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i have zendaya coleman's phone number is anyone is interested. zendaya coleman is a really cool person and when you talk to zendaya, she is as cool are my any other friends. i love talking to my friends

i have zendaya coleman's phone number is anyone is interested. im sorry i dont put it now because i dont want haters to be calling her randomly and saying bad stuff, then she will change her phone number just like last time there were some haters calling and saying mean stuff. thats not nice. so if you want her number u gotta be nice.

if I give you her number, what are you going to tell her?
you can call me atFour Four Five One Zero Seven Nine Six Seven Four Five One Zero One Seven Five
kk you are the best why are you leaving?
How should i know this is zendaya i love zendaya she is my inspiration #1 fan
iz that ur real #number i really want to no
thats fake a number has to be 10 numbers du this isint her
Hey I love watching u on tv ur amazing girl zendaya
Hey zendaya I love u and I want your phone number cause I am your number one fa
Hey zendaya what is your phone #
You are so nice and cool can I please have your number
Can i call to u to your my biggest fan please i love your show shake it up please can i call u
hey zendaya i would love to have your phone number because i want to talk to you and tell you that you are the best actor i ever see in my life this may sound crazy but i never miss one of your show shake it up is the best show i ever see in my life
ur the best I wish I were u nice beautiful and cool,ur my most fav celebrity love u as always. love,lisa
i think you r so cool you inspired me to sing
hey Zendaya love songs and shake it up
plz call me Four Five One Zero Seven One Nine Four Five One Zero Three Five Nine Nine Six i'm ur number One # fan(:
Hi am a fan can i get ur number 7863187923 this is mine
Hi zendaya could u give ur fone number please so i could call u
plz giv me ur num I love u
is that her real phone number
I LUV U Zendaya I hope you can call me on Two Four Eight Two For Zero For Zero Two Six Six One
your really pretty and your smart but the numbers you posted are more than ten digits

Don't try and steal my girl!
hi what's your number your a cool tv star
that is not zendaya's real phone number because there are supposed to be 10 numbers and there are 6 too many!!!
it wont work zendaya call me at Four Seven Four -Three For Zero Six -Two Five For Zero Five
zendaya,pleez tell us your real phone#
hey zendaya i was born in 1996 im 15 years old.im mixed with black and white.i say people mixed with black and white are cute.im calling u cute.send back
i am a huge fan and i love your clothes!! your so pretty!
you are the best tv star and the best person i knew on tv Xxxxxxxxxx <3
i think you are a great actress
i've been a fan of zendaya since i first saw her on shake it up and i've really had a crush on her. she's so beautiful and talented. so i want her number so i can tell her that
hi zenday i am prathna and i am 13 yers old i live in chicgo i am tall like you and have your number i have my friend skye that came to see you
your beautiful and if she's coming out with a new shake it up
shake it up is canceld the last person was remember me for a reson
hi it's nailah agin bye the way thanks for responding i really appreciate it
see you at ur concert
i love u zedaya i'm your biggest fan!!!!!!!!
I'm real nice and friendly,I wouldn't say mean stuff about Zendaya and I won't tell ANYONE
zendaya you and becky g rock one day i would want to get your phone number
Ok I'm a big fan of hers alls I want to do is talk to her so I can just talk I would never be mean to her or give the number to any one else I promise!!!! I cross my heart and swear to god!!!
you are awesome you got style I really want to be on shake it up Chicago!
how are you doing my dear, i wish to connect you with my senior brother DAN. or you can reply to his email , dandelon51 - at - Yahoo!

meet my brother i know you will like him, i am his sister Juliana.
I luv u Zendaya can i plz have ur phone number? i really wanna talk 2 u!
zendaya what's your number
hi my name is prathna and i am 1 yers old i live in chicgo with aunt farm nice to met you i knoou you from youtube
hello this is shianne. i just want to talk to u and maybe we can be friends
hey whats up zend can i have your phone number please

I am a big fan and am not a hater I love zendaya her styles, dressing, nails every thing about zendaya I love it and I really won't to speak with her please, and I will not put it on the interest or tell anyone about this please. I LOVE YOU ZENDAYA! !!!!
i'm glad to get her number
please give to me i'm a big fan of her
hello is love ur show i an 12 yeas old i get kik too
hi zendaya your so talented i love your style you are a real inspiration to kids please stay the way you are because many people who come from disney try to change their image into becoming adults and try not view a kids anymore. so stay how you are i also like the fact that you reach out to your fans because they are your everything and if you don't you gonna end up a one hit wonder.
p.s "your the worlds greatest' ( just listening to that song)
heyy im jake and im a really big fan and i think youre awesome
hello zendaya i'm a huge fan
i am not a mean person.i'd just like your phone number
hi im hailey and i'm 9 yers i wont your number

i really want your cell
i just want to ask her if she would say hi to my brother pierre heath when she sees him on her songs.
i love you zendaya
hi i'm elena and i'm 10 and i absolutely love you. i was wondering if i could have your cell #?
Guys you should really leave zendaya alone because I used to go ice skating with her and she is really nice and she probably would not like random people invading her because she is a really nice person and you should really stop.
whoever made this website is a big fake!you cant have a star number online they tell you to comment in order to have the number but you made one mistake how can you have her number and you are just like us not famous just human.
i love you so much i have been trying to see you in person please
i will be nice i am her biggest fan
im zendayas number 1 fan
hi zendaya my birthday party's coming up i'm turning elevan but i just want you to know your like a mentor a big sister to me.
hi zendaya iam your 1 biggest fan! you are so pretty and you have a beautiful voice your my role molder i look up to you :)
you are the best actor in the whole world. i wish you were my sister that's how you are so good
call at this. number. Seven Eight Five Seven Six Four Six For One Four Nine
hey call me zendaya my nuber is 3223558
i need your cell number please
ok i love your somgs
what is zendaya colmen nu14mber in 20
Hi my name is odina and I love Zendaya
zendaya n bella is a really cool dancer
Id be nice
If I had the number
Zendaya is my idol and role model I would love to have her phone model shes even my lock screen on my iPad!!!!!
Wow I never new that any was going to be my idol.what I'm trying to say is your my idol and I hop you give me your number :D

this is not my real e-mail cause I don't have on plz reply back to tell me why to do :(
aceptame en el facebook y ablamos
I am a big fan. I would love to be able to call Zendaya. I really would!
I love u zendaya ur ma idol of all ppl
i am a huge fan
i love when you dance i have the same dream as you i want to be just like you
hi and can you give me zendaya coleman phone you can trust me anytime
Zendaya I love u , I am your biggest fan I just want your to tell you how much I love you
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