my name is hung li, im a wealthy men in my 50's and i am looking for a white caucasian woman to marry. i know im an old guy, but i want a white girl, why, because i've always wanted to have a caucasian women for a wife and now that i am old i want to have my dream of having a caucasian women as my wife and partner. so if you are a white women who is over 18 years old, please let me know. i own many gas stations and several dry cleaning stores. i've worked very hard all my life and know its time for me to live the life, and i only want a white woman by my side.

Rich Man Looking For Wife

What Is The Most Important Characteristic In A Man For You?
a good heart
someone who is matured, loving with good heart and caring
sense of humor, and respect.
being funny
showing love because with love all good qualities such as trust, care, loyalty will follow
funny, loving,hyper,respectfully friend, listener,supporter and a good father one day
respectful ,loyal, loving and caring
well i believe looks are not what counts to me its the heart
silens man... thinking look forward
honesty and faithfulness
love and understanding
kind, loyal, hard working, funny,
they have to have a nice smile and pretty eyes
love and respect
No One Is Perfect In This World, What Is Your Biggest Flaw?
hate discrimination
a little over weight
not very good at not being good at things
my mouth
my weight
canot finish my educashion
i lie
uhm ,lie in my parents
being a failure in life
dont understand this question
my butt
being very rude or i should say snobby for some reason.
scar from 5 open heart surgeries
i give too much of myself and i wear myself down trying to make everyone happy.
not dressing up.
care to much
my smile
whn some comper me wit some1
a scar on my stomac
i have depression
cant save money lol
What Is Your Proudest Achievement In Life?
my daughter
my daughter
graduating highschool
beating cancer & surviving a liver transplant
d day i paid my exam fee myself
debt free
not killing myself or anyone
getting myself in uni and managing 2 jobs
being alive
being able to have a simple but rewarding job helping others.
i luked after my mother til her death
iam a stripper
my kids
being independent
is being able to see my family standing together as one
when i graudated high school top of my class and got a scholarship to college to major in criminal justice
good life
my children.
starting college & one day finishing college
giving blood for a friend
to fine my endless love
being born
How Many Children Would You Like To Have With Your Husband?
no more kids
two but no more than three
i have 5 kids
i am satisfied with my sons, but think i would like a little girl in future
3 if god gives me more ide be happy with that also
if i was married 2-3
two with a lady
whatever allah decrees 2 one of each ideally
5 r 3
2 children
dont matter
if we are happy together min 2 kids
anywhere from 1-4 children.
Who Is The Most Important Person In Your Life Right Now?
my son
my child
well besides the almighty the other two important persons in my life are my mom and dad who are both deceased but i do carry them in my heart and my thoughts.
my children
my son
my family
my daughter willow
my mother
my parents
my mom , my sisters
my mum and my daughter
my mother.
my daughter
my nana was, but she passed way, so me at the moment
god and my parents
my kids
Describe How Will You Make Your Husband Happy.
give him everything he wants n love him unconditionally
i will treat him very good as much as i can. look after him about everything even if little things
i am a very romantic person and i believe that as long as my husband would allow it i would give him the unconditional love and devotion that he needs 24/7.
loving him no matter what and always being by his side through thick and thin. also so have some fun..
what ever he want from me i will do it to make him happy
as long as he treats me good i would make sure all of his wants and needs are taking care of a man should be happy with his wife
showered him wit lov and happiness
satisfy him
cooking, cleaning, laundry, homemaking, good #love-, create a family, stay loyal
i will always treat him with love and care. he would be the most important person to me since god says the two will become one flesh. i love to cook and clean.
respec, lv him so much az wll lv family of him
loyalty and respect of course treat him like a king
always being there for him
respect and look after him
anything my man wants, he can have. i wan to make my baby happy and stress free.
loving him being their for hm listening to him keeping a smile on his face
i will always care for him in anything, will try to make him happy by coking, massages and many other relaxing things
i will take care of him, and love him
cook for him & make him feel comfortable
doing everything in my power for him
supporting him
give everythings that might need
by respecting,loving,caring for him& be a submmisive
anything he ask i will do