China Anne Mcclain Quiz

If you are a true china anne mcclain fan, you will know all the answers to this quiz. good luck.
IF you want to get China's Contact number, you must get a 100% score on the quiz.

i have the real number for china anne mcclain but i dont want to give it out because so many people called her last time it was given out and there were some haters who called her and told her mean things. so if anyone wants her real number u better be nice to china anne mcclain. ok

If You Get Her Number, What Are You Going To Tell Her?
hi chain anne mcclain you so pretty and so sweet and my name is desiree williams and i love all your songs and you have the biggest smile
to come to texas and sing for a surprise show
i love you
haay chinaa girl i wish i could meet u because u seem nice
she inspired me she is smart and funny and she pretty sweet she have aswome taste in fashion i love her hair clothes and shoes
i am her biggest fan
i love her and shes mt favorite and i would love to meet her
her music
im a big fan and i just wanted to say hi
i love her songs
china your a super star i love!!!! your music and i want to sing so beautifully just like you
i i get her number i would call and tell her about how much i love her music videos and characters
i love your song and ant farm calling all the monster calling all i love the 3 monster eposodes
you are so awesome
i love u can u come get me
i love her
have a crush on her
i am your biggest fan
i would tell her that she is very important and helpful , smart, beautiful, funny, and is very talented.
hi china i am ur biggest fan
hi omg totally want to meet and i love how you sing meby you could tech me how to sing
What Do You Love The Most About Her?
she really nice and sweet and has a kind heart.
sshe can sang
she sings great
what i like about her is her music and lovly voice
her singing,acting,and how she dress
i love her songs that she sings
she caan sang
her songs
her singing
are singing and acting
her musice how confitent she is
her personality
she play different insterments and. she can sing
her everything especially her personality n her voice
her acting
she sems nice
i love her music and charactors
her singing her acting how beautiful she is her smile and the way she dress
the way she dress and look
siter and singing
Which Is Your Favorite Song?
calling all the mosters
i love rise
calling all the monster
calling all the monster
calling all the monsters
all of her songs
dynamite dynamite
my favorite song is hip hop how do i breathe by mario
my favorite song hip hop how do i breathe by mario
my favorite song is dynamite
i got my scream on