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i have the ultimate way to get a guy to notice you. if you're reading this is because you probably like some cute guy and you want him to notice you so you two can become more than just strangers.

getting a guy to notice you is easy and it all start with a look.

depeding on how your eyes touch each other, you can get a boy to notice you right away.

if you really want a man to notice you, look straight at him into his eyes. this is specially true if you talk to each other.

i have more secrets, but for now, that's i can post here, but if you want to me to put all my other secrest here, please ask
I'm in love my mechanic and I need help, I'm in my late 20s and never been in a serious relationship, I have fancied a few boys but never one like this, everyday I think about him, I crave there to be something wrong with my car just so I can go and see him. I text him every now and then to see how he is or send him dumb questions really just to get a response back from him, when I first met him he was really smiley and friendly he helped me find a couple of my cars that I owned and even helped me move, we went out a couple of times as friends, even my Mum came along a couple of the times as he gets on well with her, he's had quite a few jokes with me and always smiles when he sees me, when I bought a present for his dog he practically ran to collect the present from me, but something seems weird of late, he hardly ever texts me back when I turn up at the garage to take my car in, if my mums is collecting me, he will talk to her rather than me, or he will tend to move onto the next customer and just doesn't seem to want have the chats we use to have, as far as I am aware neither of us have done anything different and I just don't know what's gone wrong, when I see him my heart skips and feel he could be my soul mate, but I would just be happy to be his friend for now but the contact has seem to have got lost, what do I do?
i fair boy in my class
OK, what about a guy that is in none of your classes and he has no idea you exist. You see him occasionally in the crowded hallways, how do you get him to notice you then?
Don't be shy, you guys! If you like him, talk to him. But, don't talk to him TOO much, or else you'll annoy him. If you're shy, then talk over text or facebook, or something like that. Don't get all intense, keep your conversations fun, light, and easygoing. Also, some advice: talk to him every week on one specific day, say, every Wednesday at 5:30 (just an example) Do this for about 2 months, and then one week, don't send him a text. This is psyhcology! it will make him wonder why you didnt send him a text, like you always do. And then, he'll begin to realize that he likes how you talk to him every week. AND THEN. THERE YOU HAVE IT! He will start liking you. after, talk to him in person, and don't worry! just relax, and if you dont relax, thats ok too. My boyfriend says he thinks its really cute when girls are awkward.
all secrets plz
Im practically in love with a guy named Jacob Lord who's in my class and i don't know how to get him to like me, i don't have a problem with talking to him but i don't know what to do and that bothers me. i am an 13, PLEASE HELP!
You are 13 and you are in love- girl this is your time to study and not go after boys, better concentrate in your school work!!
I know how you feel. I like a boy named Caleb whos in my class. But he is popular and i barely know anyone. He barely notices me unless I'm in a "loud" mood. But my advice is that you just be you around him. Maybe he'll notice you then.
if you two are shy.. u guys will get nothing.. so show himm that u're tough not shy and trust me he'll do the same;)
We all have feelings for guys my advice would be be yourself if ur someone else ur setting yourself up for failer and men and guys in ur school highley react to apperince it's hardley a secret
I am not oficially a teenager yet and there's this guy i like alot alot. My friends hang out with his friends and i ocasionally hang out with him. He's noticed me and we've talked but not sense he saw me and my mom in the tampon section. What do i do?
Ok i understand, this has happened to me before, and if u like him just get him to notice u thats all, but if u dont them go up to him and tell him. Get him to notice u by talking toi him
Hi, My Name Is Alexis, I Have A Boyfriend, But, My Feelings Are Fading, But Then Again I Don't Wanna Break up With Him, I Don't Know Why Though. There's This Guy, But, I Don't Know If He Likes Me, He's Name Is Christian <3 How Do I Make Him Notice Me?.. :\ And What Do I Do About The Boyfriend Situation?..
I am 11 yers old and i rilly like this guy who likes me but hes to nerves to talk to me what shuld i do?
ok i am 16 and the guy i like works at the place that im living at he is 25 and i wanna get to know him more how do i get him to notice me???????
I'm 12 I like this boy and my friend Alyssa asked him out without telling me.....and all he said was "who is that??" then walked away.......but the kid just came 2 the skool. And Im in one of his classes.....out of 7?!! Help I need 2 know what 2 do!!!!! Plez
what am i post to do if i dont have the corage to?
Molly, dont like him if he can decide because one of you will get hurt and its messed up, i like this guy but he likes me back and we rarely talk so someone help me?
I like this boy in my school and my friends were trying to make him ask me out and stuff but other people say he like another girl but then he told my friend that he likes both of us but he hasn't decided who yet! I need help to get his attention!!!!!!
He already kind of likes me but every time we talk i turn pink and he wont look at me either so were both pretty much staring at our shoes...
cool.. i really like a guy n i want him 2 like me back plis help
Theres this boy named Will in my reading class and i really like him.My friend Kathi told him and he said cool o.o So she said something about if he liked me or not and he'll think about it :(
ok so i like this popular kid named brandon and i REALLY want to say something to me plz help im sooo desperate!
their is thus boy at me school and I like him and he has said he like me but he won't ask me out
at my school they all see me like the cupid and a really good friend and i need all the help i can get i like my best friend ex but she still likes him i use to give him notes from my friend and could touch his hand but now don't know wat to do pleasssssssssss helllppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!
there's a guy at my school and he is perfect, and we madeeyecontact, and yesterday he came my way and looked me in the eyes, and then one of his friend called him and he went to them....what can i do to make him talk to me?
please give all the sectrets u can, i meen i hav a bf but we are sooo drifting apart
this guy likes me and i like him but we fight and that means crush but whenever people in my class say that i like him and he likes me he blushes and goes to his friend and i do the same HELP ME
hey can you please help me, i like a cute guy and we are actually friends and i want to be more then just friends how can i do that ????
Okay, so this boy is in every single one of my classes. He is sooo cute. I am very shy and dont talk to him. But i can tell he likes this other girl. He also sits next to me in evry single class but one. What should i do??
ok so this boy in school is freakin cute && stuff and i really like him but i don't know if he likes me to.. we've kissed before but he didn't actually say he liked me so you see my problem && i want to know what i can do to get out of the friends zone &&into the relationship stuff
Ditto here! He might like me but does not say anything
im confused with my love problem please help
i dont know he likes me
i am 11 and i dont know if he likes me because whenever he sees me i am talking to some other guy that i dont even like plus i hav never had a boyfriend before and i am so confused:( it sucks!!!!!!
Hey... there is this girl in my town who I hate because she gets all the best boys around... She's tall, skinny, tan... well a model... I'm not bad looking I guess, just a shortie... she's totally dumm but they still fall for her... how do I turn the attention to me?? (a little selfish but desperate, please help) thanks
i like it when guys look at please tell me a secret about it
there is this guy in my tutor group in skool i really like him and we can talk 2 each other no problem every time we look at each other (every time we're in the same class) we always smile at each other i think he likes me bak but i dont no i really want 2 tell him ut i cant iand i dont no why so i got my friend 2 tell him and i dont no wats happened when they were talking i have no idea wat 2 do now plzzzz help me!!!
I rEalLy2 LiKe HiM...buT he doeSnT even nOtiCe mE..eveN wHen wE aRe iN tHe sAme cLasS..
please i really want to know the tips coz there is this guy we used to work in the same arced but i left it,i nolonger work there but i still have acrush on this guy but it seems he doesnt feel i want him to notice him coz i alwayz pass by his work place and i see him and he looks alittle then he turns away.
i have known this man for 3 months his always with his friend, we haved talk for a little bit, he says hes his attracted to me.
i asked him to sit and talk with me a while,
he just looks up, nods and said talk to u later.. what the H does this mean.
any advice on this out there?? i'm not getting any younger
I want boys to notice me. Boys my age never seem yo like me. I feel dumb because I cant flirt or anything. help
I Like this guy thats works at the market every time i see him i don't what to do i like him A lot hes so cute
okay i really am in luv with this guy name tyler none of my friends know we really don't talk but i catch him starring at me Alot what should i do does he like me please give your secreats
Iv been in exactly the same position as some of you guys. I dont think you should be worrying about a guy who doesnt notice you. I know ita probably not what you want to hear, but if he has met you before, see's you frequantly and still doesnt 'notice you' then you are wating your time. Move on girls andfind someone else, besides, you never know, prince carming might be just around the next corner :):):) hope i helped
yes please do put your other secrets here and thanks for what you already said i hope it works!
Check this out!!! There are a lot of ways you can find out if he likes you just as a friend or not. 1. Say your name 10 times 2. Say your mom's name 5 times 3. Say your crush's name 3 times 4. Then paste this to 4 other quizzes, if you do this your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday! But if you read this and did not paste this, then you will have very bad luck. (I've never done a chain letter before but it seems like fun so i might as well try it before it drives me mad,lol.)
Your advice was the one that is the most accurate. ive tried to play dumb, act smart, play hard to get, and other things but he seems not to care. but maybe if i just look into his eyes i will be able to at least get him to ask me out. thanks for your tips because without you then i probably wouldnt have the courage in the first place to talk to him even if he is my science partner :D
I'm only 12 but i haven't gone out with any guy sine today last year! i really like this guy and well he's a brunet. (theres somthing bout brunets that make me click) and we are friends but i want to be more.... how?? im thinking bout inviting him 2 the movies next weekend.... good move or bad?
hi, i'm krystie by the way, I moved into a new school so i'm kinda shy at the moment and i started to fancy this guy, his in the group that i hang around with and everyone is closed to each other except for me, i don't know what to do to get this guy like me without others knowing it
Well, I've just started to like this guy. At first I thought he was a jerk, but now were talking more, and he seems pretty cool. Problem is I just want him to notice me more and maybe become more than friends.....
Help, I really liked this guy ever since 6 grade and now we are in Junior high together. I REALLY still like him he is smart, funny, childish, athletic and well kind of rude but I except him for who he is. He still had been one of my close frind from the early days. How do I get him to notice me more? I feel shy around him now.
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