20080921_6368_pink-heart.jpghmmm. well, if you are reading my post here, you're also wondering how can you tell if a guy is just using you instead of being honest with you. this is sometimes easy to find out. it all depends how sneaky the dude is. some boys are innocent or ignorant about trying to use a girl. but for the most part there is a way to actually find out if he is only using you. if you are interested i knowing my secret, then read more..

with some men, you can easily find if he is using. the easiest and faster way is to not give in to what he wants.. for example, lets say you are in a relationship and he kisses you on the mouth, and then you say to him.. no, not right now.. if he gets mad, then you know for sure he is only using you. but if he is cool about it, then that tells you that he is not only interested in you for you body. another way i use when i want to find out if a guys is interested in me is by telling him a problem i have. if he listens to me and gives me advise, then i that tells me that he has good feelings for me, but if instead he tries to change the conversation or ignores me... BAMG!!!, you know that boy is a fool and just using you.

there was this man who used me this way. me and my friend we went everywhere together. we went clubbing. she was my best friend. then one day her boyfriend called me (it was very strange that he did that) i was like.. wow, what do you want dude,,,, so he was like.. can we go for a cup of coffee.. so me being silly , i went. then my friend saw us there.. later i found out he was just using me to make my friend jealous.. but the sad part is that i lost a good friend. i never saw her again.. i miss her.. Her name was Maria. she was my best friend for years.. but because of that jerk. i lost her good friendship.. she used to teach me Spanish and treat me to lunch at work. so be careful girls. because then you gonna ask how to tell if a guys using you

What Makes You Believe That He Is Using You?