Hi Zendaya Fans!! All the fans are awesome!

i have zendaya coleman's phone number is anyone is interested. im sorry i dont put it now because i dont want haters to be calling her randomly and saying bad stuff, then she will change her phone number just like last time there were some haters calling and saying mean stuff. thats not nice. so if you want her number u gotta be nice.

if I give you her number, what are you going to tell her?

Zendaya Celebrity Quiz

Are you a true fan of Zendaya? If so, take this quiz to test how much you really know about Zendaya. If you are a true fan, you will get 100%. Good Luck!
If You Get Her Number, What Are You Going To Tell Her?
i love you my best friend
if she would go on a date with me
hi i am your biggest fan
that i am her favorite fan and i will like to see her
she is a good dancer
call her for real if i get her real number
i am a big fan of your music
i love you you are my best friend
i love her and that i have her kik flipagram and zendaya book by emily klein
love you
i love her
i love you you are my best friend.
well i would ask her questions
hi my name is malayna i live in delaware i am ten and would love to see u
hi i am a big fan of yours and you are so beautiful
hi zandaya i am like your number one fan i real whan to see you face to face but i live in jamaica . have you been to jamaica before.
hay and can she come to my party
that she pretty
i love her work
i love her
i tell her that i am a big of her.
hi can we be best friends
i want to tell her how much i appreciate her dedication to being a true woman and displaying what we are truly about
What Do You Love The Most About Her?
her dance moves
i love her personality and her style and her singing/danceing. and just herself
i love that she got to be her dream. and i hope she enjoys it.
her fashion
her personality
i love she kick butt on k.c. undercover on disney channel
she sweet nice funny and amazing actress
she reminds me of my friend
shes awsome
she is a good actor and singer
she is pretty, definatly swagalicious,and just someone to look up to.
what i love about her that she love to be her self
her style she is very stylish
talent, acting, and singing
her shows
make up
her dancing
Which Is Your Favorite Song?
all of them
swag it out
swag it out
watch me
zendaya song
my baby and my jam
On What Show Did You See Zendaya?
shake it up
shake it up, kc undercover,and a.n.t farm for 1 series.
shake it up and kc undercover
shake it up
kc undercover and shake it up
k.c undercover
kc undercover
k. c. undercover
shake it up and kc undercover
k.c undercover and shake it up
kc unfercovr,shake it up
kc undercover and shake it up
kc undercover
kc undercover and shake it up
k.c. undercover
k.c undercover and shake ot up