals wash your clothes take walks on the beach at night enjoy life with you and do whatever makes my husband happy
all have his back
be der for him support him advice him and mk evry nyt the best if you knw wat i mean lol
being there for him and praying for him
learning what mariapesa69
i will give him a family and a life long marriage