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20080921_6368_pink-heart.jpghmmm. well, if you are reading my post here, you're also wondering how can you tell if a guy is just using you instead of being honest with you. this is sometimes easy to find out. it all depends how sneaky the dude is. some boys are innocent or ignorant about trying to use a girl. but for the most part there is a way to actually find out if he is only using you. if you are interested i knowing my secret, then read more..

with some men, you can easily find if he is using. the easiest and faster way is to not give in to what he wants.. for example, lets say you are in a relationship and he kisses you on the mouth, and then you say to him.. no, not right now.. if he gets mad, then you know for sure he is only using you. but if he is cool about it, then that tells you that he is not only interested in you for you body. another way i use when i want to find out if a guys is interested in me is by telling him a problem i have. if he listens to me and gives me advise, then i that tells me that he has good feelings for me, but if instead he tries to change the conversation or ignores me... BAMG!!!, you know that boy is a fool and just using you.

there was this man who used me this way. me and my friend we went everywhere together. we went clubbing. she was my best friend. then one day her boyfriend called me (it was very strange that he did that) i was like.. wow, what do you want dude,,,, so he was like.. can we go for a cup of coffee.. so me being silly , i went. then my friend saw us there.. later i found out he was just using me to make my friend jealous.. but the sad part is that i lost a good friend. i never saw her again.. i miss her.. Her name was Maria. she was my best friend for years.. but because of that jerk. i lost her good friendship.. she used to teach me Spanish and treat me to lunch at work. so be careful girls. because then you gonna ask how to tell if a guys using you

What Makes You Believe That He Is Using You?

let me give you a good tip.. if a guy is too good to be true, than, it is too good to be true and he is just using. guys are jerks.
this is a sure way to know a man treats you as a backup
hi,i'm tami. and i was just wondering if maybe you could tell this guy is using me. he's my best friend. honestly, like he's been there for me through out a lot of stuff but recently he said that he liked me and i told him i liked him too because i have since the moment i met him. anyways, we hooked up and did stuff than the next day he tells me that i'm not perfect for him? but he doesn't wanna loose me because he cares about me too much. than the next day, he get all jealous that i'll say stuff about another guy. so really, i can't tell if he's using me. he even asked to have fun with me, after everything that happened. i don't know, help?
well this dosent help at all because he is not like that he sum tymes says to me i am going out with his dad buh thn i see him wid his mates. he is supposed too meet me and thn i ring him 2 see where he is and he is not going to be able to meet me because of doing sumthink 4 his fam. most of the time he is always doing something wid family.. or he says he is. and only one of his mates know about me. we never hang round where ppl cn see us itz where no one can. please can you tell me what this means
thanks xxx
hayy, lol
i dont reli have a bf right now.. but,,
do you think tht when a boy constantly tells you he luvs you ova msn,, tht he is just teling you cuz its wht you wana hear.
ohh and he sed it once ova phone
sooo i dunno .. weva he does reli.. but tbf non of us at the age of 15 no about love ,, so it cnt be tht much of a problem right now hehe
but message me if you wana hehe.x
btw im nicolles
I really like this guy but he always invites me over and the next thing i know he wants me to give him a bj and hj and i gave him a hj and ever since then i feel like hes just using me for his own pleasure. i like him but he is confusing and it seems to me that the only thing we could ever be is friends with benefits.:(
theres this guy who im "seeing" but we arent in a relationship. he tells me he likes me and i make him feel good and am always there. but i cant help but wonder if he only says this because he wants me to trust him and believe him enough so i can meet up with him and do stuff. i have asked him this and he says he wouldnt want to keep seeing me if he didnt like me. i cant help thinking he only wants to see me because of my body and what i can do to him. im really confused. help
me and this guy started dating i lost my innocence to him and he lost his to me, we broke up a little while later, after a year he told me he regreted breaking up with me and that he was sorry for doing it and he wanted to try it again i told him i would go for it but the same day we got back together we messed around but we were both drink i dnt if he using me or not and its driving me crazy can anyone help me
Look my ex he use to play with my friends a littleo much i trusted him so this was nothing then one day his cuz tells me he wonts to breack up with me for her i forgave both of them probably because he was a jerk any way u lay down with dogs u get fleas if u want t talk to me about this experience then my email is tinkerbellakajean - at - yahoo.c
how do you know if my friends boyfriend is using her 4 love

explain to meh how does it work>>shes only 18 and he saids his 20 but he looks like in his 30s honestly
Sarah^^^ the guy you are seeing is most likely using you I was in this situation when I started seeing someone from my work. We went out on a few dates then I went to his house and the whole time I was there he just wanted to kiss and feel me up. He was looking for more but I didnt give in and now we dont even speak to each other we just totally ignore each other.
It's hard to explain. There is this guy that I'm acquainted with for about a year. Recently he and i are texting each other and we hang out. we kissed and cuddle one another.(he told me he didn't want a girlfriend right now)He also told me a few days after we hung out that he felt like he was using me and he didn't want to hurt me. He said me he would never use me.So i don't think anything of it.I ask a friend that knows him and he told me that he isn't using me that he has a good head on his shoulders, i don't know what to do.He then tells me that he wants to see me and hang out. He always texts me first. What do i do? is he using me.?
can you help me i have a boy friend and he asks me to do stuff for him and when i ask him to do somthing for me he says he is to busy or he is tied???
man some men are hard to understand please help me to figure this out you know I know this guy and he thinks I tell people that we are going out and I just tell people that we are just friends now he is going to change his number and sale his house over this manurebut he talks to my daughter all the time. I think this is some messed up manuretell me your thoughts about it please someone help me
he talks to other girls but tells me he loves me. and always wants to be with me. but i think he is a player
Thanks, these were pretty good. I especially like the second tip - if a guy gives you advice, he's listening and all that. And that's what I'm figuring with this dude. We've known each other for a year, hang out all the time and he's never gotten anything but one kiss - not even the make-out kind. Lol idk, I guess this helped clear it up some. BUT don't blame that guy for what happened with your friend. It's your fault for accepting and I think that was just karma.
hi...ok now i know this guy,he's my step bro's best friend,i fell for him so hard and he said that i was beautiful infront of all his friends and things,this was almost 2 years ago...i didnt see him regularly but one time when he came over we were having a barbeque when he kissed was my first kiss,i told him that and we fooled around abit that night but nothing further than a kiss,when he asked me if i wanted to go futher i said not now and he said ok thats fine then when he left he said i'll see you in the tomorrow...i never saw him for another 3 friend told me that he had recently broken up with his girlfriend and that he only used me..i was crushed,when i saw him after all that time,i thought i was over him..we talked normally and laughed like friends do...then he went out to a club with my step bro and came back himself,i was watching a movie and he asked if he could join,i said sure,he said that he didnt want a relationship but that he wanted to be friends with benifits...also he said i couldnt tell anyone cause then my step bro would be really angry at him and now i find out that he tells my "friend" that he likes her...i dont know what to do!!! Help me :(
My personal opinion, is if you want to have a serious relationship with him tell him that. Because if you give into him then your current situation with him will be the same.
Can someone help me with my situation please? My boyfriend and I have been going out for about 5 months, and everytime I tell him no he's okay with it. However, he wants to go further into intercourse. He respects me and listens to me, we spend hours on the phone everyday but he tells other girls he likes them.
Im so confussed... im in high school and there is this boy who is super cute and he says he likes me and all but my best friend dosent like him and all the girls say he is a jerk. I dont understand becuase we had a thing and after a week told me to consider us a couple but he just didnt want a label on us. A couple days later he tells me he wants to be just friends and to get to know me better. But then he got mad at me for talking to another boy because we were apparently still haveing a thing and he kissed me and all... im so confussed because i still like him but i have feelings for the other guy i was talking to who all m friends love, and i dont want to lose him for someone who is just going to use me. I tryed to talk to him but he keept avoiding to convo.. i really like him too but i dont want to lose everything if he will just hurt me in the end, he looks like a guy that would do that.. what do i do?!?!
Omg... so I totally am in love with my friend Tyler, weve never been this crazy before, like he cant keep his hands off me. I love it so much but I'm afraid he's just using me. I had love with him tonight (10/9/11) and I asked him if he was using me he said no I'm not like those other guys. Here's a quote of us talking Me:I hate you Tyler:No you dont Me:Yes I do Tyler:No you love me Me:So? Him:Well I love you too. also he whispered he loved me when we were chilling, Every time id fake leave he'd be all nooooo Shannon come backkk. and he'd chase after me and wrap his arm around me. also he randomly holds my hand whenever i put my hand down we both reach for eachothers hands. he also puts his arm arround my sholder and everytime we highfive we end up spreading our fingers and holding hands. I'm really afraid he's using me, I know it doesn't seem like it but if you knew him like I did then. You'd be scared too. Any advice?
There's this guy ive been talking to for almost 3 months. We never really met, we kind of met off this site. I know he's not a fake because i actually know people who know him. Anyway, he told my bestfriend he liked me . and he tells me all the time how much he likes me and stuff. we don't really talk abt love that much, but now a days it comes in the conversation. not alot! but yea... i mean i dont have a problem w/ it, im just starting to feel like maybe thats wat he wants? he says hes a innocent. i think it's cute. I am one too... and a couple days ago, he told me he wanted to lose his innocence to me.
we were supposed to chill like 2-3 weeks ago, but something came up, and i thot he was lying..turnd out he was telling the honest truth. he knew i thougth he was lying so he stopped talking to me for a couple days. i was really upset, because i thot he would never speak to me again. but all my friends were like, if he really likes you, he'll say soemthin to you eventually. and within 2 days he texted me. we were planning on going to this haunted house this weekend w/ his friend and mine..[double date.] but he jus texted me today tellin me his friend couldnt go...i thot that was an excuse for him to just dip out on me/: but then we started talkin about us just chillen w/o them. we're talkin about going to the movies.
i just wanna kno if he likes me forsure?
or if he's using me. im so confused.
So I used to talk to this guy named Spencer and it didn't really work out, but after a couple months of not being together we started talking again.. we haven't been talking for long and he's already asking for pictures, when he got mad cause I wouldn't send him raws I told him that he was just using me and he just replied with "k".. I don't know if that is something that I should actually be worried about or if its normal for a guy to get mad if you dont send him raws.?
i believe that he dont call me or send no money for me because i miss him alot and then he cut me short on the conversation everyday he telak about love on his mind and i couldnt see it on my own eyes taht he just using me for love but all i ever wanted is the truth
my heart was broken by a player named Dayton C. and Now i hace 3 guys i like and they all r asking me what would u say if i asked u out? and like seriously, I AM SO CONFUSED!!!?!?!??!?!?!??! I dont know what to do. Please help. I can't Close my heart. Thanks - OpenHeart
So I just met this guy Skyler two months ago, and I liked him as soon as i met him, i was in a musical with him and backstage i was behind the curtains waiting for the next song to come so i could do my solo, and he comes up and kisses me... The next day he did it again... then the next day asked me out... i said yeah against my better judgement... the next day at lunch he comes up to me and tries making out with me in front of the other highschoolers... i pushed him away, and he got mad and walked away but thought an hour later during chemistry to come up and try again... this time i wasn't able to push away... so i was stuck... my friends tell he is being how a good boyfriend should be... but i don't think he is... what should i do!?
I NEED HELP TOO!!! :( Idk if i'm being used idk what to do!!!! :( but i don't feel like typing it all out i'm sorry lol but i'm dating this dude and there's been like 5 friends that tell me he is a player and that he's used girls for love before, but HE tells me that he's changed, YET, he still talks about how he wants to have love with me! But i keep telling him i DONT want love, i really HONESTLY dont! WHAT DO I DO AHHH!!!
I love this! it really helps me understand my problem..
there is this guy at school named anthony and.. he is captin of the basketball team and all my friends tell me he is a player and i asked him about it.. and he says no and plus he was texting me last night about some naughty stuff and my parents took my phone away and read all the texts .. and now he is goin to ask me out tomorrow during half time in front of everyone.. and i really like him and idk if i should say yes.. or not please! help!!!! :(
Hi Vanessa,
look, all I can say, after a couple years of dating is that one thing is certain: no guy is a saint. I once really liked this guy, captain of our school's football team, and we went out for around four months. And well when i really thought we were getting ready to well, u know.. i found out he had cheated on me, several times. and as well every young teenager would do, i promised myself to never love again, but soon enough, there i was again, hanging by a thread in the arms of another slow thinker. but i managed to have some really great relationships too. Here's the trick, don't be naive. I know how we feel when it's with us "nobody understands what we have", believe me, I've been there. But takes the hints you know. For example in your case, ur guy is texting you dirty messages, not saying that is bad, you both were probably both having some good laughs at it, but just be careful. guys who are this open with rather more loveual stuff, should always be kept on alert. But hey, who knows, maybe he really liked you. I dont really like to say this often, but it comes a time where we actually are "the one" to someone, you're the one who changed that guy to someone other girls actually respect. But anyways, i just want to get to the important part, dont rush into anything. There are great chances, as always, the he is just using you, and he will, believe me, do everything he can to try and convince you. So just be careful and wait, because i know what its like to it to young, with the wrong one.. and its something you will regret for the rest of your life. It might seem fun and harmless, and it might even be at the time, but afterwards, that feeling of emptiness and regret turns everything else not worth it. and guys like him, that are know to be players, can really be the type of guys that just use you, that find some way to leave quickly and are in no time with another. and that SUCKS. I watched my guy leave me to go and fall in love with one of my bestfriends.and she didnt even want him, yet he chased after her like a lost puppy.It broke my heart, and the pain i felt for so many months, turn everything else not worth it. Okay this is getting seriously depressing, and I wasnt trying to scare you or anything, just u know, warn. but as every teenager, we will all make silly mistakes,and you'll learn from them, become stronger and well after a few heartbreaks you'll be able to identify the good ones from the jerks in a blink of an eye. So I'd say you should definitely go out with this guy, don't go to far, but have fun. Teenagehood is all about having fun, having flings and just being a kid while we still can. So enjoy it, and just make sure to be careful because you want to enjoy this innocence as long as you can, because you will miss it if you end it too soon. I'm sure you'll eventually meet a guy that is worth it and that u truly feel comfortable around. But just wait you know, meet him talk to him. I went out with a guy that probably spent around 7 months being a total sweetheart to me, we'd text all the time, and talk about everything. that after he finally got what he wanted, he started to avoid me, only call me when he wanted something, but otherwise he just wouldn't call. but when we are so lovey dovy for someone we dont even notice these things.
So hey, have fun, enjoy it all, be careful, but enjoy. life is all about mistakes, learning, improving and making the best out of what we have. I sure made many mistakes, but i learned, and now i finally fond a guy who truly cares about me and appreciates me for me.
I hope this helped!
my boyfriend of a year and eight months always gets mad when i tell him how a girl is, like if shes gonna break us up or i just bad all around. i try to tell him my honest opinion and he just freaks out. he tells me he hates my friends, i dont understand why because they never talk to him..i dont understand what is up with him. we've broken up before cause of this girl trying to get in the middle. and i always say something but im always the wrong one. i get told shes just trying to help?
me and this guy have been enemys and just recently we are friends everydy after school he comes over and we just make out we dont go farther i always ask why we dont date and he says ohh i wanna be single for a while he listens to me like if i have probs says he loves me 70 percent but i told him today a guy punched me he said who i said a this one guy and he said ok like he didnt even care but idkk i know that its probably a game to him like hes usin me but i dont wanna give him up ive liked him foreverrrr and since its happening i dont know if id be able to get over him that fast at all.....what to do!!?? im only 13 hes 14 btw
So I started talking to this guy 8 months ago and it started off that we were just interested in similar things like art and traveling. We went on our first date and the chemistry was amazing. He followed me around like a puppy dog, like I was the prettiest thing he'd ever seen. We went on a few dates and he seemed really nervous the first time and talked non stop about his life and growing up and stuff. Eventually he took me to see his hometown and it was cute and romantic. Finally he took me to go shooting and later we went back to his house and he kissed me and started trying to feel me up. Well, I had been saving my first kiss for a serious relationship, which he knew. Before the kiss he had talked about how much he wanted to date me exclusively and how beautiful I was and how good it felt being around me. Well after he kissed me I went home and cried. A week later I told him that I didn't want to see him anymore and he didn't text me for two days, which was weird because he would text me like 25 times a day-at least-for 4 months straight. So I called him two days later and he said it has weirded him out and that he had wanted to date me but didn't know anymore because he had a lot going on, like he might be having a kid and yadda yada. Anyways I told him that was okay and that we could just be friends until he figured it out and he said that he would like that. He told me that he had a lot to figure out but that he really wanted to date me one day when everything was figured out. Then he was silent for two months. Not completely but he'd text me like once every two weeks. Then he randomly started texting me again and being sweet, so I thought that he had figured out what he needed to. During that time I decided that I would wait because I thought that I might have started falling in love with him which was part of why I freaked out after he kissed me yet never asked to date me. So a few weeks into texting each other he says something like "I used to like you and I used to want to date you", so I found a new guy and moved on, but thought I could still be just friends with guy one. But I couldn't get the first guy out of my head so I went to his house to hang out with him and we ended up making out and having oral and anal love. I felt terrible afterwards and went home and cried. The next day I was hot and texting him about it and he said that it was a mistake and we shouldn't do it anymore. I agreed. Well, a month later we were texting and he asked if I wanted to come over and I did, because honestly I just wanted to be around someone that wasn't going to tell me all of their relationship drama. So we ended up doing it again and he kept trying to get me to have intercourse with him but I wouldn't and he kept trying to push it in a what not, but eventually he gave up and we did other things. We didn't talk much, all the chemistry was gone. I spent the night and tried to stay on my side of the bed but he kept trying to snuggle up to me. It was the worst night of my life. Now I don't know what to do. I know that it was all a big mistake but part of me just wants to be with guy one because I feel like I'm ruined for anyone else. I don't want to have to explain that manureto the next guy that comes along. It's been two days and guy one hasn't texted me and I don't really think he ever will, and I know for sure I'm not going to text him...I'm just confused. He kept asking me if I was falling in love with him and I thought I was but wouldn't tell him because I thought it would freak him out, but after the last time I'm just grossed out with him. When we were in the middle of it he asked if I wanted his guy roomate to come in too and be a part of it and that made me mad. As if I would let a guy touch me who I wasn't in love with. Now I'm confused and scared and wish this whole thing would just go away.
I've known this one guy for 3 years, we've already dated once, and it was for a year and a half. we broke up because we both felt we needed a break. but despite the break up, we've always been best friends. we went our seperate ways and dated other people and never talked about dating again until about a month and a half ago. we talk all the time, and are inseperable. but it still doesnt keep me from doubting the whole thing. when we talk, all he want to talk about is love. we talk about how much we like each other, and he always says how he always see's nobody else but me in his future but theres still a little doubt. what do you think?
I have been with this guy for a month now,and he doesnt seem to talk to me.He said he would go on a double date with me on Friday,but then I saw the guy that my friend is dating whisper in my boyfriends ear something.Then my boyfriend nods his head.And laughs,could it be that he is going to dump me on our first real date?
- Well i've This Guy For About Two Months, He Has Been Flirting With Other Girls So I Didnt Really Care. But Until One Time We Were Talking On Facebook, He Asked Me To Spend The Night At His House So I Did By The Time I Got There, We Were Already Making Out He Tried To Pull Up My Shirt But I Didnt Let Him. So Instead I Told Him Lets Watch A Movie. 40 Mins Into The Movie, He Was Moving His Hand Down To My Pravite Part.We Did ( Sadly) The Next I Saw Him He Didnt Talk To Me Like The Way He Used :( And On Every Weekend He Hits Me Up Saying "Are You Down ME && You (; " Is He Just Using Me For Sex?? And It Sucks Because i Already Fell For Him :(
Sounds like he's not the guy you should be dealing with some time has passed so hopefully you noticed this by now and moved on to a better guy for you. If he was really into you for you love wouldn't be the only thing he text you for. He wouldn't only wanna see you when the sun goes down. Always tells a lot about a guy who doesn't respect your wishes once you tell them no the first time! Also if your meeting people for the first time and have never hungout with them before try going to the movies or a place where more people gather fill him out first and get to know him and try to figure out what it is that he wants. Lastly don't rush things.
Ok so i really like this guy named josh. He is so hot and i know he likes me but every time im with him he only talks about how much i turn him on and stuff...
And today we kissed... for me it was great and he said he liked it too but this has been happing for a long time now and he has't aked me to be his girlfriend. That gets me so angry of but i keep kissing him because i like him sooo much.. What should i do. Is he using me?
For 5 years I have waited for him to change. I moved away from him when he did not stop drinking, hunting on dating sites and compulsive lying to me. Last year I took him back and his 14 year old totaled his trailor and all of a sudden he is at my place telling me I am basically everything to him, not helping me with the bills unless I got mad, had dating site charges on his bank statement and said someone stole his identity, changing his pin # on his phone so I could not check the messages, and finally when insurance gave him money for a new place he left me and went and got his daugter. he left some things at my place and now he is calling and saying he loves me and wants me to come out to his new place. Is he just saying this to get his tv back? Help me
okay so youre all gunna think im crazy cuz im still at school an dthink im in love but hey please just give me your advice, sotheres this guy in my year and we kinda know eachother like our friends are friends and stuff so i see him quite often but then today he messaged me saying hey im bored so i was like mee to, and we had a amassive conversation and he was saying im coot and perfect and stuff. later we ventually agreed to meet echother round the corner gfrom my house - we spent the whole day together and he kept hugging me and moving me really closee to him and we had like our head touching whilst we were talking and stuff (we spent all day like this) but then when we had to go our seporate ways he was like promise me you wont tell anyone about today and then walked off when i agreed not to. I didnt ask him why because at the time i thought he might just have wanted it to be our secret without anyone teasing us... but now im thinking otherwise. I s he using me? :L
theres this guy that I really like but I dont know if hes using me.It seems like all he wants me to do is suck his private.usually when I tell him I dont want to do something its ok with him.He kisses me at school when people are around and everything so hes not embarrased by me.We havent really hung out and it just seems very strange that hen he come to my house for the first time he wants a bj....pleaseee help!!!
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