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This article will provide you with tips and suggestions you can take when you like a guy but you are not sure he likes you back. Knowing if a guy likes you is sometimes hard, you need all the help you can get, I will give you some really good advice about
It seems now-a-days that if you want a guy to like you, you have to get his attention. I've learned that if you like a guy and he asking you to do something you are not ready for, don't' do it, that's the wrong way, because if you give in, you will loose his respect and he will think that he has control over you.

The best way to make a guy like you is to be yourself. If you show that guy who you are he will like you for who you are and not for what he wants you to be. don't pretend to be some one you're not.

I know its hard because you like that guy and you want to do whatever you can to make him like you back. but my dear, there will be times when someone just doesn't like you "like that"..

I mean, if you found a guy that you like but he just doesn't show interest in you, you can't forced anyone to like you. have you ever heard of brain wash? you probably have, but have you ever heard of "Heart Wash" - there is no such thing because in the heart no one has control of. you can predict what the heart feels and if he doesn't feel like "that" with you, you have to accept it. you'll be surprise what some dedication and time will do in a relationship.

If you really like a guy and you want him to like you back, my suggestion is to be honest and by yourself, and most important, you have to give time. let me give you a scenario....

there's a girl named Mary, and Mary likes john, but john doesn't know her and she wishes john would like her back... then Mary approaches john and start to talk to each other. talking is the only way to know people. as time goes by, john starts to realize that Mary is someone special to him and tells her that he likes her. now Mary is so happy because her wish came true.

that's just a simple example but goes to show you what I am trying to say here. If you think that by having love with a guy he is going to like you or love you, you're are wrong, you're setting yourself to getting your heart hurt because the guy will know that if you slept with him once, he will pressure you to do it again. but on the other hand, if you make the guy wait, he will want you more and will respect you.

I hope this makes sense, I know its hard to understand sometimes because you haven't experience situations in life and all you have to go buy is your heart, but at least consider this advice from and old and experience gal who made so many mistakes in men, now that I have this experience I hope someone will benefit from my mistakes. you can learn a lot from others you know. well, if you want any other advice let me know. or tell me about your relationship so we can all learn from others and that will make us stronger.
this is not true at all this dosent work i tryed now he hates me more what do you have to say about that
i love this guy,, we are always together but, on aim and myspace and stuff, we barley talk and he says how other girls are his best friend. he never mentions me..
i try really hard to act like his girlfriend. she was my friend, i told her about how much i loved him, and she stole him.
yup. right when he started to like me.
he said he would give me a chance. i knew he wouldnt. he said i was his best friend. i knew i wasnt. he said some girl was his girlfriend i knew tommarrow she wouldnt. and he said he wanted to hang out and have fun,,, we had no fun whatsoever and all we did was talk and he showed off on his bike! i dont get why he likes girls that are going through puberty like realllly fast. im 12. hes 14. he's in 8th grade and im in 6th. he will be going to highschoolnext year. i will die.his names tyler.. he lives right down the street and im always with him. he said i was pretty and cute and that i was fun to be around,, but i know hes lieing. helppp me please
ok its this dude that started going to my school cause he got sent to a group home in my town and my cuzings went up to him and told him i said he was good looing and stuff so i wrote him a nxte and we started from there and like we tlk all the time over the phone and he came and saw me 3 times but like it was wit the rest of the staff thats over him and he tells me he dnt want to be in a relationship or anything he say u can call watever u want other than relatinship and i buy him stuff i dont o why because i reallt like him we have only kisses and he really bossy wat do i need to think bout him?
i like this guy few months ago, he seems to liked me to. but i used to cut and he didn't like it so he chose another girl over me. him and that girl didn't work out. so now i started to flirt to him again, i feel like he flirts back to me too, he is like always close to me, sometime we both under the same blanket, and he put his legs really near mine and kinda slowly move them. i felt like he likes me. his friends becoming my bestfriend, so i asked them if he ever mention about me, 1 of them told me he told him that he had dream about me played game with him once, other than that he has never mention that he likes me or not, this been a while but nothing change, i alwasy wait to see if he likes me or not. i'm confused if he is just being friendly or what :/ . please help me
so like i like this guy, but my friend likes him too. idk who is the 1 he likes. but im afraid to hurt my friend cuz he flirts to me a lot, so idk if he likes me...
help help....i need all guys to give me advice on this..i like this guy an he used to like me until i txt him alot an he said i was annoying i didnt mean to get annoying but it happends(no im not a stalker)so i didnt txt him for a while an he txt me sayin he wanted to be friends again so i said okay but only if u want too an so were friends but now he told me he likes me an he said i was never annoying he was just kidding.ugh idk what to do?does he really like me or what?cuz i like this other guy now an he all of a sudden likes me again is it cause all guys want what they cant have????plz plz plz all guys comment ill take any advice just help me out here...:)
i need help.
hes to complicated
good wesite
welll the name is amber n i like this boy ..well he said it was okay for me txt him right but now he act like he hates me but i dont know what i done too him tho..but before i stated texting him ...he would honk n wave at me but now its likes!he hates me n i dont know why : (
i don't date guys younger then me. i am 23 years old. i don't date guys more then 10 years older than i am. there is a guy that i like a lot. he is 30 years old. it's more then a physcial attraction, at first it was a physcial attraction. my feelings for him has progressed over the past 18 months. how do i get him to take a secound look at me?
what if i really like him and i have put all my effort n he is not still liking me back,what do i do?
okay,okay... i like this guy but im not sure if he likes me back. i knew him since kindergarden and talk to him a lot but lately he just stopped talking to me... im too shy to go talk to him and tell hm that i like him and see how he feels about me because he is always with his friends... ill take any advice from guys or gals!! help me please!!
ok so im totaly in love with him and he told his friend he might ask me out and how do i get him to say ok and i really want to know plzz email me....thanks u
hi, i was wondering if you could help me? one of my friends got really mad at me and told this guy i like that i was "stalking" him and now every time i try and talk to him he just avoids me. what should i do? what would you do?
its true... i liked what u have written about being honest and staying what we are.. i have a positive experience towards this fact... my guy likes me the way i am.. and he respects me more than he likes me
hey what can i do if i like dis guy but i dont really talk to him, im scared he would jus avoid me. how can i talk to him.?
hi im 15 and i like this guy. he's name is jordan and i kinda like him. we tet each other on a daily basic and we know alot about each other. we had set up a litle date to the mall and he agreed. but just yesturday night i texted him but he didnt answer back and i text him again this morning. i kinda throw myself at him a little. i really think he is cute and he thinks im cute also, but how can i make this situation better?
I stared a new year in uni and i met this really nice boy!
but ar first i was really shy and didnt want to get hurt.
he said he liked me since we met but he didnt tell me this until a few months later because his friend liked me and now i really have started to like him & i have let my guard down, but all of a sudden hes changed and stared to be really rude to me and he said he doesnt like me anymore. =(
What shall i do??? i really do like him loads
But also if you make him wait won't he just leave to find a girl the WILL have sex with him? I'm just curious.
Ok, im am in 6th grade, and i don't think i have to have sex with anyone to like me... I just moved here and I make friends easly, but, there is a boy in my neighbor-hood [Brandon], and he is really funny and cool, but when this other kid comes over [Micheal] Brandon trys to act all cool and funny by making fun of people, including me, he shows most of the signs, but i just cant tell!!!

Pleaze help me
i have been liking this guy since the seventh grade and he knew that i used to like him in middle school and he made fun of me for it. in the seventh and eighth grade i wrote him some love letters, and i know that was really dumb. i remember in middle school he used to flirt with other girls and he still do it now. i know he likes this girl, a girl he used to go out with. i realize now that he never liked me and i am not going to waste my time on him. i am beautiful, smart, and talented and i deserve better. i know one day i will find a guy who likes me for who i am and who would want to spend his time to get know me.
hi... i m in scul n the guy i like is in colg we have 7yr difference i like him aloott... we are gud frdz...but i wanna be more den to talk to him n impress him....asap...plz..everyd i msg him 1st n thionk he doesnt have interst in me dats y he does...n we r gonna met soon ... so suggest what to talk...he is awesum luk wise n every thing bout him is wonderful...

P.S I Love him
hi! i like a guy thats my friends brother i know everything about him but he has no idea about me...i really want to change that... i signed up for boxing cause he goes there , he started to keep on looking at me and i was looking at him. i had to cancel boxing and then he started loosing fights ..... i feel that he likes me too but as much as i like him and i really dont know what to do plz help me !!!
hii well i like this guy and i think he likes me too.. because he always try to make me get jelous and he sometimes tell me u looked cute today and he always txt me every day.. but the problem is that hes getting out of a relationship and i dnt know wut to think please help me.
I like a guy in my school. I've known him for 5 months. One day, i was playing with his hand and compare it to my hand like "WOW! SO BIG!" then he was laughing a lot then we had so much fun. At the night, i was facebooking and we were commenting on a photo. Then his friend told everyone at the comment box like "****** likes Ella!" i was like "okk" which it was so not okay for me. At the next day, i asked Ella about it and she said "he USED TO" then i was like "yeah ok..". At the breaktime, we were playing and talking together. He seems to like me, but i don't know, DOES HE REALLY LIKE ME? What should i do? So that i may know, does he like me? pls HELPPP
i have learn,t alot from your article,thanks alot for your advice.
Hi,finally i forget my ex boyfriend and i like other guy,i really want to be with him,and i just want to make him for myself, how to do it ?
Not a comment actualy. I have been with this guy that i like so much but it seems he has no interest in me although he says h does. The funny thing is that , he does'nt call or text me unless i text is when he will say he missess me and staff like that , that hurts me alot . I want to leave him but i simply cant get him off my system.Please help me get him out of my life , i thing his not worth it.
i toke this stuff in to action and know i have a boyfriend for 1 year but now he wants to have sex what should i do
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i love someone but he is ... well i cannot read him actually but i like him and i am not brave enough to tell him i don't think he likes me at all well i know who he likes. in fact i am trying to talk to him work with him and set with him if possible. every Sunday we change places and if they said that i am sitting with him i get so happy that i want to shout yeah! crazy ain't it i know
hi i don't like any guys but like seriously if some likes me , how can i find out that he like me or like how can i fund out if anyone likes me? plz help me this is a serious problem plz i beg in feet :( :(
To make a guy like u, don't be rude to him, I talk to a guy on the phone everyday, and i don't know if he likes me. Soo all i usally do, is wait for the right moment, and ask him if he likes me.
I liked this guy for a month and finally told him,the only thing is he dated my best friend so now he keeps saying he will think about it.What should I do keep on waiting for an answer or move on?
what happends if you like him and you tell him and he says ewwwww?
what if he said that he doesnt like you back ha? you have to think before you talk
what must i do if i like someone but i dont know if he likes me and i told him that and now hes friendly..what must i do??
Not everyy guy ishh like dah
hey so im 13 and i am in the same position as wat u were talking about. The guy i like likes me too but lately hes been wanting me to lovet him and i dont want to but i promised him i would becuz i really like him and i dont want him to stop becuz of a silly pic. Im really confused, help??
i dont know i need help on that to
i dont fink if i be myself he'll like me cos he alredy likes my bestfriend...and thanks for de advice it'll help alot
I wish I read this two days ago.. Ive kind of already done the wrong thing... But I really like him and I dont want any of my other friends who think hes hot and is.. (kinda sluts) to jump in... I went for the chance and now hes ignoring me... I dont know what to do... ):
I knew it but I couldnt. I really liked the guy... so when I went to his house, I slept with him. He was so kind until I did something silly. I cried in front of him because he was so nice to many girls around me... I got so drunk and did so many silly things and he got so angry and left me. But he told me he would like to be my friend. I dont know what to do. I stll like him but... I know the fact that he is sleeping with my friends too. I dont wanna go to his house anymore coz I know he slept in his bed where i slept with him with my friend........ I feel so silly...
Hi, So I am 13 and I like this guy named Sam. I don't think he likes me but I want to date him soooo badly!! He is only in my Spanish class... HELP!! S.O.S
There's this guy and he's really cute and i like him my freinds say i got it bad. but i try and talk to him he doesnt respond ... he rides the bus with me and he sits there and looks out the window im scared if i try 2 tlk 2 him again he'll think im desperate. (im not) PLZ HELP ME!!!!
i am exactlyy like uuu
Hey, well i think this is a good way to know what to do with guys but you also have to understand that sometimes not doing anything at all is the best option. when you arent looking for love, love will find dont always have to go looking. the best boyfriend i ever had actually approached me when i wasnt even ready to date yet. so all im trying to say is, dont feel down when guys dont always aproach you. sometimes you need to either face your fears and go to them, or just wait and something good might be around the corner
I like this boy named jesse and i just wanna know if he feels the same way as i do :(
Yep. I like this boy so much at class. And I wish he like me too.. one day, he sent me a letter and he say, "I like you." and Im so surprised. How? I wait for a couple of days to give hym time.. :)
i like this guy but he is back home and i miss him but he has a girlfriend and am so jealous.what should i do so will love me and lust over me.
hi I am angel searching husband,are you searching a wife too?
i like this boy a lot his name is isaac.he is so cute but a dont think he likes me but i do and a lot PLEAS HELP ME
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