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this topic demonstrates how to retrieve deleted messages from your facebook profile inbox. If you lost your old messages on facebook and for some reason you have to get them back for legal reason or because someone you love might be cheating on your.
can you show me how i can get back my deleted Facebook messages. i deleted some emails by mistake and now i need to retrieve them back because i had an important message from a friend. she is an old friend which i lost contact with and haven't spoken to her in a long time. now for legal reasons i have to contact her immediately because her husband might be cheating on her and want to see what we talked about so i can forward the email to my cousin so we can contact our family. this is urgent. please help you.

UPDATE: thanks for replying, i was able to get some messages back.
HI!Respect!I have similar problem.I know facebook password of my wife and i saw her conversation with an x boyfriend,but some messages are missing,both send and received,mostly older conversation.So of messages he wrote to her it's on her email but not all.How can i see them,retrieve if is deleted?please answer me,it might save my marrige if it tourns i overreacted.THA
How can I contact you Toby? Thanks!
how can i contact u? i want to recover all my facebook chat history which i deleted
I suspect my wife is cheating or having private conversations on facebook and her cell phone. I just have a bad gut feeling.
I can recover almost any data from facebook, myspace, craigslist, emails, etc. Facebook messages over 30 are almost impossible. I also offer a "PI" service if you will. If he/she's cheating, I'll find out. Not going to sugar coat it, my motives are financial gain. Times are tough you know? If anyones interested drop me a line, thanks!
i need to recover some old facebook message back. im under investigation and would love to show my proof to them.
hahah really its cool to see that wife is worried to get off her husband
I need to know why my boyfriend is deleting messages and convos with a chick he knows from before us 5 years ago that he called sweet honey and had lunches with and said he stoped talking to and i find out 5 months ago before our big move he exchanged numbers to "stay in touch" he deleted messages and convos when i said i saw some and got upset with him. please help i have email and password to his account and can't access the deleted messages!!!1
i too need back my deleted messages back because someone is spreading rumors about me and making someone as my boyfriend...... need your help please help me soon as possible..will be waiting for your reply...
hi i need help reciving some messages i deleted from facebook 2 help my friend as he partner has been messaging my flirty messages n i deleted them when i didnt mean 2 as i wanted 2 keep them 2 show her plz help me get this messages back. i can give you his name its Paul Gascoyne and my emails i deleted ages ago i forgot they go there so any help at all plz will b great ty xx
I don't really know what this is.. but I deleted my message thread from my cousin who was 16 and recently passed away. It was an accident and I am devestated. Can anyone help?
you got your messages back but how..?? Please tel me.. I realy need it..
how do people accidently erase a facebook message curious because this happened to me and dont get it
can you help me get all my girlfriends deleted messages i know her password thanks
I have d same problem as u do, and i really really need to know wat is going on.pls help me if u know how to do it
Hi Benjamin,i need to retrieve facebook messages urgently.I will get married and i beleive my boyfriend has a relationship with a girl.I need to see that.Please help
Hey ben, I would love to be able to recover some deleted messages. Its nothing like taking my wife to court but, I need to know if I'm dating a two timer. You said that it isnt easy, and I assume you have a lot of people requesting your assitance so if you do have time I would very much appreciate it
I really need your help too
I need to know how to do this as well, please help! It's for a divorce I'm going through :(
IS there a way to actually do this? I am convinced my gf is flirting and having affairs because she constantly deletes her phone messages and fb messages... i love her and want to catch her in the act and find proof. Maybe then I can have her decide if she is ready to be with only me or if we need to slow down and have an open relationship or cut it off :(
Hi I also need to get my facebook deleted messages back. please help.
Hi, I am looking to retrieve some of the deleted facebook messages. I have been relation for 7 years, and have recently found out my BF has been hiding 2 facebook accounts from me. Since he was onto me being curious for sometime, I believe he has deleted all of his facebook messages. If you can retrieve them for me, please let me know. His lies are heartbreaking, and I need to know its time to let go. Thanking you sincerely, snehal
I have same problem i want to retrieve deleted messages. Please help
Please!!!!i need the same help!!! Mine is extremely urgent there's a baby involved and if there is dirt in his inbox I want to know before it's too late. I read part of a message he sent a girl we argued but I left the house and I wasn't able to see her reply once I got back and I told him I wanted his phone and fb password all messages were deleted and he made up his own story I want to know if he is being honest with me or he's huffing something!!!! Please help me retrieve his messages I have his password as well!
I think that my boyfriend is having a online affair with another women. I saw a message once when he had left the facebook profile open and my brain was not fast enough to save it somewhere. i confronted with him and he denied it and he showed me his facebook messages and the message was not there any more. I got his password and sign in quiet often to check for the latest message and i think he is using another way of communicating with her. Please someone help me how can i retrieve deleted facebook messages.
I need to know how to get back some deleted messages... Its very important to me to know how a.s.a.p. please.
click the archived in your massage tada and now all ur massage retrieved
hey i would like to know how to retrieve deleted messages, not archived ones, please.
how do I get someone elses message that they sent to me admitting a crime, and they erased it a few days later???
my boyfriend cheated me, he deleted every thing in gmail and facebook.. if i can get back i can take him to jail... am not only the one cheated by him.. plz help me to get him arrested... he is black mailing me also plz help me...
please i need a way to get back my deleted messages on facebook , please i really need it
My girlfriend is constantly deleting text messages and her facebook messages. I am worried about her cheating on me because she always goes to "a friend's" house. Please help before I get screwed.
Dear ladies and gentleman, why do you get worry??? i have invented a software which can help people to restore their deleted any site's like facebook, twitter, yahoo, hotmail, many more messages, this is great offer for all of you, for further information please contact me as soon as possible,!! my contact information is loveme_for_ever
i had messges from friends that were important how do you get them back? please help!
Please help me out! I'm being falsely accused of harassment and I need to get back my deleted fb messages! Can you help???
Pls let me know how can i get back my FB deleted messages, thanks
i need your help to restore back my deleted msg in facebook.. pls help me !
how long does the email take to come throu do u know?
plzzz help me how can I get my all old msga on fb plzzzzzzz I realllly need help
Actually its easy to get all your historical infor from fb.
Using a PC or laptop:

Go to account settings > General.
Under your profile infor, there is a link which says
“Download a copy of your fb data”
As simple as that every thing will be there.
See ya!

wut was ur website? plz
am in a hurry to get those msgs back, my marriage is in danger, i need this proof.
Cameron.Fazzio - at - fac
i need to recover nearly two years of deleted messages from fb chats between me and a mistress to show that a child conceived was mine
please respond and tell me what needs to be done, cost , and how quickly you believe i can recover them... are they all recoverable?
Hey guys..I'm really new to this..and I don't understand almost everything..but I have the same proble,,I need some messages that I deleted!! Thnx anyway
Okay i downloaded that thing but that doesnt make do i get the messages? How do i use it?
how do i contact you?
Install Mozilla browser and facebook history plugin, it will not get back old msgs, but will save all new msgs, even it will be deleted from the FB ac.
Do you know how to retrieve deleted comments? I left a well written comment on a page and would like to use it in a paper I am writing for human rights. Please message me privately at powerniall86 - at - gm
Hi 'drp' I needed some help on getting some of my old msgs back. can you help me?
Please tell me how to get my deleted messages back. I lost some form a very good friend and I wish I could get them back.
Hey i Too Wanna know , how to retrieve deleted msg ... its urgent and i cant tell u the reason in public ... so plz help me out if you can ...
can you tell me how to retreive deleted facebook messgaes
Please tell me how to retrieve deleted message, I have kept in touch with them for 3 years, even there are very important document too. Is there any way to recover just like Hotmail ??? thanks
can u tell me how can i recover deleted msg from facebook....bea they are very important to me..
I'm in the same boat as you. I need evidence. If you are serious, pls help.
well you can use a keylogger, it will record everything your boyfriend types on his keyboard and sites he goes to. There are some programs that are free but if you dont know anything about computers you'll probably end up with trojans and virus. I'd suggest to buy one that is approved by some authority that you trust. But be warned, no matter against who you use this you WILL find somethings that will make you jealous or angry. We all say things to our friends that we wouldn't say to our lovers...but if he's cheating on you, you'll know for sure
Hi benjamin, can you tell how i get my facebook messages back?
mam or sir what is the software? please help me
Plz plz plz tell me how to download all deleted messages of facebook.ITS VERY IMPORTANT PLZ HELP ME..
can you please tell me how to retrieve deleted week old messages on facebook.?
Sir, plz help me. my facebook account is delete but now i wanto retrieve the my old account but by mistake re create the account same id so plz help out my old account retrieve.
I would like to know if Im able to retrieve a message that was deleted from my facebook page one month ago.
heello. i need this cause a month ago i sent a really important message and eeverythingg plss help mee
how can i get my deleted message back pls help!
how to get backmy deleted messages in facebook please help me
here are so many themes that are going around. So this is a general proposal: Ask at facebook for your needs and they should help.

see the following: facebook dot com /help/?page=One Seven Eight Six Four Five One Zero Eight Four Five One Zero Two Eight Eight Seven Four Three Nine Three &ref=hcnav
I don't think that you could recover deleted messages on Facebook. But some bloggers claims that there are ways but I don't think you unless you have an access to Facebook databases.

I saw this post on howtorecoverstuffs dot com I don't know if the process work's co'z I never tried it.
Can u please contact me asap please
please please help me i wanna no how to get back old delect message,i think my boyfriend is cheating on me and delecting all the message
plz i want to recover my deleted msgs i am trying them for past 6 months....they helps me to stand up my relationship plz help me
pls help me...i almost died...i need proof. my husband wan to get the child frm me. i need proof to show his family tat he did many wrong things! i hate him! my chid is my life! i cant loss them!!!!
My wife is messaging other guy I need to get them back everything is at stake.
my girl friend is cheating me plss help me she is deleting her messgaes in fb pls help me
I viewed my friends face book and i accidentally deleted his account please help me retrieve ...
can i get deleted messages from facebook
sir please tell me how to recover facebook delete messages ?
Plz hlp me. I m in need of my deleted facebook mszs. I want to get them back.
that dose not work Mr it only copies what you currently have on your facebook at the time it will not recover you deleted messages, posts, notes, or comments.
i really need 2 get all the deleted messages.hope i will get it soon.whoever u r,u hav been an angel 4 me.thnx a lot
I am having troubles to get on this website Would you Please get me on from your friend Mida nichole Estesse Paskett
I need help, asap. I need to know how to restore my boyfriend's old messages.
I also want to know how because on my gmail acct it has everything on there but not my messages. When someone messages me it doesnt go to my gmail acct and i have some deleted messages from my mother who recently got killed=( i erased her messages because like neone else i thought she would be around 4 years and years 2 come=( can someone plez help me? Plez i am begging=( i just wanna go thru all she wrote me again=,^( if neone can help me plez email me at espinozagenifer - at - Yahoo! thanks and god bless</3
please help me i wnt to have my old mesg bak which was deleted by my bf plz help me out to have the deleted one pleasee
YES YES YES click onto your messages, click on more then archived :))))
hi i want to re-tribe all convessation with j-jhe nantes tnx

I had to go to court and i needed to get some old messages as proof.

your advice worked, i was able to get all of my old deleted messages from 2009
hey sarah sorry to bother you but im going threw some problems i was wondering how you got your old deleted messages back, if you have the time please send me link or info thanks i really appritiate it
at first i didnt think it was possible to get my old deleted message, but you guys were right. thanks. i am so glad i got them back. wheww!!!!
plz tell me how to get my messages back iaccidently deleted my messages they were from an important person to me and i need them back plz help me get them back plz
that prompt "get deleted messages" is not present in any of fb's message action. where did you get that? how can i have that in my own fb account. these deleted messages are very very very important to me & involves saving my marriage.
where did you get that app. i want to install it on my profile too. this gives me some hope man!!!

Send me the App to my email please
how?wat did i do?wat devce did u use?
plz help me get back my old fb conversation back :'(...... plz
my husband is cheating can u help me to get his deleted messages on phone n face book?
i deleted some messages from alicia ann and need them back please it was a few days ago please get them back for me thanks .
how can i recover the deleted messages?
please help me to retrieve my old facebook conversation or messages back of around 1 or 2 months. it is really very very urgent. thank you!
i mistakenly deleted my post about a few mints ago. pls i need it back. thnx
i need my old deleted facebook messages back. please help me get them back! thnx
i would like to retrieve most of the deleted inbox, i would like to check on an important message. thanks
i really need help
plz help me get my deleted fb messages its urgent please help
please help me please i beg you i want to get my deleted facebook message please please it is important
i need to recover those deleted messages to protect my reputation and other people
please help me to retrieve facebook messages that were deleted its very important i see
i want to rtrive a message fom one of my friend because it is really important
dear sir,
one person in my friend list abhishek sonekar send me some messages wrong information about my son when i open my facebook next time messages delete he do complaints to office that i spread rumors i need that messages back to prove right to maintain my dignity. please do need full help need help
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