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im having some problems with this boy, i really like him but he avoids me and i dont know what to do. i dont want to approach him cuz i dont want look desperate but at the same time i go to bed thinking about him alot. i like him so much i think i am inlove with you and i dont know what to do so i was hoping someone can help me give me some tips on how i can get this boy to like me for realz. i know i sound desperate but i really like him and i dont know what im going to do if he is not my boyfriend. he only says hi to me but he nevers stays and talks for a long time what should i do?
i believe this guy is the one for me. when i look in to his eyes or even a picture of him i feel deep down in my soul he is the one for me. he is married, no children and clearly unhappy. when he looks at me i can see his soul and i feel him touching my soul. im in love with him already and i want him to love me too. deeply, passionately and forever.
i need this guy bcuz were really far apart and i feel like he barely notices me but i think hes incredible
ive ben with this guy 4 8 months now n he dosent seem to love me. i love him alot n do everything for him like laundry, cook all his favorite meals, i even rub his feet n clip his toenails. so wat do i do, i want him to love me back.
i love this guy and i just dont want to loose him at any cost , please do send me the secret to hold him back and love me
i want the guy im in love with 2 fall in love with me im hoping you can help me
i need my guy to love me bcoz we have been through sso much together and he is now with another person that everyone knows she is using him and is completely wrong for him! i love him with all my heart, his the only thing in my life im proud of and the only thing i was sure about in my life.
i dont want to live with out him anymore.. him and this girl are having problems so im guessing now would be the best time??
please help me
i need hin to love me because i love him.
im interested in your tips to make my bf fall for me...thx
i want this guy to fall for me cause i've fallen for him
dis guy s my class mate first v wer frnds den slowly v came closer one day nite while v wer speaking on the phone suddenly he askd u luv me na can u b my girl even i lyk him so much so i tld i vl b he was happy wid me answer den he spk very romantically the full nite den v went to sleep the naxt day he called me n said don need all dis lets b frnds itself den i askd y wat hapnd he said no lets b frnds i said i can't b a frnd anymore so 4get me den he tld no i want u i can't b wid out spking to u so pls don say lkyk dat nw v r close as b4 but i don knw hw vl i make him understand my luv he knws very well hw much i luv him similarly even he luvs me so much pls tel me a solution 4 dis problem
haha....i understand
&& i would like to kno how you do it.

then im goin to try it
&& if it works i will let you kno

-then that will be somebody else you helped out.

thanks for not bein greedy and keepin the secret to your self girls need to stick together.

i know this guy loves me and i wasn't too interested- now i love him. this girl kissed him and he went along with it but it was at the beginning of our relationship- just found out after a year. i know nothing worse has happened. i have messed up too- i just tell him. he gets extremely jealous so it sucks that he was able to do that even though it was a while back. he liesk about small things- ntohing big. like takling to a girl because he doesn't want me to be comfortable with talking to guys. i dont care if he talks to girls- but he wants me to care. i told him i didnt. we love each other but i just need that extra boost at the moment.
and i know i don't treat him the best and when i broke up with him, he still tried to get with me for 2 months. it's just that when we're togethr we have little problems. he's really attatched and has gotten me to be like that too- kind of sucks sometimes. just need the boost though
i would love to know the secrets
the reason i need him is because hes my ex we have 3 kids and i love him alot but i want him to love me the same way he loved me 6 yrs ago i really miss him and also cuz my kids deserve a happy family
hello !
i would want to know how to make a guy fall in love with me !
can you send it to me ? ^^
im in love with this guy,
and he is very kind and nice to me but sometimes he teases me,
one night i called him and told him i like him but he said that he liked me as a friend only..
i never had liked a guy for more than one year and he is very easy to communicate with !
pls help me !
he is married and i want him to be mine
i would like to know ur secrets of how to make the guy sees me and like me
hey there i read ur post..and heyy i need help from u..actually i dnt want ol guyz to fall for me u know..just mah man so tht he does not go for any other girrls out there...hope u understand..and other guys falling forr me.."i dnt care" bek...
im soooo confused... a guy likes me but im so in love with another guy.. how?? n how to make man fall for us?
i want to know your story is so complicated at least from where i stand. to get to the point he had strong feelings for me when i didn't and now the tables are turned...
please let me get ahold of your secrets!
thax a lot!
hi theresa, i wanted to tell u that i need this guy to like me because i think he likes me but i dont know for sure and i like him.i am to nervous to ask him out but every one that knows wants me too. wat should i do? i mean every girl gets that nervous feelin right? they want to look nice and make sure everything is perfect but wen they see the guy they get to ervous to talk and feel really scared so please help me. thank you! ~allie
i am crazy about this guy he considers me his very good friend but nothing ese i think, i have told him that i do like him. but i don't think he feels the same way about me, cuz we work together and when he started to work with the same company i was kinda his supervisior. i don't know what to do i know that my sister have spoken to him and she told him that he should like me or fake it (i mean just tell me that he does)

well i also like a boy n he dnt even say hi 2 me. but he used 2 now he talks 2 me more but he iz not my boyfrend.
wat i did i tryed 2 talk 2 him and i asked him ? and i found out all da dings he likes so now we r like frends n 1 of his frends sed he likes me
n well he asked me out on myspace 2day an di sed yes.
well i have da same problem as well so i from expereienc i wuld say if he says hi say hi as well and ask him some questions
i love this boy so much that i drem about him but he has a gf and he thinks fo me as a frend and i whant he to foll in lave with me
i love a person for 4 years and i told him many times but he said lets be friends and i tried before to forget him but i cant. i really dont know wut to do plzzz tell me somthing to make him love. i love him sooooooooooooooooo much iam waitin for an answer
Well look, try approaching him for a casual conversation. Try a topic of interest or something like that, to be honest most guys (like me) don't really get the "hint" right away and sometimes do things in an absent minded fashion without realizing it. Just start talking to him as you would a friend at first and just try and get to know him a bit, he might just be shy. After talking with him you will get a feel of whether or not he digs you. Good luck
Just leave him And only think about yourself and your beauty... if you can do this... You improve your selfconfidence
hi im 10 years old and i have not had much experiance with dating but i told the boy i liked him and he kissed me so maybe he might think his friends will think hes weird to like a girl but secretly they all have a crush on someone,so if you choose my way tell me how it goes so good luck.
his name is peter and i love him
but i do not know what to do?
ok im in this situation 2 but im not babbling on about myself im focusing on u
make sure you dont tell anyone but really really trusted friends
i understand what ur feeling so try to talk to him and suit his interrests just say he likes books and u dont well try and look for 0
other simalaritys (personality wise) once youve found the simalarity discuss it with him make him feel comfortable around u make him feel he realtes to u. i recomend regurally talking to him u will form a connection. now tht u have personality lets get to looks find out what he likes in a girl looks wise eg: he likes girls tht dont dress fancy) what u do is dont dress fancy (if you like dressing or looking a sertan way he doesnt try to suit many other likes). expecially young boys go for hot girls i will say im not so focus more on personality and skills. if you have strenghs in somthing he enjoys share it with him (show him dont make it too oviose aka run past him or walk past showing ur skill off) boys like girls who are confident and have strong skills.
i have the samee prob but i feel like i miss him and i get jealous even if its just friends and i cant tell if its more or not i want him to love me
Hi I like this boy n idk wt to do:(
plzz can any1 give me a tip hw to make a boy love me??? i love him but don kno if he loves me or not....but he looks to me everytime , and he dosent even kno me!!! he finds me in tye crowd,.... hw shall i find out that if he loves me or not??
just propose and ask him if he deny's why he does not like u.
hi i am a girl
i really like this boy , but he is my friends boyfriend and i cant get him out of my mind.i really need help forgetting him cause i cant get him out of my head or my heart!!!!! :'(
just ask him to got with him
i am 10 years old i also like a boy i think u must always talk to him be yourself always say hi and smile when ha appears to u if he look at u u must look him back. when he saw u was looking at him and he looks an other place sill look at him and if he look back to u again, that s mean he like u
omg i am in love wit 2 boys and i think 1 or the other love me im like tying find out ya they like me and stuff but if i say i love/like u what if they dont like/love me back UGHHH WHAT AM I GANNA DOOOO P.S i am 10 years old.
hi i am in love with that boy my friends are asking him does he like me he keeps on saying i don't know maybe i am in grade5 he is in grade 6 PS he is in my bus
i love a boy .
we are bestfriends .
and hang out at school everyday .
7th grade ,:p
but he doesn't know I like him like that . cuz I know he will never like me .
he dates like model girls
i love a boy and i dont know if he loves me back so im 11 years old and the one i love is 12 years old. I love him so much but i dont know how to do him to love me too. So guys if you know what to do please write a comment. I really love him and i cant forget him cause im in love with him for about 4 years now so please help me!!!
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