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my bf just broke my heart, he cheated on me and now i want to get even. i want him to feel the same pain im feeling right now. im so disapointed in him. i feel like im never going to be happy again. i love him so much still even tho he did all this to me but deep inside i know i wont be able to forgive him instead i want to get even,

i want him to feel what i feel. but then again i think about it and maybe he is not worth it.

i've never felt pain like this before. it sucks. really.

i dont know what im gonna do. i mean i dont want to be mean like him, im just very confused, on one hand i want to make him pay for cheating on me, and on the other hand i think he is not worth it and i should just forget about him. ignore him.

can anyone give me any ideas on how i can get revenge for hurting me?

how do you want to get your revenge?

Being happy and show it to him, you're all HAPPY and living well is the best revenge. Prove to him that he is worth nothing and not worth your tears. For wad? Dear? Find a better man and when you do so, or when you get married, invite your ex and show him how happy you are =) All the best
go out and be as happy as possible and dont let him know he hurt you. flirt with all his friends and take pictures with a lot of hot men (:
I liked this guy and he seemed really nice, so i asked him out and he said yes! I was so happy! by the second day of our relationship, we were already talking about where to go on a date and having kids and stuff. It was ackward but i would talk about anything to him.....then he BROKE UP WITH ME!!!! I cried all day, but then i let it go.... now, i find out a week after we broke up he is goig out with MY best friend!!!! So i wanted to get revenge. :) and did it feel good! I started saying that i had a boyfriend and everyone believed me , and i also said that me and him ACTUALLY went out ANDDD he would always buy me stuff! and If they didn't believe me I would bring something in to show them that he did!!

So my best advice for you ladies? Pretend you have a boyfriend and make him sound like Mr. Perfect because if you do, oh revenge will be sweet :) <3
i meet a guy that he had everything what i really like to a guy.. when where datine he just.. show up then just dissapear after he satisfy himself.. he do prmises that he will keep me this that and everything then ends up... that he just dont contact me anymore... after the last two sms i give him same day were talking.. he dont call kme anymore what i did is i dont contact him also and i realize hes a player... now its going to be two weeks that we dont communicate so i feel broken hearted.. everytime i remenber when were together everthing was very good then in just i secound he just gone...just without any reason he leave my hangging out of nower... he might think i will run over but i dont i do the same game hes playing... so end up that im not going to chase him so to make me follow everthing he wants im not ganna do that... anyone can give advice>>>
Ok so i'm only 14 and i was dating a 17 year old is that wrong? well anyways he went out with my best friends after he told me he never would it made me so mad...but then i moved and he cheats on me well then my "friend" stole his number out of my phone and he used to call me every night to tell me he loved me and was going to dream about me...well then his ex started a rumor that i was cheating on him ( she hated me ) but anyways i cryed my eyes out ... well he showed up at my house to break up with me and ask where my "friends" house was i cryed so much then he got her pregnet!!! he gave some dude mt number and this dude started loveting me and wouldnt leave me alone well my ex found out that the baby wasnt his so he came back to me and asked me out again i told him ask me in a few days well he started throwing rocks at my window and wouldnt "friend" tells me im not allowed to talk to him or get near him... he shows up at my house and layed me down on the couch and i for got that my "friend had a key and she walked in so shes mad at me because i did somthing with my ex and her bf and he still wants to go out... well my sister started dating him... big argument well i walked in on THEM!!!!!!! she knew how i felt and uggggh she made me so mad then i went into my room and crye my eyes out some more...well i ended up knocked up and he asked me too MARRY HIM well we had twins but i want to give them up for adoption and he dont want me too but i just have school and he dont have a "friend" hates me and she knows that its his and my mom is letting me marry him in 3 years but he cant leave me...OH!!!!!!! our kids names are Kayle and Jasmine... Should i give Kayle and Jasmine up for an open adoption? i really need to know!!!!
I have be seeing this guy for 4 months now we both like to hang out at the bars with our friends and party .Anyway he keep telling his friends that he don't care about what i do but yet and still he get very upset when i flirt with other men in front of him,we never said that we was going to be boyfriend and girlfriend just friends one day he will be all over me the day he will act like he don't know me.He do not like it when i talk to male friends of mine but he has alot of female friends that he sleep with he will look at other woman right in front of me and for a long time too,and not just for 2 are 3 mintues he look at them as if he want to be with them and it .I feel like he want to have his cake and eat it too he want to keep me and control me and have other woman to i flirt and dance with other men because he act as if he does not care so why should i care but deep down inside i do care for him and i do care about the things he do sometimes i will let it show that i care and sometimes i will not show it.I'm moving into my new apartment soon and he ask if he could move in with me and he said he would also like a key,i will not give him a key to my new apartment once i move and we did have love 4 times already and i'm going to cut him off from having love with him.He act like he don't care about but yet and still he keep coming back for more love,he love the attention that i get him and the way i boost his ego up but now i think it's time to bring it down way down.He think he is handsome and every woman in world want him and he also think he's a player,i'm very beautiful and i have men at my feet and he know this and i no deep down inside it will kill him to see me with another man.i'm beautiful and smart and no how to get what i want,i'm going to pull back from this guy and besides things was just moving to fast i only known him for 4 months,i'm 29 and he 22 years of age he's not ready for me i'm to much of a women for him he don't no what he want and he can't have me and 20 other women too so i'm done playing this game with the game is over , HE WILL NOT HAVE THE KEY TO MY APARTMENT AND HE WILL NOT HAVE THE KEY TO HEART?
im twelve n this boy was being really nice to me n talking to me but we were just friends n after the winter break he change he became mean n he didnt talk to me anymore i really liked him but hes popular n im really shy so i really got upset when i found out that he was going out wit a girl that as my bff in fourth grade it got even worse when i saw him huge her i felt horrible so now i want to get revenge on him n her but idk wat to do
i like this guy a lot! we have been talking for about a month now n i have really deep feelings for him, but so does one of my best friend! shes knows tht i like him but decides to ask him out anyways! like who does tht! anyways, she asked him out and he said yes. so the next week or so he gives her a hug right infront of me! n he too knows tht i like him. so i just wanna cry! but i ddnt. so then i told my friend n she told me tht they were going out n tht they hav been for about a week or 2 now. then i started cryin once i got bak home. i txted him n i just let all of my anger out on him. then i felt SO much better... but he ddnt. and the day before valentines day, he broke up with her. everybody thinks its my fault and im starting to think it is too! but he says tht it isnt my fault. so when he tells ppl tht, they listen to him, but when i try to tell ppl tht, they dnt listen to me n think tht im lyin! now he dnt lik me for some reason tht idek about! what do i do?! :(
duh he is like a charming boy outside BUT inside he is like a DEVIL with cute little eyes and thinks he knows EVERYTHING!!!!! i LOVEIN' HATE HIM!!!
so this guy i used to be dating now is going out with my best friend how to i get revenge on him
I asked my best guy friend to a dance. He rudely told me to ask someone else. So I asked my best girlfriend. Later, one of my BEST friends asked him to the SAME dance and he said yes. Then he stood her up. So, I NEED REVENGE. and he laughed at us when we were crying about it together. We are only teenagers. HOW DO I GET REVENGE?
i asked a boy at school to go on a ride with me a gave him 3 donuts and 2 gushers
I Have Liked This Guy For Almost 11 Months. He Knows I Like Him. Last Friday He Was All Over Me. He Asked Me To Have Sex And Everything. Of Course I Said No. So Last Night At The Skating Rink He Was Making Out With This Girl Right In Front Of Me. Causing Me To Get Mad And Punch The Wall. Causing Me To Break My Knuckle. He Purposely Turned Around Yelled My Name Then Started Making Out With That Skanky Blonde. I Am Now Crushed. What Do I Do?
I have been going out with one of the hottest guys at my school. We have going out for a month now, and I started to get sick of him so I broke up with him today. later on today my bff was talking to one of his friends and he told my friend that at first for the 4 weeks it was real, and then his friends told him to treat me like his "little ugly" and I found out after the first 4 weeks he was just using me for makeout sessions and crap, I think im just gonna cuss him out in the hallway tomorow, but im not really sure what to do, becuase I still have a little but of feelings for him, and I feel like I can't hurt him.
ive bean out with this guy and he was 18 and he has been pushing me around like:
do you want to have a baby and all those stuff ahat do i do now?
So I had been dating this guy named Trevor. I was out with a friend and saw him with his ex girlfriend. Okay, i got through it. Who cares. Well, the kid thought he could play me again. Along with his current girlfriend, and his other ex girlfriend. This horrible player deserves some pay back. Because he sucks at life. Any ideas?
idk how i wnt it i just wnt to kno y he tld me tht he loved me we were only 2 gether for a month he listened to his friends and broke up w/ mw and i really did like him how do i get ovr him i thot he was gonna b different than my last to becausse they broke my heart 2 one after a year had broke my heart in my last realtionship i need help
ma bf datin me frm 6 months .even i like him n started loving also . our families r gud frnd . n v roam everywhr by permission of ma family n also met behind of family also.n v did lyk kissin n smuching bt he cheated me dat he had a gf b4 two years n dey still carryin on n dat i came to knw 4rm ma frnds . when i was ask him about dis so he tld dat c she was ma crush n u r ma crush . bt i cannt leave her n dnt ask why . n even i dnt wnt to leave u ,i want u . she was ma 1st n i cannt avoid her ,if u want to continue wid me dan u hav to accept it " nw i m nt undrstand wht to do ?
This guy Sammy had a crush on me for a long time and I started l;iking him back. So we dated but i figured out that every time a gil says they like him he feels bad and says he likes them. WHat do I do? I know he actually does like me for real. He pretended to like this girl; i kno.

i hate him so dearly
Me and this guy named Chase went out for a long time we broke and he was really really mean to me told every guy that i liked them spread rumors about me everything to ruin my life!!! i was miserable and cryed every night he basilcay scared me. we started to be friends and just today he said he did want to be friends and i im writing a book about abusive relationships and how just one date could ruin your lifeee!!! comment pleaseeeee!!!!
The worst thing you could do is give those poor kids up for adoption! DO NOT DO THIS! Think whats best for YOUR children! I know he probibly makes you feel bad because he had love with quite alot of your peers, but you need to think of YOUR twins, Kayle and Jasmine! I dont want you to take this the wrong way, just do what you feel is right.... Not just for the kids, but for yourself too!
a guy broke my heart....i really hate him a lot...wanna make him pay for wat he did to me....he told me that i was more than a vamp bt actually i am not one...jst bekoz i refused to break my virginity wid him...
ask your self if you really love this guy and it matters how old you are and are you ready for a baby if your uncertain then dont have a baby wit this guy
I hate him!
date his friend
what did you do to take revenge and make him realise what he did to you . how did you punish him
this dude his name is navari he kept trying to get me to like him and i started too he would tell me things like i care about you and your the best thing that has ever happened for me and now tommorrow he wants to tell me that he doesn't like me anymore. my piont is that he has been trying to get me to kiss him so thank god i didn't that loveing loser dude so i just want to tell girls in this situation who want revenge that just forget them their not worth wasting your time. girl power stay strong and relationship= trouble
I would do something bad to him.For example:I punched him in the face when I saw him kissing another girl.
I dated this guy at my school for a week when we came back from winter brek he said he didnt like me and more, and today i found out he was just using me to get the most popular gurl in skool....
i had a crush on this guy and he knew so he gose off and dates my bff and dosent tell me now he spends all his free time wit her and i want revenge
but i dont want to rly hurt him badly
I really liked a guy and he said he liked me.... To bad he said that to 20 of my other friends....he's a player...great another heart break:(
Dont date his friend it's just ammo to be classed as easy or a slut, ruin his life......I don't know how write on Facebook something that will make even his family doubt question him
this boy i liked since last year he ask me out and we went out for like 3 month and he broke up with me and we went out again and i love him and i broke up with him cuz he was gonna kiss another girl wtf?
I went with a guy that i thought liked me because he told me he did, and when he told me i didnt like him. but he aventually made me fall for him, but i found out he was telling these things to two other girls so i confronted him about it and he denied and like a dummy i shrugged it off but then the situation came up with one of the girls again so i broke up with him and made up some lame excuse of why, but then after i wanted him even more then ever and would do anything to get him back, but then i found out that while we were going out he was dating the girl. and now i want revenge can someone please tell me how to get back at him
i was hoping that the boy i have a krush on him like me. but when i told him that i love him, he said: OH MY GOD...YOU LOVE ME... THIS IS HORIBLE. and i kraid so badly at home. next week he was so bad whit me. and now it turns up that my love was only hate. so iwant to revenge from him and he set next to me the same table. can anybody help me, please? on my email fdrioua - at - yahoo.c
dude.. dont do anything. first make him realize that you are the one for him. make him jealous, he will come back to u and then YOU ditch him!
revenge is sweeter than honey.... do it enjoy......
me to facing the same kind of problem my bf has also done d same by publishing nastiest rumors about me on my wall in facebook yesterday.plz help me he is wanting me to attempt suicide plz help me. i am ready to take legal action also bt dont know how it could be .plz help
Ignore Facebook, delete it if you want to. Let the police know if this keeps happening. I talked to the police once about Facebook and they hate it. Do not listen to him, he obviously does not deserve you and you need to look after yourself! Do all you can to get your life back on track.
hey, i told my crush that i liked him and he told me he would NEVER go out with me and then he told people i am a guy and that he had slept with me so know what do i do!!!!!!!!!!!
Dear Heart1, If your bf is telling u to kill yourself you need to tell someone that is NOT O.K.! Please don't listed to that idiot! As for the revenge, that's easy, tell the truth tell everybody what a horrible person he is! I found this page that talks about reporting harassment in the form of "cyber-bullying (I hate that word it seems so childish) to the police. If you feel threatened, which I'm guessing that you do, please take action. Your not staying with him right? Please say no. Don't be 'that girl' (or guy, I don't know who you are). Please don't hurt yourself. ~Soph
he tld me dat he luvz me..nd tld d same thing to ma frnz also...n i broke wid him..nw he wants me back...nd he iz harassin me..dat my family knos about us n all..but i don wan him nw....plz help me some way...i wan to throw him out of ma lyf..
i had a bf he proposed me 3 yrs ago..den v were dating each oder.1 yr back he dumped me and said dat his parents r not agreeing our relationship... religions r differnt m hindu and he s sikh..suddenly i found he s ignoring me and he s dating someone else wen i asked him he told dat girl is his frn's sister but he startd avoiding me..and finaaly one day he broke wid me and reason ws his parents..i begged him for not leaving me but he left ..but after 2 weaks he came bak..i trusted on him and ws happy but after 3 mnths again he strtd avoing me again i asked so he told me d same reason(family). broke up 7 mnths r over but i call him sumtyms..and he dint tell me about his relationship and told me dat he s single...but 3 days before i saw his status on fb ,,he s in relationship wid same girl...wen i asked he told he love her....m feeling so bad dat he lied to i want to take revenge frm him
lolo i can understand your pain..I am also in same situation..Thes guys are F*.They just need only one thing from girls..Dogs are better than them.

Please let me know if have any thaughts.I too want to take revenge
He kissed me! Then hekissed me again 2 days l8r! i waz soooo happy! i just found out he got back together with his ex gf the day be4 the 2nd kis! the funny thing is, he NEVER sees her and always sees ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! and im mad - at - him so im gona go up 2 his gf and tell her he kissed me and IIIIIII pulled away, not him. tht will teach him. imma ignore him "forever and allways". he deserves it.
Oh gosh girl I feel your pain. A couple of wks ago a guy said he liked me, then he took me out on a date, then said that he has feelings for his ex. then he went back to her the next week. bastard broke my heart and played with me. ugh I'm getting even with his punk ass. play with my heart you don't live another day. you get you balls cut.
I just wanted to make friend to a guy,as i was liking his personality very much.we were the same classmate in college.. He told evn he has feelings on me..evn he like me so much.....but the first thing he did is made me alone from everyone..he told me we can be special only to one,i stopped talking to everyone ,then he also stopped talking with me and was always going with other guys and girls and enjoying his life..i was feeling so alone bt still i thought dat may be he is testing me ,i did everything what ever he said,He forced me to talk about love and all,even though i hate to talk bt still i did ,He dont talk with me in coll at all ,he never take me out with his friends...When i call him he just come then he kiss me ,suked my breast becoz of which one of my breast has got increased.i look so odd and bad now..When i asked him y he avoids me he tells that i always roam alone ,i dont ve friends,if he will talk with me ppl will think dat there is something wrong between us and image will be spoiled...I spoiled my life.he has got a job and i culdnt becoz everytime i was buzy in finding out the reason y he is ignoring me.....??He has collected so many of my messages and voice records,he is telling if i will anything wrong he will publish dat......What should i do ,i want to punish him...........
You should definitely get him out of your mind (without the intention of telling you what to do)!!!
Think +ve and act smart. Let him think you are completely over him no sign of revenge. DO NOT send him any form of message. Try to see if you can get those messages he sent you deleted or you've been with him, you know his tastes in women. Get yourself as beautiful as ever and make it in such a way that you're unreachable and get yourself a job. He will realise that he missed something and will try to come back to you...Then start you revenge and don't let your love for him destroy you again! But make sure what you are doing is could play with him then send evidences to his gf anonymously (if he has any).
Hope this will help.
omg hes totally a show off!!!!!! hes dating my enemy adriana, like fifteen times!!!!!!!!!! silly!silly!s will never date that loser buttfarthole again!!!!!!!!!
lol, buttfarthole. mad word.
he promised me a life.
after a few months , his friend told me that he love another.
you are his second girlfriend
now he lefted you.
his name is Arshad.
so this guy that i really like was flirting with me and told me he thought i was cute. he even told my best friend he was gonna ask me out then the next day he asked out my enemy!!!!!
my bf told me i love u and he always used to tell me even i feel happy and one day he touched my b..... then he kissed me too he said me he will never leave me then one day without reason he become angry wid me and nowadays he hurts me alot
you have to be the girlfreind of his freind or pllay with him by telling agirl to be his girl freind and enjoi with the game
okay so i was dating this guy for 3 weeks and he was really sweet and everything and then one nite we were talking on the phone and we were singing songs and he said i was beutiful and then we were talking and then all of the sudden he texts me im srry we cant go out and i was like why not. he couldnt even give me a reason!! but when i met him he was a sweetheart and now hes being a jerk. and i asked him if we could be friends he was like no. and i was like y and he was like because i have all the friends i need.and then i texted him today and i asked him if we could be friends and he was like i dont know. and he tld me tht he was dared to go out with me!! I WANT REVENGE!!!!
hahahahahahhahhahh . wag ka ng umepal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AGAGGGAGGAGAGAG
sumone realy hurt me a lot...i was with me since 1 yr. and suddenly told me that we are just frend and he want to leave me...he said sry for all waht he has done with me...but that guy hurts me a lot i want to take revenge...i'll never forgive him...i just want to distroy his lyf...hw can i do this to him...?
i am dealing with an ex problem he hurt me and i hate him but at the same time im always there for him and i want him back. but the best thing for me is to show him how it feels after we broke up he acted like we had a thing but idk what goes through his mind these days bcuz he cares more about weed than anything else im soo confused and need to do something fast
theres this boy i like, hes called liam.. One day hes asking me to kiss him and everything then the next day hes hurting me so badly and last night i was crying for 5 hours solid because of him, last night he also told me to never speak to him again... So i am gonna do that because i want to see if he says sorry... To me, if he says sorry i think that means he cares and if he doesn't say sorry he never did.. I'm not a karma person but this to me has gone too far! I still love him though! I need help ASAP! please help!
I had a bf that i was dating towards the end of last schoolyear. i waited all summer to see him again. on the first day of my senior year, he left me. we're ok now, but i was pretty pissed off in the beginning, considering he got back with his ex gf the next day.
im sorry what youre boyfriends did to u guys but i got an idea like i think my boyfriend is cheating on me because his friends called him and were talking to him about his x getting back together so he hung up on them and has been acting kinda find out more information and tell him u wanna go somewhere private and make sure u were heels and as hard as you can kick him were it hurts i think you know what i mean good luck!!!
I have been through something that I never want to go through again. And I have done what I'm about to say to u.A way to get revenge on the guy you like is to threaten him. Put years of guilt on him. Make sure he will do anything to be ur friend. The guy I liked said that he trusted me and that I could trust him. Well I did trust him for the longest time. But then I started to notice that everything I told him,he would tell someone else. So I decied to do the same thing. And his secrets were, like I said, years of guilt. And sometimes I do feel sorry for him, but u dont mess with me. HE deserved it.
Ok ladies I can tell you that today I found out that my crush doesn't like me and my heart shadered into millions of pieces
I've been through a lot as a preteen.I'm 14 now.This is my first year as an 8th grader.I have this guy friend name Chance who introduce me to his guy friend,Darien.Darien has such beautiful hair.I feel in love with him and grew to care about him.He was a very funny guy and a sweetheart once you get to know him.He used to treat me good.He asked me out and I said yes.He's a good huger.Then,he started ignoring me.So,I broke up with him.Then I found out he did it,so that I would break up with him.He has been such a ugly to me.He gave a cookie that help you poop better,so that I would get diarrhea.I only took one bite and spit it out in the trash can.So,I should be safe.So far,I haven't had diarrhea.I wish I knew how to get back at him.I can't believe he would do this to me.After all the good time.I can't believe I use to stand up for him when he had a bald spot.Every nice thing that I have ever done for that little manure,I regret.
ok this is way off the help but um i kinda need help of my own n its sort of a personal thing that i dont wanna post so if somebody could some how get a hold of me that be awesome
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