China Anne Mcclain Quiz

If you are a true china anne mcclain fan, you will know all the answers to this quiz. good luck.
IF you want to get China's Contact number, you must get a 100% score on the quiz.

i have the real number for china anne mcclain but i dont want to give it out because so many people called her last time it was given out and there were some haters who called her and told her mean things. so if anyone wants her real number u better be nice to china anne mcclain. ok

If You Get Her Number, What Are You Going To Tell Her?
hi is this china anne mcclain
oh my gosh i am so happy that i am talking to you i grew up on you just to let you know i am ten 10 i loved ant farm and house of pain and i hope we can be very good friends and we can keep in touch
hi china you expired now i like to dance and sing i really wish i could meet you
that im fan and i love her misic
that she is a very talented, young girl, with more values to come her way. i love her personality
im a big fan and i just wanted to say hi
hi china i am ur biggest fan
she has a vary good voice
hi china, me and my family are your number 1 can. we always watch it a.n.t farm shows.
you are amazeing
i like her acting in shows
she is cute and sweet and totally hot
how pretty and keep up the goood work
she is very talented
i think you are amazing
hi i am a big fan of your music and your show you are so cool and you have good style
that i love her and she makes me feel good about my self and that i watch her tv shows over and over again
she is pretty and i am 12
hey china i love you and i want to be your boyfrend
nun just ask her questions
that she is a good actress and that shes my role model also i really love
i love you singing!
i am your number1 fan and i have the same birthdate as you mine is august 25 2004
hi my name is joel am a big fan of yours
she inspired me she is smart and funny and she pretty sweet she have aswome taste in fashion i love her hair clothes and shoes
What Do You Love The Most About Her?
her personality and her voice
her passion and staying true
she is a great sing and dance and act and songwriter
i love her personality and her attitude
her amazing personality
her personality
her singing and just the way she is
her voice
her personality,her brilliant voice, her behavior towards others and and what i love most about her is that she can be her self around anyone.
i love that she is indapended has an amazing voice and not afraid to speak the truth
what i like about her is her music and lovly voice
her talent
her amazing style and amazing voice and and the way she is so confident
her voice
her favorite song is calling all the monsters
her everything especially her personality n her voice
how inspiring she is
a.n.t. farm
her smile
she nice , she is very talented and pretty
Which Is Your Favorite Song?
im beautiful
i put my hands up in the air so hi
calling all the monsters
calling all the monsters
im am butful
calling all the monsters
my crush
how did i get there from here
my favorite song is hip hop how do i breathe by mario
dynamite dynamite
do you own thing
my crash