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Do Asian Women Like Mexican Guys? I am currently look for a relationship with a good woman who is nice but i have noticed many asian women dont like mexican guys
hi, i am a mexican guy and i was wondering if there are any asian girls that like latin guys. i've seen lately that more and more asian girls are dating latin guys. at first it was white guys and now it seems asian girls want to date latin guys. well, if there is an asian lady who would like to meet a nice mexican guy let me know.
why urgently
yes alot of asian women like mexican guys. well at least, i know, i do!!!! i am married to a mexican man.... sooo sexy they are!!!! lo,
well.. my wife does! she's japanese and im mexican, we met in seattle wa and now we're married. asian girls go for white guys because of their color skin, just because they are americans.
a mi esposa le encanto desde que me conocio, y la neta las mujeres asiaticas esogen mucho a los americanos por el hecho de ser americanos y blancos, para mi especialmente los japoneses actuan como el americano les ordena, they are the american's pets!
me llamo sherlyn desde singapur, i speak some basic spanish, korean and japanese, can we be friends? :) como estas? :d
hi. i saw that you;d like to make mexican friends?
i definitely think mexican guys are polite and have high respect of women. so i find them really attaractive. also, they really look so damn good!
yeah, i really agree with u on that, mexican guys are as hot as spanish guys.. :) i have a mexican long distance bf, jorge garcia.. :d
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i can relate i been hurt a lot also i have a caring heart and full of love to give like being happy and no i do not cheat if u 100 i will b 200 and more and that's for sure love and no regrets
im a black woman and i was dating a mexican and he lies and he told on after the other/ never again. i will stick with my black bothers. no thank on mexican guys. espically lecho garica from el dordo arkansas
ih my name is philip nice to meet you
i'm an asian chinese girl from singapore.

and i think mexicans are the bomb. i met a really nice mexican when i was visiting in san francisco. he was romantic and great in bed.

i do not say this based on my own experience, it is more a fear i have. i've heard a lot of mexican men tend to cheat..and that kinda sucks.
i'm latino and i love asian! xd
but one asian girl broke my heart but i never give up until i find one who never break my heart! i'm from canada,montreal.
for denise, is only when they are married with latina but with asian i never see a guy latino who cheat with asian girl!
Denise, Like all other people in other countries, there are a few bad apples in the Mexican guy pool, but most of us (the decent ones) do not cheat. I myself have never cheated and never will. I was raised to respect all my relationships, whether friendships or something more intimate.
Same ideals as chicano.. matter of fact i got cheated on by my ex who was japanese
im fluent spanish and english
and would like to know more about you
wow!i love latin guys too...but when i was in nz, i was cheated by a guy from Chile, he took my money from while we work together...but its not fair to judge tht all latin guys not gud...
i am a hispanic guy who was engaged to a korean girl. she cheated on her ex with me, i found out before we married and broke it off. thats just a side note, im not going to blame the rest of asian women for this. asian girls are awesome because they are so motivated and strong. i dont mean physically but mentally. next to every stong man is a strong women! also, asian culture is ideal to raise kids in. very hard working and respectful. i def will marry an asian girl someday, i just cant see it any other way
I am Asian girl and I currently moved to Texas.. OMG! I see all the Hispanic guys are freaking cute!! but they are always with the same race :( I feel that Hispanic guys look at me with serious faces and they don't say anything.They just stare.. I used to date so many black guys before. When they are interested in me, they just come talk .. but not Hispanic guys.. I feel like they are looking at me because we are rare like pandas lol Ughhh I really wanna meet Hispanic guys soo bad!!
im in TX too! im mixed with Spanish descent and roots of passed Native bands in the area although we do not know a lot about our native culture Since Spain enslaved a lot of my Native ancestors. I am a bronze color skin toned person . anyways Asian women are very pretty id love to date one. although there are very few where i stay. and they never look my way :/ lol
Hi my name is carlos nice to met you,
i realy dount now any japanise girl but i like every thing of japan even the girls i find that interesting! and some times i wish i was japanise!
if you want to be my friend feel free to search for me in gmail. sicerly yours carlos! (^_^)
r u in san antonio? just wondering cuz ure tag says SA
hmm i'm hispanic/white and mostly prefer asian women but there are not too many in san antonio :-/
I am a hispanic guy, i see you want to meet a Hispanic guy well if your still looking email me nunezmark70 - at - yah
Haha hola I'm asain and I like mexican guys more then white or asian, dnt kn why I find mexicans very attractive lol but 2 say a lot of people ask were I came from and to belive me you won't kn I'm from vietnam but u should look me up on fb
for Vietnamese girls do u like a guy to tell you the like you or show you i have a crush on a vietnamese girl for a while and i done a lot for you never let her run over me but we play a bit and respectful to each other i dont know if shes testing me or what?
Hi i'm Mexican, interested in only Asian women
Hey I've always had a thing for Asian woman why don't you email me so we can talk and well see what happens
What's your facebook?? or email??
I may be from vietnam but i really dont know because i was adopted at 9month. But yes i love mexican/quatemalan guys more because their so adorable
Hi im kevin and im latino my mother is peruvian and father is argentine and i date alot of asian girls including whites
Hi i am shadak from Puerto Rico i will like to know asian girl.
Hello my name is jesse everyone and I am Mexican born and raised here in the states. I was looking online to see if asian women liked latino men and I am glad I came to this site..I am very interested in meeting my asian lady of my dreams..I also want to marry a asin girl period :) I am currently 25 and single, if any asian girl is interested please let me know I would be more than happy to chat with you.
Hi I'm Mexican guy who love Asian girls so much:) I love like every Asian girl who I ever met:) I really want to go out with one. I'm friends with two Asian girl who I like alot but I don't know if they like me.

If any Asias girls want to get to know me set me a email gilbertoguzman13 - at - .Y.a.h.o.o..c(0).m
It's funny. I never really had feelings for Hispanic guys. I'm a Korean and I have dated only white guys and Asians.
I respect every race, they're all beautiful in their own ways. I'm an asian girl up until now I've only dated asian guys , they were the only race that I was attracted to maybe it was because we shared similar values, customs and the same hair,eye color might have helped too as far as physical attraction was concerned. But recently, I don't know what it is Im more attracted to white & latin guys. I admit they're much better looking compared to asian guys :). Since I never dated latin guys i'm not sure what they're like, but I find u guys cute & lovey! maybe its the dark hair, eyes lashes and everything. I even started learning spanish LOL, hoping someday I might date latin guy. To conclude I'm sure 80% of asian girls do find latin guys attractive as someone 1 mentioned above maybe its because we have similar hair, eyes in some cases skin color. So there'll be a physical attraction.
YEAH. I'm Asian woman - Korean Canadian and I love Hispanic men. I don't really know difference between Mexican and other Latino men... I just met a lot of men who from Columbia but I haven't really seen Mexican around me though. But I think that I heard Brazilian and Mexican men are handsome....? I don't know :d
Anyway, I found that most Asian women think Hispanic men are very attractive. :D
this is funny if soo many asian girls find that we mexicans are atractive why i never see a mexican banging an asian girl if you really like us then let us know
I am chinese . and i have only dated hispanic guy! who says asian don't like hispanic guy!
i'm nammer..chilean guys r hot
I didn't know that Asian girls like Latin guys, until now, I been looking for my soul-mate for more than half of my life and I am 51 years old already, I had been in a numerous of relationship through all my life but no luck at all, perhaps I been looking in the wrong place with the wrong people. Anyway I been reading a lot about Asian cultures like Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Korean what I love about those cultures is the way the girls has been raise. I have some friends in Thailand but I can't find Korean, Japanese or Chinese girls on the internet dating sites, most of them are fake, scams or way to old for my test. I am planing a trip to Thailand but I like to go to Korea, Japan and China in that order and I am going specifically to find my soul mate, I know sounds crazy but hey! there is a 7+ billion people in this planet my soul mate should be some where there don't you think?
If you like the idea to chat, hit me on skype tu-todo
See you there
I really love Asian culture. Every time I see a Asian girl I feel like they dislike me for who I wish Asian culture weren't Narrow minded , but I really respect them alot. And I'm Mexican American. I wanna meet someday Asian chcik. Also Asian culture are more united than Mexicans are ever will be.
My asian friends have told me that they don't go up to Hispanic men because we look intimidating and picky.
I'm Mexican and I really fine Asian girls attractive but I've only dated Latin or white girls but I think Asian girls are more attractive
i am beebee from laos, single and looking for a serious relationship with a mexican guy
hi i'm raul i'm chicano (mexican/american) & i find asian girls bet attractive more than latinas or any other race idk they're so cute. my girl friend is from thai land & i hope we last long c: but all you other hispanic/latino guys will find you asian girl soon
hi, my name is javier. i have heard so many times about latino men been so serious and intimidating. in the contrary. latino men we are easy going once you get to know us. a hint to all the asian women that would like to cross over. all it takes is a little welcoming singh
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