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The most important day of a teenage girl's life is fast approaching. This year, i am making all the preparations for my prom in advanced so that there arent any surprises when the big day comes. Wouldn't you totally hate to be wearing the wrong dress? If you found this post through a search engine, i can tell you're already planning for the all-important prom yourself also. After a steep drop off in prom dress interest after Spring, i'm beginning to get myself ready for my big day.

Im getting my dress from Orange Blossom Bridal Prom Dress 2007 shop online catalog. they have many dresses to choose from. And the prices are good too, which my father has given me the ok - that's a relief!!!

Now if finding the right guys was as easy as finding the dress of your dreams. I have a friend micheal but i don't think he knows i exists. He's would be my prince charming. He's so cute and very sophisticated. He always dresses sharp. i like that in guys. well, we'll see what happens, Oh Boy!, i am so exicited!!!
I like the white dress with the gold trim. I guess that would be the first dress at the top. Would like to know where can get it. Desperate and fast. Thank you.
is anyone looking for Ghetto High School Proms dresses here? i have a couple i need to get rid of
hey bretta do you think you can show me sum pics
where can i find free prom dress catalogue here
i have a 2007 macys prom dresses catalog if anyone wants it free
hi this website is very good and i like the 1st dress thanks for making the website it really boosted my confidence.......now i really thinki can find a dress....lol
in live in the UK, where can i find prom dresses size 6 UK under £100 pounds?
hello girls, i am looking for a short prom dresses uk designers and cheap prom dresses in uk
hey betty, i would like to look at that catalog. I live in Maryland, if you are willing my email address is karmena.diggs at yahoo dot com. Please email me for more information
post image
you guys have nice dresses
hi, my name is andrea, can anyone post their pictures of their dresses here. i want to get some ideas on what dress to wear to my prom. I was thinking of pink, but i guess that's too corny, anyway, if any girls out there want to share their dresses with us, that would be great, i'll upload my photo as soon as my friend get his digital camera to me so i can post my picture of my dress. thanks
dang. i need a prom dress. any websites i can look at?
I really need a prom dress and I can't find one where can I find the catalog for these and where is the stoires located at? Please hurry if you know.
i really like the pink dress cann i possibly see a tux that is green and pink!?
well i got my prom on the 2nd july and i really want to go but the thing is my mum dont have a lot of money and i am scared of going as to the bullying of al th bois in my scool would u please email me kirstyviccary at email2.co.uk please i need advice and colours for my prom dress
im giving away mine free. i gruduated last year and i dont need it anymore
hi stacy. can i see a picture of the dress? can u send it to me to my email which is yoniquemonique12 at neo.rr . i'm really intrested.
your page sucks because i cant find a cute turquiose or chocolate colored dress that i like :p
is anyone getting rid of a prom dress? i really need one please email me and send pictures. this would be greatly appreciated.
ure rubbish mate get a life nd get laid!
okayy,,, so im going to formal and i am like the only chick without a dress now ! ive gotten like a million dresses but i took them back because they were "skanky" so yeah anyone know where some cute dresses are ??? that are like cheap as anything ???
i am 16 and lookin for a dress for prom ya'lls dresses are soo pretty i love them maybe i can get one :~)
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