im interested in having a kid with some one. but i dont want to get married or anything.

im a male seeking a female to have a baby only.

we can have two babies, one for you and one for me. im an intelligent, healthy man looking for a woman who would like to have a relationship to only have babies. we will have two, you keep one and i keep the other one, but you can't take my baby away, nor i cant take your baby away. i want to be a single father, but i dont want to have a wife.

if you are intersted, please let me know.

Are You Ready To Be A Parent?

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Describe Why Do You Want To Have A Child?
blue eyes,
maintain my genes
Please Tell Us Why At Your Age You Have Not Had Children?
over shy early in life. then unfortunate family situations later led to eating my years away.
i do have children
Describe How Are You Planning To Raise A Child In Your Current Situation?
i have a good salary
very well.
If You Can Imagine, Can You Describe How Your Child Would Be Like?
dave ramsey
like me
red hair, blue eyes, inteligent