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ha ha ha ha

this is funny, why would any one want to hurt their brother..

no, thats not what you want to do. you dont want to hurt your brother, he's your brother, he's family. if you hurt him, you will regret later on in life.

just forget about what he did to you. i know sometimes you want to get even when someone has hurt you. my advice is dont hold grudges. instead, focus on the love your family.

have to tried telling your brother how you feel? maybe if he knew how you felt, he would change? try it
what if u cant stand him :(
just kidding my brothers are lane walker and kolton walker
if you had a 14 year old brother you would want to hurt him too :-(
no i will never forget the thing that he did to me i hate him
He's hit me so bad, he broke both arms Craked my head pushed me of 50 ft ski lifts I need to hurt him or run away he's 17 and I'm 13
My brother, he's 13. I'm 15. He deserves to get hit. Everyday, day in and day out he causes war and hell. Where do you think I came from? He's manipulative of everyone, he's the BIGGEST jerk cause he thinks its a blessing from god to see him because he is god, he thinks he know everything, he thinks he's better than me, and whenever he starts to argue he says he can beat me up. my life is miserable to to him. home is no longer a haven. not for 15 years. he needs to get be taught a lesson for once. i try to. but my mom and dad always take his side because im bigger and he manipulates them into thinking that i caused it all. i have to hit him. Without getting caught
love my brother
my brother sometimes gets me really angry later on i feel like giving him a punch on the head eventually you'll get really angry so if i were you i'd give him or her a smack on the head and say I'M GONNA KNOCK YOU OUT just kidding trying to be funny lol but try not to get carried away they also got to learn not to get you mad when you neeed alone time
i hat my brother who is only 5 and im 13 but he hits me in places he shouldnt and then i get in trouble cuz i hit him back and he starts wailing like sirens. I wish that i was an only child. :...(
i have my younger brother, he is 19 and i am 22. i hate him. he ruined my boyfriend's image to my father, that is why my father did not allow me to get married. i am sad because i am pregnant.
I hate my brother. I want to hurt him but my parents hate how I act like I am a bully. That is what I am to do! He's 8 and I'm 10! He totally thinks he's cool but he is not, But I know i am better!
not alot of help
my brother gets everything
My brother is a big meanie :(
he keeps hurting me
My little brother is messing up my life everytime we get into a fight my mom and dad take his side because he is younger and smaller than me. And my mom and dad put a T.V in my room I got happy but then I heard my mom and dad talking saying that me and my bro have to share this t.v and now I don't have my own room! My parents don't care about my privacy so they allow my bro to go in my room when he feels like it. Plus I am 13 and going threw puberty and my parents don't give a love -.-, my parents even allow him in my room when I am sleeping. I wish sometimes I can Knock him out, or kill myself.
i hate my brother.. he always say bad words to me, and always tells lie about me... he is 9 and i am 13. my mom always scolds me for yelling at him then he ends up laughing at me, and i hate it!!
how can i hurt my brothers what should i do thats not so dangerous
i want to put maa brother in the hospital but i cant): ;/
I want to hurt my older brother sooooo bad he will break a bone or two. Or maybe DIE!
I want to hurt my brother because he hurts our family by not being there emotionally and physically (Illness in family)
I wanna hurt him because he hurts me without getting in trouble then when i hurt him he pretends that he is hurt lke he was kicked in the balls! D:
whoever wrote this is a complete idiot, i would stab my brother in the eyes if i wouldnt get in troube.
ugh i hate my brother! (i have two actually ages:19 and 20) im 13 and he is 19!! and ooo how i wish i could hurt him sooo bad!!!! i wish he would get outta my life for good
i hate both my brothers i love them both but not all the time okay well i hate them most of the time and one is 7 and the other 9 and i am 13 and its soo annoying and i just got out of a fight wit my 9 yr old brother and he apologizes and offers me sum candy and im like wtf dude im mad at u stop being nice and now i am confused wat shuld i do!
i know the feeling i have two brothers and they anoy me alot
my brothers are austin and taylor witherspoon i am going to kill them
my brother hurts me and curses at me but when i do it i get into trouble i hate him so much
loveing love that comment same i want him to die
I want to kill my brother sooooo bad!!!!!! i just dont know how to do it without being caught.... should i do it with a knife or a sharp piece of glass??? or how about pushing him off the side of a house??? ill go with that one.... mwwaaahahahahah goodbye little boy!!!!
that is some really cool facts ;)
My lil bro is five, he is very annoying let me tell wat he did,he broke my finger he broke my arm he hit me in the nose with a bat he steped on my ankle that is one annoying brother >:(
my bro keep's hitting me with a bat very hard he's 12
My brother always calls me a lesbian when i acually have a boyfriend
he hurts me i am going to hurt him
My freakinsh, sidist 7 year old brother tied my arms and legs together in my sleep and shot me point blank with my airsoft Co2 sniper 8 times then hit my arm with an aluminum baseball bat... Of course he's 7 and I'm 13, so I'm the bad guy and the liar..
just kill him and get it over with.
i know for a fact that i will not regret it; mylittle brother is a demon spawn; he doesn't have a heart.
i hate my bro ill kill him if i hafe to
i hate ma brother all he ever does is beat me and then calls me a gay and a retard then leaves (he's 21 so he does not live with me)
forget that last message it was heat of the moment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! forgive your brothers in time !
my brother keeps soying lies to my parents i want to hurt him so bad hi is the one hurting me all the time WTF shuld i do grrrrrrrrrrrrrr
my brother is anoying he threw me down on my head!!!!!
my brother is so selfish and he's a bully. he doesn't have any feelings for anyone. WTF am i supposed to do?
mine is like that too sometime's i wish i never had a brother :I
i wished the same thing but he will save you sometimes in life and embarress you but he will love you forever and always!!
mine too i reallt hate him
maybe you're right hailey.but i'm still mad at my brother
can you go all the way and look at mine please
wow. those who want to tell others that their brothers "love" them have no idea if that is true or not. telling someone else things are "okay" is wrong when you don't know if it is true or not. "love" is proven in the actions we take to demonstrate that love. hitting and otherwise hurting someone emotionally isn't "love". don't allow yourself to be abused if you are able to have control. if you are a child sibling-on-sibling abuse is out there in high numbers. most parents neglect it. agencies that should deal with it can't be very effective because laws lag reality. saying, "family is family" is a way of telling someone they should allow abuse to go on. ignore such advice and allow yourself the space to be safe physically and emotionally. if you are a child, make a plan to gain control as soon as you can.
i wanna kill my bro he always messiing with me i always get in trouble and he still fight when im ick and hes sick
my brother is a ugly he always treets me like im under him he thinks he owns people using them and throwing them away like garbage someday ill kill him and trust i wont regret it
My brother always lies to my parents about me and he hurts me. He is 5 years old but he acts like he rules me!!! IM GOING TO SHOOT HIM IN THE EYE WITH MY BB GUN I MEAN IT
This doesn't help!!! AT ALL!!!
i really dont like my brother he always wants to fight me he gave me a black eye put me outside in my sleep and is always telling lies on me bad brother urrr
yeah i feel like killing my brother too but i figured i would get in jail so in the future, i decide to just keep studying and when he gets poorer than me i will thrash him.
my brother has called me the B word befor and has threatned to punch me.
The b word? Seriously just say B***. What a loser....
moron!!! obviously you cant read
That doesn't help at all i hate my brother he makes fun of me all the time and call me names and he makes me so loveing mad! I ma telling u someday I will murder him!
Rock on my brother in my sleep took my diary and he put my makeup in the blender and calls me stuff like ugly and and I was having a sleep over while I was gone he took all my stuff and donated it to the garbage man . LOVE BROTHERS
i have 2 brothers i hate the older one not the oldest i am the youngest out of them one really anyos me at the piont were i really want to kill him i sometimes feel that not always

My brother is the biggest jerk ever he does all things to me That i hate, i really sant to punch him in the face(without getting caught)
My Fat ugly Bro Act Mad In Front of my friends And he ckoke Me I Know What to do..... STAB HIM IN THE FACE
my bro is my same age and he teases me puts me down and generally lowers my self esteem i hate him so bad sometimes i put nettles in his bed but always get caught.A very useful trick is while hes sleeping put his finger in water for 10 seconds and there is a 70 percent chance he wets the bed
Just Ignore Him Close Your Door And Lock The Door He Will Get Very annoyed Pretend to not Hear anything from him
Pretend he's Dead.
:) o.0

love you love this im killing my brother the horible way
my brother is critizizing me, it is always with his friends so it makes me mad. he just hit me almost where I had my knot now it hurts forever I will hate my brother like you guys i bet you understand me
my little brother is a jerk. one time he slapped my with a coat and the zipper gave me a huge cut on my face and my parents said he didnt mean it

what should i do?
I'm a 43 yr.old man and my oldest brother is now 61. When I was nine, he physically, mentally and emotionally abused me; even today as adults, he tries to get a reaction from me... if given the opportunity to hurt him back, I will!
dont hurt your bro its mean even if he bulliesyou hes still family
death to all little bros
how can I hurt him he is always mean to me,PAYBACK I always want to do but he says no you cant play on my PS3!!
he annoyes me so muck aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh
my brother erased all of my pictures on my camera when i went out of state.i am never going back with my class. i want to hurt him what should i do. :( ;) :d
i really don't like my brother i would beat him up
i have a little brother i have have friend at my house he scare them away i hate hem he is 6 i'm 9
im 12 and he is 7.
he always apologizes when he needs meand repeats his # silly # works so i never accept his apologizes relatives love me more than my bro and they are going to like my older cousin he is 14...and the reson is he can control his i should do sth...and i don know how to teech him to be a lovely bro!!:(
just beat them up and blame it on someone else like the dog or the other sister or brother
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