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i have zendaya coleman's phone number is anyone is interested. zendaya coleman is a really cool person and when you talk to zendaya, she is as cool are my any other friends. i love talking to my friends

i have zendaya coleman's phone number is anyone is interested. im sorry i dont put it now because i dont want haters to be calling her randomly and saying bad stuff, then she will change her phone number just like last time there were some haters calling and saying mean stuff. thats not nice. so if you want her number u gotta be nice.

if I give you her number, what are you going to tell her?
first i say hello then talk to her an ask fan questions
this person is a inspiration to people she help poor kind by building a website and really cool 😎 keep doing what your doing
you can call me atFour Four Five One Zero Seven Nine Six Seven Four Five One Zero One Seven Five
thats fake a number has to be 10 numbers du this isint her
Hey I love watching u on tv ur amazing girl zendaya
Hey zendaya I love u and I want your phone number cause I am your number one fa
You are so nice and cool can I please have your number
Can i call to u to your my biggest fan please i love your show shake it up please can i call u
i think you r so cool you inspired me to sing
plz giv me ur num I love u
is that her real phone number
I LUV U Zendaya I hope you can call me on Two Four Eight Two For Zero For Zero Two Six Six One

Don't try and steal my girl!
hi what's your number your a cool tv star
that is not zendaya's real phone number because there are supposed to be 10 numbers and there are 6 too many!!!
it wont work zendaya call me at Four Seven Four -Three For Zero Six -Two Five For Zero Five
zendaya,pleez tell us your real phone#
plz call me Four Five One Zero Seven One Nine Four Five One Zero Three Five Nine Nine Six i'm ur number One # fan(:
hi zendaya i'm sick and i really want your number and your my idol
İ love her every girl wants talk to her this is everyone's dream x
How should i know this is zendaya i love zendaya she is my inspiration #1 fan
hey Zendaya love songs and shake it up
ur the best I wish I were u nice beautiful and cool,ur my most fav celebrity love u as always. love,lisa
Hey zendaya what is your phone #
iz that ur real #number i really want to no
you are the best tv star and the best person i knew on tv Xxxxxxxxxx <3
i am a huge fan and i love your clothes!! your so pretty!
hey zendaya i was born in 1996 im 15 years old.im mixed with black and white.i say people mixed with black and white are cute.im calling u cute.send back
Hi zendaya could u give ur fone number please so i could call u
hey zendaya i would love to have your phone number because i want to talk to you and tell you that you are the best actor i ever see in my life this may sound crazy but i never miss one of your show shake it up is the best show i ever see in my life
your really pretty and your smart but the numbers you posted are more than ten digits
Hi am a fan can i get ur number 7863187923 this is mine
kk you are the best why are you leaving?
plz tell me if used r.real because if i try call u and the number.is fake my dreams.will.be.shattered[
i will tell her that she is my most.favourite person and that i am her number one fan!! i love u zendaya!!!!!

hi im jerriana i like replay
trust me i would never hurt if i did my parents would ground me and i would have a miserable life please i need to talk to her:)
i give you my number in august
please call me back thanks love you and bella throne phone number to call me Four One Four Four For Zero For Zero Three Eight One One call it please by also my birthday is tomorrow and i want you to call me now to say happy birthday

can u give me your number for this year i mean this month i am not mean at all and can u come to my birthday party for 2 months in houston texas my sleep over please my grandma died a few months ago please i will text you if u give me your number i will give u the address.😍😢
it august now can i get number report me back thanks by
wat i would say to zendaya is juss thank you. she was my inspiration to keep on dancing. have been dancing for 10 years. i would like to learn the dance she just did the movie zapped to the so g too much. i live in north carolina. the dance was really an inspiration.
hello zendaya you are favorite sing and dancer i wish i can see you in person i just want to say hi
i don't say mean things
i love zendaya i would never hurt zendaya colman
that my girlfriend and i got her number who ever take her is freshmeat
your hot zendaya i love you
i would tell her that i love her and that i would want to meet her and that she is my inspiration for life and dance.
i don't have zendaya's number but i do want to get it and be friends but i dout it because for 1 im only 9 years old and shes about to be 18 so i wish i mean like if she does want to be friends we can im used to talking to famous people because my aunt was an actress and i met showtime gaffney. i want to go to her consert but for my mom and i it cost 160 dollars so i hope a bump into her i even have the zendaya planet app on my dads kindle fire i also do the zendaya quiz and i get every answer correct so anyways see you later haters
my name is zendaya to but my friends call my zen do you want to be friends ? well talk to you later.
i love you zendaya and bella thorne
that i am a great fan and i love her
i would say that i'm m a very big fan and that i love her acting music and style!
i would say i love you and your my idol and if i ever meet her i hug her and say i wanna be just like you
how cool she is
hi zendaya what is your phone #
hay zandaya i want to tell u if we won to come see u at la
i'll tell her that i got it from one of my friends and i promise to not give it to anybody
i love you zendaya i been to your concert
i love zendya music and her i watch her videos all day and i can put them on replay ha my favorite 2 songs are replay and drumer girl
i love zendaya so much can u pleeeze give me her number
omg i really like her because she is nice and beautiful and really want to call her
i'm just gonna say hi and nice things i'm not a mean person. i honestly think she is the best looking person on disney.
i will say hi and just talk
hey zendy...umm...i would luv to talk wit u....i'm a gurl...and i'm not mean...please do not ignore...tnx♥
i would say hello and be supper duper nice because everyone deservs to be treated with respect.
i'm so sad about the end of shake it up an wts ur number?????? b/c all the ppl be like it's the real number but it's not so can i plz have ur number
hay zandaya and bella i am a big fan zandaya can i please come see u at la
just want to call her and ask her some question
i want to call to say hello and ask her will she visit selma
i would say hey zendaya dis is your biggest fan diamond hit me up when u get a chance
i will say hi my name is daria and u are so asome
i would say that i have always been wanting to be like her and that she is my inspiration
if u give it to me i will say hi zendaya i love your new movie zapped and that it
hey zendaya i love you can you be my mother
i will say can i be her friend and can we shop some times
zendaya and i would probably talk about zapped and how our day went and about the other actors
i'm going to tell her that she inspired me to do alot of hard things.please give me her phone number.
zendaya your really nice and i would love to have your phone number to talk about disney and your movie zapped

i like zendaya and she's my dream girl so if u like her ,hey i. love her
zendaya is my friend she's real sweet and u can't find most people that cute
i'm gonna tell i love her singing acting and dancing and tht replay is my song and maybe some advice for acting
your awesome i really like your the best of the best pease come back to disney channel
i love zendaya's songs im her biggest fan
hi i just wanted to tell zendaya she is one of the best female dancers
im a huge fan of yours i love you so much i would like if you would come to my birthday party
hey zendaya im your biggest fan i like yur movies that yu played in zapped,fremies yur the best actress,dancer, designer yur the best .
sincerely, daya sawyers
hi zendaya i am a huge fan of yours u even watch your show "shake it up"
hi zendaya

i live in wainfleet my adress 2811 north shore drive and do you want to have # s e x with me?
my phone # is 905 899 0600
heyy zendaya i wanted to tell u that u are my cousin u went to a bday party i believe two or three years ago and i would like to get in touch with u more
she is my idol and i wanted to say thank you for being a great dancer and awesome person!!
call me Two For Zero Nine -Six Nine One -Six For Zero Two For Zero i want you to come over and see me One Two For Zero Eight la mesa
im going to say that i love her so much and i watched her movie tonight and most importantly hiiiii!!!!!!!!!!
hi ummm i would say hi and i such a fan and i really want to me you.
hi love your songs
zendaya is so beautiful i love her swagg
he zendaya you did a good job in the movie zapped i'm watching it right now i'm a fan and waiting a long time for this
i will say zendaya my name is zendaya and i love you
hi zendaya im bigist.fan love you you are preety zendaya and i want your phone number,and i want to see you in real life
hey zendaya i really need your number for important questions that are serious
zendaya you are my best actress singer and dancer you are also very beautiful i love you very much
i love you say you are my number one fan i will never say anything mean about her i just want to know what time what day and what her number is so i can call her
i was going to tell her hi and i love her
hi zendaya tell me about your new movie zapped i want to be a singer and a dancer and i'm a boy and i like you
hi zenday my name is prathna i'm from chicgo i know you from chat and youtube can i have your number
i just want to say hry to her and talk to her about disney channel
is this really you zendya xxxxx
that i love her singing and how good she is at playing rocky on shake it up.
if i had her number i would call and just say hi i would never say mean things because i know how it feels to be discouraged
im just gonna say hi its your biggest fan
can you give me zendaya's real phone number? i won't say mean things 2 her or bad things i promise.
i will say nice things to her and tell funny stories about movies
hi i'm your biggest fan i love you so much i want to be you when i grow up i'll never tell your number
i love you zendaya. im big fan. im from turkey. i can't see you. i think. and ı cry. if you come to turkey even come to istanbul. i cannot come again. and your money for the concert - show , is not enough. but i always love you. i didn't even ... please, reply.. :(
zendaya and if bella if you are reading this can you please give me your phone number i love tall two i like how sweet you are. please please please
i love z and she is my role model she is a confidnet young women si i loce the way she is and i hope s stays that way
i love you and your music your awesome and i hope i could met you one day
i would like to talk to her to come to the hospital and visit me
I'm real nice and friendly,I wouldn't say mean stuff about Zendaya and I won't tell ANYONE
hi zenday i'm a big fain can you please call me or facetime me because you. are sooooooooo. cool to me and we are also alik we. both like to dance saing and every thing elese but we are not itjackley the same i am not saying that i am you but we are alike sooooo please call me or facetime me and can you please give me your number i will not tell eney body your number if you give it to me soo by
hi,i am your biggest ran send me an email at my email address
Ok I'm a big fan of hers alls I want to do is talk to her so I can just talk I would never be mean to her or give the number to any one else I promise!!!! I cross my heart and swear to god!!!
you are awesome you got style I really want to be on shake it up Chicago!
how are you doing my dear, i wish to connect you with my senior brother DAN. or you can reply to his email , dandelon51 - at - Yahoo!

meet my brother i know you will like him, i am his sister Juliana.
I luv u Zendaya can i plz have ur phone number? i really wanna talk 2 u!
if i had her phone number i would teller she is the best of the best and probably only say nice things because i like her.
I would love Zendayas number I LOVE HER she's epic this Berra be her number :D
i like your song they are so awesome.i will like to have your phone number someday can u give me yours and bella thorne you favorite bffff. your so nice and lovely and make good videos and music. thanks
sincerly, liyah
i will tell her that i love her music and ask her to text me on her free time
i want to tell her she is a huge role model to me and she is a gr8 actor singer and dancer she is the best ever
i think you are a great actress
i've been a fan of zendaya since i first saw her on shake it up and i've really had a crush on her. she's so beautiful and talented. so i want her number so i can tell her that
hi zenday i am prathna and i am 13 yers old i live in chicgo i am tall like you and have your number i have my friend skye that came to see you
your beautiful and if she's coming out with a new shake it up
shake it up is canceld the last person was remember me for a reson
hi it's nailah agin bye the way thanks for responding i really appreciate it
see you at ur concert
i love u zedaya i'm your biggest fan!!!!!!!!
zendaya you and becky g rock one day i would want to get your phone number
zendaya what's your number
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