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there are couples who cannot conceive due to health problems or medical reason. we have to find ways to help each other to enjoy a family with children. traditinal medicine is not working so you have to think of untraditional ways to promote family
im interested in having a kid with some one. but i dont want to get married or anything.

im a male seeking a female to have a baby only.

we can have two babies, one for you and one for me. im an intelligent, healthy man looking for a woman who would like to have a relationship to only have babies. we will have two, you keep one and i keep the other one, but you can't take my baby away, nor i cant take your baby away. i want to be a single father, but i dont want to have a wife.

if you are intersted, please let me know.
i will love to have a baby with u meet me at naenae college tomorrow
i am male under 20 have lodgings/a room and food all for free btw. am always available for relations or ivf. ovbiously we would stay in touch to care for the baby i would think i'm certain you could live with me if you so desired. religious, raised protestant now self confessed sufi muslim with buddhist slant. religion not big deal tho believe w/e. i wishful and ambitious, making children is my main point. mercifully devoted to my would be family. will likely remain single, not gay tho, would wear protection but meh. disease free since losing virginity to a dude at 15 received money, also many times not that i had to i was bored and the extra money was nice still quite attractive. i love women, and men, so if getting married is a thing it'd be a financial agreement. prefer to have a relationship of some sort but i dont mind being discrete, bi#loveual very friendly i love bi#loveuals especially i cannot lie about #love ;) honestly my worst habit is smoking but my health has not particularly s
i'm interested in having a child with you. i just want to know how old you are first if we do this or not.
i am. 49,good health,good financial situation .
i live in geneva, switzerland .
Im a 26 yr old woman. I am looking to have a baby with a man with no strings attached for him. I want to be a single mother, without the guy being involved after its been confirmed that I am pregnant. I live in Michigan. Let me know if you're interested.
i love to help you out if you want help me too i want a kid too
hi penguin, im intrrested to have a baby nsa , im 35 yo, white hispanic very good looking, healthy. if you still looking pls contact me..... i live in miami...ruido30 at gmail that com
I am a good looking fortyy three year old man and would very much like to have a child. I cant find the right match in life and dont want to lose the chance to be a great father. I have my own business and really love kids and really want to be able to do this. If you are interested lets talk and figure this thing out.
Hi Greg,
Am very interested in finding a good man to be a co-parent.
Hi Jen I am looking for a lady to be co parent
hello dear, found a nice mum yet? if. it am keen and ready. xxx
hi greg, where are you located?
me and my fiance are trying to have a baby but he cant have any were desperate can anyone help us
what are you offering for the help?
i am looking for a woman who wants tho have a baby with me ,even in co-parenting.
i am healthy,good looking with a good situation.
otenor, where are you located??
hi louise,i am in geneva switzerland.i my mail is :cudrefan - at -
can i talk to you here is my e mail mystique64 - at - hot mail
Heey people im sixteen in two months would love a baby weather the father wanted to be part of the babys life it would be up to them!, I know young but im very mature!, scottland x
i love have kids with you if you will have #love with a For Four For Four yr old man
looking for woman to be a coparent, i'm Fourty good looking and successful and love children camm me - at - One Three Eight Six -Five Four Seven -Eight One Five Three
hi i dont have many money. and cant have kids either cause i had cancer. i just want a chance to raise a baby. if any one help help let me know thanks. it would make me happy.
Hello, Im CJ and I am a 35 year old Real Estate Agent and I would like to have a baby with a lady that is willing to give up all rights. I would like a sergeant. Please let me know if interested.
From Eddie

I am hetero#loveual man of Spanish and Native American background who would love to find a woman who wants to have a baby.I love kids but so far, I do not have any kids,but I am pretty sure that i will be a great dad !
So if you want more questions about my background you can e-mail me the the e-mail right below
gazcue125 - at - Yahoo!
Hi me and my husband have been together for 16 years and are not able to have a child. looking for woman to have a baby with us. but giving us all right. Loving large family with good values.
Hi I am a female in my early 30's, 5'4', 120ibs. I would like to have a baby before its too late, with a responsible guy. Please reply to me if interested
I am very happy to help you.
Age: Three Seven
Live in the San Francisco Bay Area
Five One For Zero -Four For Zero Three -One One Five Four
hi are you still intersted?
Hello Marie,

I am an African-American male who has no kids and have always wanted to have children. I am currently single and in no relationship. I am looking for a woman who is willing to share rights of the child between both parents.
Am a black lady 33yrs old single no kids and i love kids alot so seriously looking for a white man who is ready to be a dad and role model for our child so if you really really serious and you are financially stable then pls contact me even if is trying for IVF but i can't afford that sorry! am very fruitful no problem in getting pregnant, so if you are a white english man good looking with good and profession no smoker pls and must be healthy! I LOVE KIDS AND I WANT TO HAVE TWINS OR TRIPLET I DONT MIND ALL I WANT IS KDS.
i am asian, i want to have a child/children, i would take care of them as long as i live
I am a man looking for a women to have a child for me only. She must be willing to give up all rights to the child. No strings attached. Where you live doesn't matter. If you are interested let me know.
Hi there,

Are there any South African women who will be anle to help me have a baby?

I am a 34 year old man, independant, fit & ambitous. (Indian - South African born)

I do not want to get married, i just want a baby.

Please help me.

dilsen.sen - at - Google
Hey guys, my name is nyla. Im Panamanian and I really wanna have a baby with a Caucasian man. Contact me at BROOKLYN4334 - at - AOL dot com

I am a male looking for a woman attractive and smart you have my child . Wanting this so much to love him or her make my dreams come true .!!!!
I am a very intelligent, moderately attractive male that got a bad start on life. I, too, am looking for a woman who wants to have a child that she can raise with no relationship. Email me.
hi Doug are you still searching?
I'm single and successful, looking to have a child now but not in a relationship, will pay all expenses plus, you will have physical custody and i will have visiting rights but will be involved in the child's life. bmoffett - at - specialtyagency dot com
I'm a successful, physically fit, disease free male seeking a woman to have a child with. I will pay all expenses plus, you would have physical custody and i would have visiting rights. It can be performed through artificial insemination. I'm not in a relationship now conducive to having a child yet want another now and am looking for someone in a similar situation. I'm in NJ> Seven Three Two Three One Nine For Zero One One Five
Dear Irina,

I hope you are well. I am a 37 year old English man. I am healthy, fit, and intelligent. I have a PhD in social science and work as a university lecturer. I am seeking to have a child. Let me know if you are interested in chatting. Thanks!
I am a married man myself and my wife cannot have a child. I would be very interested in discussing a co parenting arrangement with someone sincere.
Hi Alexandra I am a 38 year old male and looking for the same thing I am healthy keep my self fit lead a healthy lifestyle got to the gym time a week I don't smoke and only drink socially I work fairly long hours but make time when needed I have brown hair and eyes if you are interested leave a comment
Hi im 50yrs and would be interested in co parenting a child.
Hi ya u look interesting and would love to chat.
Thnx tony
Hello Alexandra.Nice hearing your say here.i would love to make it with you and we have a kid.
do you mind if we can come to know how we can meet and we agree on how to do it dear.

Home to hear from you please.

Mexican 32, single, healthy..
interest on chatting
Dear Single Girl, i am interested in you, contact me for further details
hi, how are you today?are you searious??
I am a 36 year old woman based in London looking for someone to co-parent a child. I don't want marriage just someone to be a good Father to a child and share all the joy and commitments that come along with it. I lead a very good and healthy lifestyle and am emotionally stable... I am told I am very attractive too (dark hair, blue eyes and slim build). If you would like to know more please contact me. No time wasters please!
Hi Alexandra,
I am 49 ,good looking,healthy,good financial situation .
I have good education,intelligent.
Would like to know more about you.
Male couple seeking a woman to have a baby for us if willing, weve tried everything. Two Four Five One Zero Nine Eight Five Five Six Four Five One Zero Five Six . Please help. David w.
hello i came across your profile and willing to help i am interested meeting you in person please email me for more details
33years old Ukrainian women.Seeking a responsible physically healthy man 22-45 years old,ready to be a father. without marriage.Experi has shown me a love of pointless to wait)))if you are interest contact petr****a at hotmail dot com
Iv looked at your comments and iagree there no point in waiting for true love but to have a child would be great and the love two parents could give a child is more important

i thought i had a daughter who i cared for until my ex partner wanted a DNA test which proved she wasnt mind all ive wanted all my like is kids im 31 and desperate for my own child hope you could :)
I'm a healthy 25 year old American male Irina and I also want a baby. No strings attached please contact me if you are interested.
hello i came across your profile and very much interested in you.please contact me for more infos
hi, my name is andy and i want to be a dad. i am happily married with no children of my own. my wife has 2 adult children from her first marriage and cannot have anymore. we are a very loving couple but i am missing the joy of my own children. i know i will be an awesome dad. i have been thinking about this for a long time and time is running out. i will love and care for our child, also support financially all of his or her needs. our child will be happy, loving, and funny. please contact me via email if you are truly interested in taking baby steps towards this goal.i realize there are a lot of things to consider i am willing to work out any concerns you may have as i have many of my own.
sincerely andy
I'm interested I'm 47 and I own a business looking to have a baby
Looking for a woman to have a baby only. In Louisiana I'm a very good looking man. Please help I'm 24
Hi, I am a woman looking to have a baby too. If you are willing we could meet somewhere and talk say like a hotel. Maybe you could come to LaSalle if you know where that is. If you are willing you could have a baby and I could have one two.
Hi I am interested to meet a woman who would like to have a baby. I am very carrying person. I like to give a lot attention to someone who is the right person. I would love to have a baby as well if you are intersted in meeting contact me,
Hi, i'm definitely interested, would like to hear from you. bmoffett - at - specialtyagency dot com , Seven Three Two Three One Nine For Zero One One Five
I am a 35 yr old male looking to have a child of my own. Co-parenting or I can take full responsibility. I want to have a child before I am too old. I am very good looking not to be conceited by no means I am just going by what everyone else Please contact me if your interested in getting to know more
I am interested in helping you.
hi i am arif a am 31 living in italia i wanto have a baby but dont wanto get marry
hey girl are you still interested in this venue?
male interested have a child with someone e mail at ciroanusi - at - yahoo
am chidi by name. am in interested have a child with someone please e mail me.
YOU support it
How would you support the child?
hi, am a nigerian, decent and beautiful, am interested in your offer cos i want to have a child for a white man, email me if u are interested, jenniferodoma - at - y
Hello i'm a 35 year old male,single dad of a 11 year old girl waiting another baby with no strings just contract please send details about your self with photos
Hi, I have wanted a child for a very long time. I am 19 now and have a job so nows the time for me,but I dont want my heart broken or complications of a relationship. So, maybe we could help each other out, huh? Later.
Hey your beautiful are you still looking? I wanna help
I would like to help u out. We have a lot in comin
hi i am looking for a woman that is willing to have a baby with me my wife cant have babies and she really wants to be a mother i am 31 my wife is 36 that the only reason why i wold have love with another woman we also wold want the mother to live with us to be apart if the babies life
i'm want kid to no string attact
i fell the same way as you do, i'm 33years old an i live in the caribean. i feel as a part of my life is missing, i would like to be in a realationship or otherwise. so i'm looking foward to hearing from you rebecca.
if you think i m good for you than see
I am 21 yrs old an i am looking for lady to have my baby and give to me, i am not interested in a relationship or marriage i just want a baby to fill the missing part of my life, love and to cherish.
i am presently living in Jamaica. Can any one help me?
I want to have a mixed race little girl with a well do do white guy in London. we dont have to get married
Hello Rena,

just wondering, did you have any luck? I would like the same, just wondering....
no body responded to me. so no i havent found the person yet
write to rrena1 a o l c o uk
Hey Im belgique Im looking for the same. I want to get in touch with u.
I too i'm n the same situation and would like to have a mixed baby with a guy of any race. If interested please get in touch.
What are your requirements?
Hi I dont now where to start... but I want to give my husband a child but it has not happened we have been together 10 years - I have a 12 yr old son from a previous relaionship. We have tried for 8 years and even done IVF and had an egg donner but I am unable to carry I am older than my husband...and I feel useless now but I really would like to give him the oportunity to be a bilogical father to a child and have one of his own We are a loving couple and my son would be a wonderful big brother - I just dont know what to do or where to start!!! I want to gove my husband the joys that life has to offer but this is just breaing our hearts - Can anyone help us ????
hi my name is ty I would love to help you in your husband have a child I'm 35 years old have 2 children of my own one is 5yrs and the other is 3mths both boys I am a black woman don't know if that's the issue for you would love to carry a childfor you and your husband I would prefer to use your eggs if not possible I will use my own I'm not sure if you're in the United States or not if you're interested email me - at - chynachance - at - Google and we can tlk more or just reply bk here if thats more comfortable for you
I will like to chat more about it. I want a baby so bad and willing to see if we are a match
I am a woman seeking a man to only make babies too. I am young and fairly pretty but im not interested in a committed relationship. would do anything for this chance. help me out please.
Hey rebecca have u had any luck cuz im looking for the same thing its just i want to keep the baby and parent it myself
i love to help you out if on up and up there so many scam out and i feel there people you can't trust
Is it legal to seek someone to just have a baby, your not constituting to marriage but do you have legal agreements saying the baby is yours? just wondering. this really interests me
I'm a 24 yr old Female, I live in London, although I am in the middle of a short trip around the world, so I'm currently in Melbourne. I was hoping this trip would distract me from the longing for a child that I have been battling with for so long, but it hasn't, it's intensified it.
I am smart, healthy, pretty, easy to get along with, a wonderful big sister, and my nephew lived with me an my ex for 2 years and i found it so easy falling into motherhood, even though everyone thought i would hate it as my social life would suffer, but i found that no matter what was going on in the wonderful world of the london night life i always preferred the idea of being at home wife my nephew. I miss that, i miss being a parent.

I don't want to wait for the love of my life, i am hoping to cut through the crap, and just find someone who would like to co-parent with me. I do need you to be older then me and healthy, but taht's all i ask.

email me at p o e t e s s l a k e at yahoo dot co dot uk
im 44 yers old from alex egypt
Im a guy , Blonde Hair, Green Eyes, fit,looking to have a child with someone healthy and attractive, and intelligent. Me- Running,surfing,Mt Climbing, Canoeing. You-responsible etc
I was wondering if U found someone. I'm mixed woman and I'm 24 years old.
I would like a baby, am in uk. contact connie nsiime at yah co uk
Dear Carol, I'm interested in this request. I would like to have another baby. I am successful educated business man, but Im married and my wife does not want anymore children. I would like to discuss options.
there`s 2 guys 1 without pics with that name in FB
same here.. I`m 27 y/o guy from Holland, visiting UK alot and would LOVE to become a dad. so, if there`s someone, let me know. xxx
I am a 36 year old, wishing to have a baby with somebody healthy. I am married but my wife has issues and we are looking at other options. I am well educated and have a good job. However, i live in europe and will be looking for somebody in Germany or UK. Mail me if you are interested.
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