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i have the real number for china anne mcclain to call her and tell her fans that she loves you so much i admire her too. can you imagine if you call china and actually talked to china on the phone, its my dream too.

i have the real number for china anne mcclain but i dont want to give it out because so many people called her last time it was given out and there were some haters who called her and told her mean things. so if anyone wants her real number u better be nice to china anne mcclain. ok
hi guys, i'm the real china i promise and yes pedita i love all my fans
hi china, we really want to know your real phone number because all the ones we did, didn't work and we're not trying to be mean or trying to hurt your feeling we just wanted to tell you the ones that you posted didn't work,
yall wanna know my real number
Biggest fan like who doesn't' want her number
china i am nine years old and was born in august the date 17th and the year 2004 ever since kindergarten i have been singing your songs one time in 3rd grade me and my mom went to karoke and i sang rise and every one broke out in tears i earned$50 dollars that night my mom was extra proud of me i say all that to say that i would love to get your phone number and talk to you
this i'm my real account
yeah, u bet u i do
i just want to see what her next music videos going to be like
hay china anne mcclain this is tempestt maia smith i am a nice person and i would like to be a singer like you when i grow up i am One Three years old i get picked on a lot so i will not be mean to you you are my favorite singer text me at Eight One Six Three Nine Nine Eight Seven Seven For Zero or call if i don't answer just leave a message and i will call you back please and thank you i would like to visit you one day thank you bye bye.
i love your music and your whole families. and wondering if i can see you in person. maybe.
my real number is five zero four five five five five eight five five two nine
i called it an it didn't work
i love u sooooooooooo much sad because ant farm is done also ur phone number is wrong
love uuuu

i know

that is not the real number is Seven Three Two -Nine For Zero For Zero -Six One Seven Three
it didn't work so i put dislike
hi china you are like my favorite disney person and you sing awesome on a scale of one to ten id give you 4 billion likes on every song really hey can you tell lauren and sierra i said hi' you are really amazing and my favorite song is calling all the monsters
please tell me that you will thank you so much
I like china anne mcclain she is so cool
iโ™ฅu and ur music so much!
hope this is it! hey china, just wanted 2 say hi, i am a sincere fan ( i'm not a crazy one ) say hello to ma man jake, and sierra, tell her i find her dreamy, just a thought, now bye..
china mcclain is the best singer i ever met especially her song calling all the monsters and i even saw every episode of a.n.t farm and grown ups2 and i am also a fan of the mcclain sisters
china is hot i would to talk to her
i love china!! i would love to talk to her! she is one of my idols!!!
i really want to meet u can i have ur phone number ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ™
what's up china i'm a big fan
hey its me my phonenumber is Two For One Nine Two Two For One Three For One Three Five
what is it again and write it out in numbers please
hey girl what u doing?
hi chain you are my favreite singer i love you and i will never heart your feelings.
china anne mcclain i love you so much do you love me
that is retarded i want china's phone number
heyyy ima big huge awesome fann plzzzz inbox me a
she so pretty
hi china i just want to say hello
hey i am a big fan of yours!!!! and i am a singer to and one day you will see me sing and danceing just like you an dyou can see me my instagram is meahfab and love you agin bye!!
i loved that song cause when a.n.t farm first came on when i herd china anne mcclain i started singing and it been my life sence i herd her sing
i would like to talk to u because i love u
hey chine anne mcclain i'm your biggest fan and my name is cornelius and i want to get to know you more i like playing videogames in going to the park and have fun 5'6 and my eyes is brown and i'm on facebook my name on facebook is young woods i'm a nice guy just get to know me more send me a e-mail holly back at your guy cornelius
hey china i just love all your shows and my lil niece love yur song dynamite she's knows it by heart and calling all the monsters
nie and very cool that she could learn that
i really want your number im your biggest fan i have performed many of your songs at family reunions and halls and at home i would really like to learn more about u
u is a # ugly # i now u ri
i just want to prank phone call her
U know she can read your comment
your just stupid to try prank her she's beautiful
hay, thats not very nice to prank call her. you should tell her how much you admire her instead of pranking her!
chris why are you trying to prank call her
you shouldnt do that !china is a amazing person who does not deserve a prank call . maybe if you don't like her its ok everybody gots there tast . but if it was you would you like that im guessing no ! do you think she likes that ? mostly every times she gets called but sometimes people said mean things the her . so please dont be a idiot and do that .
ur right to that # silly # boy never ever and i mean never prank call a celebrity or famous person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! am i right????????????????????
ok i will do anything to get her number
can i have your real phone number so i can call you
hi im aaliyah and im a big fan my favorite sons is calling all the monsters
f*** u old man
china i am in love with you and call me Three Three Seven )Five One Three )Five For Zero Four Six
hay how you doing china your very pretty.
hi china i love you so much that sang every day i wish that i can call you in now how to sang and dance
y'all are cool to give us y'all number ๐Ÿ˜Ž
china i'm trying to facetime you but you want anwser please anwser by the way not giving you her number
i am your biggest fan i am watch your move now i love your show ant farm can you tell me your number.
hey china i'm one of you fans please!!!!!!!!!!! tell me your number i'll be really nice to you i promise :)
i loveherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
so much my dad died plese give i to m
what is your real number
i would like hr phone number so i can ask her on acting tips
i love you and ant farm can we be bff's because you are toots super cool and popular
i love you are the best singer and i was hoping you could give me some tips to become a famous acter and singer like you .๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ don't tell anyone but i'm 9 1/2 please i'm your number 1 fan
U are a sweet person and I lik ur show ant farm
hey china i โค๏ธ your music and a huge fan can u give me your number plz ๐Ÿ˜‰
uh jaden hue do you think you are
hey china it's this boy at my school i go to new hope his name is mckinley he likes you but your way out of his lead he like ask me to comment you to and ask you could you go out with you i'm like are you crazy no then he got mad he think he haves your number but he don't !!!
hi china, i am a huge fan๐Ÿ˜ƒ i love all your music ๐Ÿ˜ƒi watch ant farm on disney channel and chyna my favorite character๐Ÿ˜ƒmy phone number is Four Six Nine -Two For Zero Three -Five One Two Nine One ๐Ÿ˜ƒ my twitter and instagram is t a y h o l m e s Seven For One Five ๐Ÿ˜ƒmy facebook is t a y h o l m e s Seven For One Five ๐Ÿ˜ƒmy youtube is taylor holmes๐Ÿ˜ƒmy email is t a y v i n Seven For One Five - at - google๐Ÿ˜ƒ
hi china my name is erin and i'm nine i have the same dream as you it makes me feel good about my self some say i have a great voice i love all of your songs the best i like is beautiful my friend said you wrote it because your beautiful i don't think you wrote it because of that but you are beautiful and you give me fashion ideas any ways comment you later
you are my cousin are. name. is. skylar. , liberty. ,kennedy. and. hailley
hi china i am one of your bigest fans i watch ant farm every day and night can we please have each others number
hi i'm aleigha and i'm 16..
my little cousin is 7 and is a big fan of you! like seriously.. if you would respond to him omg i don't know what he'll do
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