today i went to the doctor and he told me i had An ovarian cyst (dermoid cist) on my right hand side of my pelvis near below my stomach, so what is a cyst i asked her, she said a cyst is a fluid-filled sac (follicle) that contains a maturing egg; it forms on the ovary's surface, then disappears not long after it releases the egg. If a mature egg is not released or if the sac reseals after releasing the egg, the sac can swell up with fluid, forming a functional ovarian cyst.

Most functional ovarian cysts do not cause symptoms and go away by themselves. However, they do sometimes rupture, twist, or bleed, which can cause severe pelvic pain.

i dont have all the information on this page, if you suspect you may have a cist, you should see your doctor. this page is just for your information only.

did you know if you have a cyst that bleeds or it hurst, you can have it surgically removed.