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this tutorial will show you step by step how to do the installation of open solaris. sun has made installing open solaris very easy.

1. download a copy of open solaris at - the current version is OS2008

2. once you download it, download and install virtual box from if you want to install it on your current pc. this is the easy way to do the installation

3. so now i just downloaded the OS and virtubalbox, now i will start from the .iso image i downloaded. and the first screen shot will look like the picture below:

4. select OpenSolaris 2008.05 from the list menu


5. select your keyboard layout, i will select 41 for US-English:


6. now select your desktop language, i will select english for me


7. after that, you will see the solaris desktop will start to load and click on close to accept lincense.


8. now click on the Install OpenSolaris icon on the desktop to start the installation


9. click to here continue installing opensolaris

hi, i recently received the opensolaris cd from sun. i am runinng a xp 32 bit laptop and want to install opensolaris 2008.11 which i received.

during the installation, i was able to get till step 6 of your tutorial. which is select the desktop language. after that my laptop again restart and show the step 4 again. there were no step 7 or i do not get solaris desktop screen.

any help is sincerely appreciated.
i installed opensolaris on my computer wth the help of the tutorial which is mentioned here : this guide is more easy with screenshots for every step... hope this helps you...
hi i haverecently installed open solaris osin my 64 bit laptop and i was anable to install other softwares /im anable to install audio drive for my laptop
i feel that its better to shift to windows operating system but when i tried to change my os its showing that the is no autorun program to install that operating system wt should i do
hi team, I am installing OpenSolaris version 2009 and when I place in disk in the system it boots upto step 6 after that it is asking me to enter my user name "PLEASE ENTER YOUR USERNAME" and "PASSWORD" this is the point where I am struck as I am not been disclosed my username & password in advance nor I have set any username and password. If anyone knows what needs to be done for this step please suggest so that I can proceed ahead and install OpenSolaris. thanks in advance. help is sincerely appreciated
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