my bf just broke my heart, he cheated on me and now i want to get even. i want him to feel the same pain im feeling right now. im so disapointed in him. i feel like im never going to be happy again. i love him so much still even tho he did all this to me but deep inside i know i wont be able to forgive him instead i want to get even,

i want him to feel what i feel. but then again i think about it and maybe he is not worth it.

i've never felt pain like this before. it sucks. really.

i dont know what im gonna do. i mean i dont want to be mean like him, im just very confused, on one hand i want to make him pay for cheating on me, and on the other hand i think he is not worth it and i should just forget about him. ignore him.

can anyone give me any ideas on how i can get revenge for hurting me?

how do you want to get your revenge?