The most important day of a teenage girl's life is fast approaching. This year, i am making all the preparations for my prom in advanced so that there arent any surprises when the big day comes. Wouldn't you totally hate to be wearing the wrong dress? If you found this post through a search engine, i can tell you're already planning for the all-important prom yourself also. After a steep drop off in prom dress interest after Spring, i'm beginning to get myself ready for my big day.

Im getting my dress from Orange Blossom Bridal Prom Dress 2007 shop online catalog. they have many dresses to choose from. And the prices are good too, which my father has given me the ok - that's a relief!!!

Now if finding the right guys was as easy as finding the dress of your dreams. I have a friend micheal but i don't think he knows i exists. He's would be my prince charming. He's so cute and very sophisticated. He always dresses sharp. i like that in guys. well, we'll see what happens, Oh Boy!, i am so exicited!!!