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today i went to the doctor and he told me i had An ovarian cyst (dermoid cist) on my right hand side of my pelvis near below my stomach, so what is a cyst i asked her, she said a cyst is a fluid-filled sac (follicle) that contains a maturing egg; it forms on the ovary's surface, then disappears not long after it releases the egg. If a mature egg is not released or if the sac reseals after releasing the egg, the sac can swell up with fluid, forming a functional ovarian cyst.

Most functional ovarian cysts do not cause symptoms and go away by themselves. However, they do sometimes rupture, twist, or bleed, which can cause severe pelvic pain.

i dont have all the information on this page, if you suspect you may have a cist, you should see your doctor. this page is just for your information only.

did you know if you have a cyst that bleeds or it hurst, you can have it surgically removed.
iam 24,and recntly(about 10 days ago) i start to having a pain in the left side of my lower(lower most) abdomin ,iam so scared about it , i dont visit a doctor until now due to my worred ,i need to know the possible diagnosis of may complaining (intermetent pain,increased by movement,no other symptoms no chage in the mesterual cycle),and if there is possebalitis of removing the ovary .
to what extend did the cyist has to reach,that it must be surgically removed?
my girlfriend has overian cyst on both overies. and she is scared of taking the birth control pills because of the side affects of the pills...should she be scrared?

...ok they could remove cyst surgically,but would it do any damge to ovaries? would she be able to have kids?
hi gals! i am a very young at heart and mind 33. many yrs. ago the dr. i was seeing at that time told me i had a cyst on my left ovary it was a accidental finding. i had no pains or symptoms what so ever. about 3 yrs. ago one day i had a big x horrible pain in my rectum which lasted for z-3 mins. then it went away. next day same thing happened big x! i went to my dr. not the same one that told me about the cyst on my left ovary he moved and i have been seeing my new dr. for 4 yrs. by the way she is super she is not a gyn. she told me she thought the pain was from a cyst that ruptured. had a pelvic ultra sound and showed there was a cyst on my right ovary that ruptured as well as the one on my left ovary was still there. had that blood test they do for ovarian cancer was ok thank-god i was so scared of it being cancer! i continued to have pain for y mo. was taking vicodin. she had me go to a gyn. who was y big jerk! he said every time a female has pelvic pain they think it is a gyn problem. he had me have a ? test then tells me i had a thickened bladder wall and wanted me to see a urologist. i talked to my dr. about this she said she did not think i had this but still wanted me to go to a urologist since the gyn wanted me to and i did. he did a test which he entered a tube with a camera into my bladder and i had no problems with my bladder no thickened bladder wall as the gyn. told me. for other reasons i had a abdominal cat scan it showed i still have both cysts the one that ruptured on the right and the other one on my left. since the pain after y mo. went away i have had no problems what so ever till z days ago. my hubby and i had intercourse and it hurt a little and was very uncomfortable in the right ovary area. tonight i started having stomach pains and a lot of pressure in my rectum which is still there. the day we had intercourse i read on the web that cysts usually go away in z months! i have had them for yrs. now i am worried. i am also having some nausea and at this min. my pelvic area does not feel right and am having more pressure in my rectum as well as upper tummy is hurting a bit. i will be calling for a app. in yxzy i had a partial hysterrectomy. my mom who was a nurse told me to have it all taken out because i would probably have more problems down the road. my gyn would not remove my ovaries said i was too young would throw me into menopause. i had very lg. fybroid tumors. end results with in z yrs. i started the change my medical dr. started me on hormone shots once a mo. till my insurance would not pay for the shots. i took premerin pills for many yrs. then changed me to estradiol said they give you more estrogen with less side affects. at this moment i am now starting to have lots lots more rectal pressure and the pain now has located in the right ovary area as well as the pelvic area is not feeling good. yes i am scared. a friend of mine died from ovarian cancer. what took her to the dr. is she was having stomach pains. as you know they say ovarian cancer is a sneaky thing. if that gyn. that did my hysterectomy would have removed my ovaries i would not be having these problems i have had. i wish all of you females out there good health. lets hope for a cure for ovarian cancer and breast cancer which i have had a few scares with that as well. why is it that us females have to have soooo many problems? now at this moment sharp pains on my right side and the rectum pressure is getting worse. it is 4:xx a.m. so 4 more hrs. till i can call my dr. now the vaginal area is not good! i am going to take a vicodin!
every month my period comes,i get pain under my arm pit in i know its a cyst,because it feels like a blister.its very painful what should i do.
hi my name is paula and i had a cyst on my left overy 9 years ago. i was in a lot of pain and to make love was horrible it hurt so much,i kept going to the doctors who for months was treating me with kidney infection but this was not the case i woke up in terrible pain and my husband decided to take me to hospital instead of the doctors. i told the doctor at the hospital that this pain has been going on for 7 months now an that my doctor said it was kidney infection and i was now getting scared about kidney failure,i was sent for a scan straight away and they told me i had a cyst on my left overy and that my kidney was fine but the cyst needed to be removed so i was booked in and had it done 2 weeks later,due to the time of the cyst forming mine got very large and had strangled my overy and tubes i had no choice but to have them removed too, i had to have my c scar reopened for the opperation but the doctors were very good and told me all what would happen, and after the op i had to take care for 6 weeks but the hospital were great and lots of women get these so dont worry if your doctor does not take much notice go straight to hospital and get it sorted out.good luck to all of you with womans problems.
can having a cist on your ovary cause you to throw up blood?
i have been diagnosed with ovarian cysyts. over a year ago. in the last month i have bled prufusely 3 seperate times. alot of back pain and much discomfort in my abdomen. i know my mate does not cheat so an std is out of the question. i do however have a recurrence of gardenella. could that cause this?
i had went to the er with severe bleeding back in 2004 and they did an ultrasound on the inside and said that i had cists on my ovaries, they gave me the name of a gyn who specialized in this type of stuff. i made an appointment and went to see him, he counceled me but told me he would not touch me without at least half of the money up front, well, needless to say i am a very poor person who cannot afford to pay for such surgeries like this and asked them if i could make payments on this. they said no they would not make any acceptions and that i would not find any other gyn who would be willing to help me in such a manner. well, here it is 2008 and i still haven't gotten anything done about this situation since i still have no insurance and am working to pay off the thousand dollars in medical bills i accrued last year and just can't get out from under those bills. so i still have the bleeding and clotting and pain all the time, i had went six and a half months without bleeding at all, then just last week it started again and my world is being turned upside down, because it not only causes problems with pain and all, but it is also ruining my relationship as it is so painful to have sexual intercourse and the bleeding after is so bad, there are times when i think it is stopping then it starts up bad again. please someone tell me where to turn and what to do about this. the gyn in pheonix kept my ultrasound records so i don't even have them. please someone out there advise me as to what to do. i'm hurting and don't know where to turn. thank you!
i'm 17 years old and just went to the er last night and found out that i have one ovarian cyst and from what they could tell three others that ruptured. i'm so scared i've never dealt with anything like this, to my suprise theres not much information out there. everything i've found so far is horror stories about people dieing from cyst becoming cancerous or blood loss from a rupture. so i guess i'm just looking for anyone who can help me to understand even just a little.

p.s. is it true that they're genetic, because i'm the first in my family to ever be diagnosed?
i am already remove left hand side ovary, (before married) nnow almost 2 year, still i cannot pregant,,, doctor said that have to do iui, it possible to pregant
i have my tubes tied and the doctor says have a cyst. its getting worse and it hurt so bad. my period is so irregular. i am scared and don't know what to do. what i am wondering is that if my tubes are tied, than how can the egg get stuck? does that make any sense. some one help me understand this please because i am having a hard time. thanks so much and god bless!

yeah, thats unussual, i have naver heard of that before. i mean if your tubes are tied, why you have cysts..

hmm, the only way i can tink of is that the eggs are getting stuck where the knot is at, so the eggs dont go anywhere and they just stay there, so they grow as cysts
i had a hystorectoomy three years ago,but the doctor desided to leave my right ovarie at that time because it was functioning well enough to release enough hormones.since then ive had nothing but ovarian cyst and the cyst i recently have is huge and has ruptured and the inflamation is so bad they are prepared to remove it.i am in very bad pian and can not wiat for this to be over.it is effecting my whole body.my opion is that if you have to have a hystorectomy is to go ahead and have a full one,because all you will have is more problems and its know fun trying to work and riase our kids and handle all the pian and aggervation that comes along later.its just going to be another surgery...
my sister found out a few months ago that she has a syst. her doctor told her it should go away, but was not real detailed about it. her symptoms recently came back and she is kind of undecided about going to the hospital. its really worrying me and i was wanting to know if ovarian syst could be fatal if not treated, or if it could develop into cancer.
i had a pregnancy test at home came positive, then a week later i went to doctors i took a total of 3 test 1 urine not pregnant, 2 blood show i was a couple of weeks pregnant. i have not had a period since july 25, i had brown spotting for a week. the doctor did ultra sound came i miscarriage about 2 weeks ago. i still haven't got my period. now she said i have a cyst on my ovaries. i am concerned i will not get pregnant again in the future that was my 1st pregnancy.i am worried this will afect that in the future.
hi their,
i have a syst on my right and i was in the hospital yesterday n thats how they knew i had one but i woke up today and my belly is so swelled up it looks like im prego again and it really hurts,i dont know what to do if i should go bk to the hospital or just wait ...plz help
trust me you are not alone...i have a cyst on my ovaries that errupted and caused me severe pain and huge weight gain....my dr. gave me birth contoll to try and handle it...if not i need surgery...scary...but no you are not alone...good luck to everyone
i dont have a cyst but i came on here just to see if i might...i wanted to know the symptoms. i was reading some of the things that we written and i just wanted to say that i know from experience that u can be pregnant and still get your period. it has happened to me twice. so just cause your getting your period doesnt mean taht u cant be pregnant.
thanks for all the information. i have a cyst in my right ovarian since one year when they find out they told me that it was 2inches now is four what should i do
okay i think that i am pregnant and my mother said that it could be a cyst on my ovarie because a girl from her school has one. i don't know if i should go to the gospital and check it out because i can't get to my family docter. i am affraid it is not a pregnancy and that it is a cyst what are your idea's of what i should do i am very affraid and i am not sure what is going on thank you for your concern please get back.
i was in the hospital this weekend and i was suppose to have my cyst remove but thr doctor sended me home in pain. what should i do?
i have 2 ovarian cysts post menopausal diagnosed from scan 8 months ago had bleeding dragging pain
i was out of my mind with worry that i was going to be cut open so that the doctors could remove a cyst the size of a basketball. i really didn't think that i would survive such a surgery. but i started to take a product and to my amazement, my cyst has almost disappeared. there is hope, i have been able to live my life again.
i am 19 years old and have cervical cancer.. i found out thursday that i also have a syst on my right ovary. please let me know if you have any ideas of how to pay this .. i lost my medical card, and the charity hospital said they wont do the opperations.. i work for minimun wage part time and go to school full time . i live by my self and my parents have passed.. what am i to do? please help?
I am 19 years old..I have cervical cancer and i found out last thursday that i have a syst on my right ovary. What should i do i lost my medical card and have no way to pay for my medical bills. i work part time at a fast food place and go to college full time.. any ideas? let me know..
hi, i am very worried at the moment i have 2 ovarian cyst thay found them when i had a investegation in november 2007 i had a camra scan, i have had a hystrarctmy 16 years ago when i was 32 that was servical cancer, i am now waiting for ultra sound scan
and the camra on the 6 of march and i only have my right overy left now they took every thing else away i am just scared its cancer again, thankyou if you can help
i went in for a rectocele about 4 years ago that left me in worse pain then before. the doctor then told me that i have a cyst, which would acount for all of the pain i suffered after the rectacele(she a mesh to the vaginal wall to hold back the hurnia,which i believe was caused by the cyst) she the wanted to do a hysterectomia. i told her to do one if she seen a need. now i am taking pills through the advice of a holistic caretaker. it's working, but is quite expensive as it keeps that cyst draining and prevents secondary infections, which i have been getting for the last 10 years. i wasn't told this by a doctor, i figured out based on what i experienced. i wonder if there isn't a cheaper method, or will this work after a year of being on these pills?
my sist is on my sholder and if you have a cure for it could you please write me and tell me what to do? the pain is bad and i don't have money to go see a doctor, please i need help.
this article is really good and informative one.... i want to ask u one thing that doctor found that i have dermoid cyst in my right ovary.... i read many articles on this and all are saying that cyst is painfull... but i m not having any pain.... so i m in confusion... let me know what to do?
i had bloodwork and the ultra sound and was told i have a cyst on my ovary...i was not bleeding too bad, but today have been bleeding more than usual and clotting. i s this normal with cysts...not too much pain, but very bloated down there and don't feel great!
i went into the hospital yesterday and found out i was a week pregnant and i have a cyst on my right ovary. will this cause me to have a miscarriage? this will be my first pregnancy, and me and my fiance have been trying since november. we finally got pregnant, but i now have a cyst. what are my chances of going through my whole pregnancy without a miscarriage or a stillborn.
i went to the er in july with severe right abdomenal pain. they said that mostly likly were i have pcos, that some cysts had ruptured. they gave me pain killers and sent me home. now a month later i had to go back to the er. but this time it was a different er because i am traveling. this time my symptoms were much worse, and also accompanied by dizziness. they said they had found a 4.2cm cyst on my left ovary, and a 4.9cm on my right. can anyone tell me why the first er didnt see the cysts the first time around? and do i run the risk of my obgyn missing them too?
i am prenant and found out that i have a ruptured cyst on my left overy. it is painful and scared me to death. the doctor is having me come back in a week to have another ultasound to make sure its not effecting the baby. def go get it checked out.
I find this sum good information. When I was pregnant the doctor thought that I had an overian cysts and now since I gave birth to my 1st daughter never had a period but only thing I had was a day of spotting and that was it. so the 2day thought that I may have an overian cysts...but I don't know if i have it for sure yet..
i had an ovarian cyst removed in February 2004 from my left ovary then last year august i was diagnosis another ovarian cyst again in the same left ovary what do i do i don't want to go through another surgery
2 weeks after gaving birth i had terrible pain in my stomach and my pelvis, i went to ER and they found out that i had a dermoid cyst that is twisted that makes the pain so super painful is more painful that having a labor, i had a surgery right away coz there worried it might burst. but it was a benign cytst.
thanks so much this was very informative what i don't want to take birth control for it and it doesn't go away will the doctor do surgery ?
How much time will it take to get it normal conditions. We have consulted with doctor.
I went to the ER on Sunday because I had severe abdominal pain. I thought I maybe had Appendicitis. It came back that I've got a 4.8 cm cyst on my left ovary and a 6.3 cm cyst on my right ovary.
They gave me Vicodin and sent me home. They were really afraid that they might flip and strangle my ovary.
Does that mean I shouldn't do any physical activity? When will they go away?
I've gained 7 lbs and I am just sick of having them now.
I got my period today, but it only added cramps along with the pain of the cysts.

Thanks so much!
I had lots of pain shoot on my lower left and it would not stop. It just happend out of no where, I got rushed to the hospital where they keep suggesting I may be pregnat in my tubes. Well they toke tests and blood and told me i have a 9.5 cm cyst and like Chelsa they sent me home with percocets and told me it may twist or rupture .. wow .. I have to set up my own surgry and its looking like I am getting no where.
my daugher is 11. She has sist on both of her ovareis and fluid. She hasnt started her cycle and is has alote of pain. what should i do?
I went to the doctors on Thursday for pelvic pain and pain during intercourse, on top of that we don't know if the bleeding I've been having is from the depo shot or from something else. she did the pelvic exam and an ultrasound. she didn't find anything so she thinks that a had a cyst on my left ovary and that it burst....she told me to just change positions and take ibuprofen before intercourse. does anyone else have pain during (not after) intercourse?
Hi my name is Felicia.im 17years old and i have a 11 month old son...... I woke up on Friday morning with a slight pain in my stomach,i thought i had gas or air pocket in my stomach I didn't pay much attention to it. Till hours later me and my family went to town and in the car I started to get these severe sharp pain. I started vomiting and I still thought maybe its gas,then the pain felt like i had a uti again. But i was still putting up with the agonizing pain cause i dont like hospitals cause they take long and all the doctors do is watch you be in pain and gossip about others like if they dont have a job to do. So finally when i couldn't put up with the pain any more my mom took me to the ER. They called me sat there in the chair in pain while they ask questions for 15 minutes straight. Then they took me to the room and the doctor just asked how does the pain feel and i told him like if i have a uti. Then he just said ok and left. A nurse came to take a urine sample. 4 agonizing hours later they finally gave me pain medicine not cause they wanted to but because i came out my room and told them if they can give me anything for my pain. After that they wanted to do this cat scan to make sure i dont have any gawstones and that took 3 hours cause i had to drink 2 liters of some sweet syrupy drink they take me to the room to do the scan. They took me back to my room and did more test.2 Hours later they finally tell me i have ovarian cyst on my left. And that its 3 inches close to 4 in.and they realesed me with pain meds and something else so i won't throw up any more then told me that i have to contact my obgyn to see what's goin to happen. So now I'm very emotionally scared and have to wait And call the doctor to see what's goin to happen. Does anyone know what i can do to get rid of it naturally without surgery being done :'( i never had surgery in my life :'(:'(:'(
My name is Myrna and i just went to the doctor for my result of a pap and ultrasound . I'm 48 years old. Well they found 3 cysts 2 on the right of my ovary and 1 on my left ovary and also a kidney stone and enlarge uterus wow lots of stuff, So now i have to go back when i get my period so they can check my uterus again period and also do another pap to check cysts again. I'm really scared of getting a hysterectomy not scared terrified.
HEY i just seen your comment, buy some molasse and raw beets, take a food extractor and when you get the juice out of the beets mix it with the molasse put it in the refrigerator and drink this 3 times a day first one take it when you first wake up, and than the other 2 after foods this will take it away in 2 months no needs of surgery,by the way molasse is sugar cane honey.
I had a dermiod cyst removed last year and it was the best thing i'd ever done. I had the cyst for well over a year when i finally couldn't take the pain anymore. I got the worst of my pain after my periods and the pain would last around 4-5 days before it got better. My doctor put me on endone for the pain but it didn't help at all. I went to hospital because i was throwing up because of the pain. They put me on morphine for over eight hours and the doctors were shocked when my pain didn't go away even after all the morphine. The only reason i got better was because it was my towards the end of my 4-5 days after my cycle. I had keyhole surgery and that was nothing compared to the pain of my cyst..i strongly recommend just getting it taken out..
I am 32 I just had to have surgery early this morning at 4am due to pain in my right side of my abdomen I had went to ER in they did 3 test on me showed my ovarie had a ruptured cyst they had to fix
can you have a 3cm cysts and still get pregnant.
hi ive got pcos been on metformin since march they tried me on comid for 3 months took me off as wasnt working and they were worried it was affecting my cysts.my cysts flared up 2 months ago in so much pain they keep giving me internal scanshoping the cyst will go down but it hasnt my only option now is surgery has any 1 had it does it stop all the pain and give u more of achance 2 get pregnant cant handle this pain any longer its everyday!!!!!!!!
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