Hi Zendaya Fans!! All the fans are awesome!

i have zendaya coleman's phone number is anyone is interested. im sorry i dont put it now because i dont want haters to be calling her randomly and saying bad stuff, then she will change her phone number just like last time there were some haters calling and saying mean stuff. thats not nice. so if you want her number u gotta be nice.

if I give you her number, what are you going to tell her?

Zendaya Celebrity Quiz

Are you a true fan of Zendaya? If so, take this quiz to test how much you really know about Zendaya. If you are a true fan, you will get 100%. Good Luck!
If You Get Her Number, What Are You Going To Tell Her?
say i love zendaya her
i am your bigest fan and i would like to meet up
you are exceptional
you are my role model and i look up to you
hello zendaya i just want to start off saying that i am your biggest fan i remember when you and i were very little girl and i still hope to see you when the well right now because i know when is your birthday and when is your next concert
she wonderful
oh my gosh i love zendaya you so much much on k.c undercover
im am her biggest fan ever and i listen to her music all the time & that when her shows come on i sit in front of the tv and watch it
i am ur biggest fan
i love zendaya her
hi my name is malayna i live in delaware i am ten and would love zendaya to see u
i love zendaya u i wanna meet u
i love zendaya you so much i cant believe im talking to u and i love zendaya the new show kc undercover u r a great spy luv u
i would love zendaya to meat her some day
i will tell her that me and my cousin love zendaya her sooo much and other things
i love zendaya the way you can dance
if she could come to my brithday it will be nice if she could come i am tourning 11 this year feb 25
that i love zendaya her
i will tell her how she change my life
that i really like her show and to keep it up zendaya and one to com in vist coral spring and my i will tell her on the phone and i am only 10 year old
your my role model daya
that i love zendaya her and she is the best person ever and that never let haters get her down
stalk her
she is wonderful
What Do You Love The Most About Her?
her style, her songs, her leadership, her friendship, her confiance
she has a lot of joy and ambition and it makes me happy
her personality
her very sweet personality
her personality
she cares about others
her hair
zendaya is a cool person and not maen
that she has a great voice
her postive attitude,and not being shameful to make mistakes.
she is a good actor and singer
her unique style and songs
she is nice to pepole and she never let them down
every thing
she is famous
she is intelligent and beautiful young lady.
she is pretty
Which Is Your Favorite Song?
shake it santa
my baby
swag it out
bottle you up
my baby
swag it our
zendaya - oh my
my baby and jam
swag it out, baby too much, keep it undercover
swag it up
never land
my jam
replay because she wants puts know her and tells them you should listen to me i will make you want to sing and make you want to dance. my favorite part in the the song is when she says "you want to listen to me all day ahah. love daya
On What Show Did You See Zendaya?
shake it up
kc undercover, shake it up
kc undercover. zapped.and shake it up and dancing with the stars
zendaya played on shake it up and zapped and kc undercover
kc undercover and shake it up
shake it up and kc undercover.
k.c under cover and shake it up πŸ˜ƒ
kc undercover
k.c undercover
kc undercover and shake it up
shake it up, kc undercover,and a.n.t farm for 1 series.
shake it up. k.c undercover
kc undercover
k.c. undercover
k.c undercover
shake it up
shake it up
shake it off
i saw her on zapped,shake it up,k.c undercover,frenmies.danci with the stars and disney