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my name is hung li, im a wealthy men in my 50's and i am looking for a white caucasian woman to marry. i know im an old guy, but i want a white girl, why, because i've always wanted to have a caucasian women for a wife and now that i am old i want to have my dream of having a caucasian women as my wife and partner. so if you are a white women who is over 18 years old, please let me know. i own many gas stations and several dry cleaning stores. i've worked very hard all my life and know its time for me to live the life, and i only want a white woman by my side.
hello, do you find your soulmate?
when not - maybe i can try to help to find her.
any special wishes about her?
regards - bernd r. wehn
hi i'm jessica
i'm english and live in the u.k
i'm white caucasian and interested in your advert
hope to hear from you
hallo hung li :) my name is maria and my skin is like milk! i am living now in bulgaria and i am 20 years old. do you want to spend time with me? nice time when i can make everything you want? if you like to see my pictures i am going to send you just write me on my e-mail please-> miss_presly at
i would love to do everything you want to make you feel nice! :)
let s meet in geneva, i am from france
or keep on touch lo_ti_amo at
i am chinese man,single now.but i want to marry foreign woman except for japanses ,korea.
hi shimer,

i am not white, jap nor korean. we can still give it a shot if u like?

asians men are ugly and as a white women i will say dude don't try to find a white women becose she will gona leave you with out a cent in your wallet think what you are doing it's not an asian for you they will gona spend your money everyday,,,,, buy and buy
i am english (white). i am multilingual and can speak mandarin. i would like to hear from you.
u found ur wife?
I would like to describe myself as an simple, homely & independent person. enjoy reading books, listening music, would love to travel across the world. Honest And Loyal. But I Never Get The Return From Others. I Like To Stay At Home With Family. At Weekends I Also Remains With Family. That's Where I Needs A Life Partner. You Could Be From Any Region . E-mail: Rwrussia - at - Yahoo!.
Hi there! I am interested in your ad. I am single white female age 27. Red hair pale skin. Am willing to relocate to you. Write me if interested.
rosekate.murrey - at - Yahoo! am called Rosekate Murrey I saw your profile today and found youworthy to be mine as some one whom i can lay on hisarms as long as love is concern, caring and teassingyou all the nightlong, If you are interested inknowing more about and for me to send you somepictures of mine my contact thu(rosekate.murr )awaiting to hear from you. Rosekate.
I prefer not to leave anything too personal on your comment board so if you are seriously looking for a wife then you may email me so we can further a discussion...
Hi Mr Hung Li! How are you? Can I get your e-mail adres if you don't mind? I'm from Suriname & searching for a wealthy man who can help me doing some nice business in mine own country. I'm 22 years old. I have grounds and places but i can't finance it because it's not mine yet.So, i want to talk this businesses personal to you Mr.Hung Li. This is my e-mail adres to contact me: rajiv_ramjiawan - at - hotmail.c waiting for your answer Sir!
im girl my age 20 i m looking a rich men for firendship or marriage i m intersted money and love,but not just love.i m not a rich girl thats why i m looking a rich age limet if u r rich then coctact me my id.- at -
haha it just shows that white women are xxx they will run away like ssss ,when never they see money..
interested in talking to you, i am very interested in your story of life and wht you want to do with the rest of it. I am white woman who sounds like wants many of same things that you do ..please contact me
I am a sugar baby looking for a sugar dady I'm veary classy and veary mature men I'm veary girly I'm 5f7 156 pounds curvy body pretty face 48dd breast nice butt and nice legs and I have black hair.I'm white I was raised to be a lady with poise and grace.kisses from annaika
asian men don't want money.. we strive hard to earn it, but we actually just want some love. -o- loveing give us some
hi mate,,,hehehe,,,,hey,,i can set u up with any cuacasian woman u like,,i pick up maybe 2 or 3 a wek,,i can help u,,
i am a gentle and well-educated Chinese girl with traditional merits and modern thoughts. I am 33 years old, I am single, I am a teacher. I enjoy my work very much. I like reading , watching movies and travelling with friends which brings me a lot of fun , but still deep in my heart, I know there is something missing ---that is LOVE.
Now , I am expecting my Mr. Right who is honest , humorous and well-educated . , he would cherish family and is willing to shoulder family responsibilities. Here I am sincerely waiting for my destined one to share the happiness and sadness of life
wangyingpatricia - at - sina.c
if you need some pinoy im here please write me now alejandrevallescas - at - Yahoo!
White pretty woman, 32, looking for marriage with a Chinese man from Beijing. He should be independent and has a good life situation ( not rich, but not poor also) . I am not interested in money, I am only interested in love and a good life together , happy to travel together anytime is need. I don't want a traditional man ,please be open minted, not shy, be passionate , show your love , say what you think, etc.. I am interested in a man who like support his wife, I do not working here, I am very family-orientated and maybe traditional in this way in China, I don't know. I love many things , you have to descover them to me and offer happiness to each other. I am ready for marriage asap.
Contact me at reludinbeijing at yahoo com . You should be a young man, 32-36 years old, your height 178-185cm, handsome, good character , warm personality.
your rich. you do not want a wife you want a ho. trust me wives wind up costing far more in the end. there are no shortage of white women that will suck you off if throw some $ their way and it won't cost you half your assets. unless half your assets is $40
how are u mr Hung Li?nice to meet u
my name is Eman 25 f and im from middle east,Jordan.
interested dating an asian man spiclally chinese man.

im well educated,play some sport like tennis and swimming and vollyball.

i graduted from the collage in Jordan in English Lietrature

i love also reading books and music.

im truely looking for a chinese man for marriage.
i love the asian culture like chinese and i liketo live in china if u like.

i realy dont care for money only i care for the true love.

i like to do all wives jobs 4 u if we got married.

i like to cook delicous food 4 u also.
im so humble and like funny things and a romantic woman.

i wish if we can meet on yahoo mr Hung Li.

plz plz plz let be meet in yahoo

im waiting that from u

this is my email tubishatayman - at - Yahoo!
God bless u

i wish if i get ur email
Hi, my name is Christina, I am 29. I am looking for a husband who is financially secure, honest, faithful, respectful, old-fashioned, and kind. I prefer a mature gentleman. I am 5'2, white(Scottish, Irish, English, Welsh, German, and half Danish from my fathers side). I have long brown hair, just passed my butt. Dark eyes, and light olive skin. I am from Southern California, I would love to learn more about you. Hopefully you will receive this and take some interest, feel free to email me. Always, Christina
im a chinese girl young and rich wtf all you women get a job instead of looking for some old dead man
This is a reply to Chinay. If you are chinese and rich, I would be interested in marrying you. I am atis.clay at yahoo This is a serious proposal to give meaning to your life.
Dear Hung Li, I understand your endeavour. You have worked hard and wish to fulfil your dream. I wish to warn you to be careful and be wise in making your decision. I am myself successful and have worked hard for it. But as you know human relationship are harded to work on than professional success. I would like to help you to find a caucasian wife that will not abuse you. In exchange you may help me find a chinese wife. I am at atis.clay - at - Yahoo!
Go get hot chicks. You be pleased and satisfied. Your money will buy hot chicks.
Now that you are in your 50s and have lots of money. It is time to do some fishing. If you are looking for a white women for a partner. Look for the one who is well educated like a doctor etc. White girls that like to go out to parties and shopping won't be compatible with you. Even if you do you will be dead poor someday.
hi im mary joy.g hermoso..One Eight years old from seeking a olg guy will marry me..i dont have father,he past away a year ago..only my left to me and my One sister and Three a nursing student..,my hobbies is cooking outing travel,,listening music and can email me here in my acct,,bhe_picaFour Five One Zero Two Eight Six - at - yahoo. call me here..Four Five One Zero Nine One Six Six Nine Four Five One Zero One Four One Four Five One Zero
I am a rich chinese guy ,how to contact you ?
i read your comment and the advice to that old guy is good however would you give me ua address i'd so much want to chat with you
Hi. well age Don't matter to me. im 21 from canada and i'm white. i love life and i love to smile and be myself. i have skype or msn (email) - at - live dot com . if you want to talk more please message me there :)
call... am beautiful and international /white. I speak many languages and no chinese. french /arabic/spanish eyes
I'm Amobi.
Have more to discuss contact me via my e-mail:chiefamobi - at - hot mail
I Want to Employ the Services of a Nanny/Housekeeper at My Home in England, Nice friendly family of 4 looking for a Nanny. We have 2 wonderful boys and a girl– 8 months, 2 and 5 years old and the ideal candidate should be a positive role-model for them. If you are fun, energetic, kind, caring, organized, reliable, detail-oriented, athletic, cheerful, and smart and love children, then we would love to talk to you!

Must be an English speaking, non-smoker (not smoked in the last 3 years), with a college degree, and at least 1 year of child-care experience. Valid driver’s license with good driving record required. Passport and CPR certification required – we will pay for both if you don’t currently have them. Experience with life guarding, diabetes, and elementary education are plusses.

Position involves traveling with our family including some international travel (4 to 7 weeks a year) as well as travel within the UK. We pay all travel expenses. This is a good opportunity for someone who likes to travel or is interested in traveling. Destinations include Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean.

The work schedule varies based on travel, school schedule, holidays, and other activities – day and evening, both weekends and weekdays. While caring for the children is the primary responsibility, there will be light housekeeping (there is a full-time housekeeper 5 days a week), meal prep, errands (in provided car), and other household assistance. We are looking for someone who is able to make a minimum 24 month commitment.

We offer a great salary 600 Pounds Sterling Weekly, health-care insurance, paid vacation, 401K (after 6 months), private, furnished apartment over the garage with separate entrance. If you are interested, you should contact me


nice but who could we know you are really fortuned? Also you don't even tell us what are your interests, so what should we think about this? Before I would wanted to start to know you better with the rhinking of probably become sometimes more close to you, I just would expect to know more about you, not just that your a wealthy asian whose in his ''best years''. Btw how can we believe you are really wealthy? This was just not enough informations about you. Would need more.
All American girl. Interesting. Dreamed that I married an Asian man. Asian wedding customs confused me. I'm married to a man who is not Asian. Why I dreamed this, astounds me.
I see you like light skin ladys what else is it you want in this lady. Wight ladys can be a lot of things you say what you like. I'm wight and love a good asian man but I don't know what you are looking for. Nice, sweet, tuff, ferm, in the minde or body. So please letter us know do you have kids? Do you like kids? Do you want a lot of love are you a loveual man or no?
hi hu li I am single and white I like asian men please tell me more about you
contact me and lets talk, single white 26 yr old ;)
Hi ,just found your ad ,love asian guys ,so if you are kind and honest then give me a hint ...
I am a chinese guy ,single,want to find a nice forign girl to marry ,above 18 years old,no matter where you are from,but must with a hot heart and really love me !I do LED Light business ,own 2 factories and 3 big houses ,and my parents own their gas stations and super markets in many cities of China ,so I don't care of money ,if you will be my wife ,I will buy you a house as gift!
If you are intrested in that ,please send your recent photo and resume to me ,let me know you more !
Thank you
how are u?

i read what u wrote
and im interested in that

im 27 f from jordan in middle east

my name is Eman which mean faith in arabic

i love china, and the chinese civilization

and im interested to find an asian man specially chinese for serious relationship and marriage

im 170 cm, 64 kg

tan skin like latina

brown long hair, brown eyes

i dont care for money because im a humble girl

the most important thing for me to find an asian man love me,respect me,caring,romantic and honest

im graduted from the university in english lietrature in 2008,and now i work in a governmental job in mangment.

i love to visit china and live there with chinese man

this is my email

tubishat_ayman - at - Yahoo!

azzuri_2011 - at - hot mail

i hope we can chat soon

waiting for ur reply

take care of urself

Hi Mike . I am looking guy for marred ... I like what are you writing .
hello im cierra 19
and in college email im looking for rich guy to love me :)
i cook clean, play piano, and i am willling to relocate.. send me message guys :)
I am also in my early 50's. Understand Asian culture and can make sushi. Lived in NYC for 12 yrs of my life. Left when I was 30 came back to Midwest. Now I am a Widow and educated and finacially secured.

im arabic girl 27

my name is Eman

im honest,faithfiful pretty inside and outside

im educated girl graduted from the univeristy.
now i work in a governmentaal job in mangment.

actually im looking for chinese man for serious relationship and marriage

idont care if he is rich or poor

this is my email

a z z u r i _ 2 0 1 1 - at - hot mail
or t u b i s h a t _ a y m a n - at - Yahoo!
hi hung li u still looking for a girl?im 24 but im not a white girl im asian too from phill..i am willing to be partner in ur life for sure i will be a good and loving wife for u..:)me i dont care how old u are i only want is to have a partner in life someday and live normal..thats why im looking at this site maybe i will found here my ryt guy
Hello Sir,

Nice to meet you. I just read your ad. Very nice. I am a kind and polite white / European woman and I really love Asia so much.
If you `re interested , please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards
oh nice eh
why you like asian guy? Iam asian guy myself
Hi I'm Chelsey. I Don't know if you found a wife. but i'm 22 and from Canada. email me if you Like. chelseynmitchell - at - Google
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