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Thanks all the fans for their support. hello everyone, thanks for everyone for being such good fans. Last time the number was given to the fans, there were some mean calls and the number had to be changed. but also thank you for all the support and nice people that called to say hello. Some fans requested that Taylor call them back, while other fans asked for Taylor to come sing at their birthday party! Taylor Swift is one of the biggest celebrity pop artists in the world. Her music has elevated her to the current top charts in country and pop music. Along her success, she has gained many fans and followers, many of which want her phone number. We all have hopes that some day we are going to meet our favorite singer or actor. Today's open communication on the internet has allow us to share information much faster than ever before. If you are reading this page is because you want Taylor Swift's phone number right?

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i know you guys are also fan of taylor swift. taylor is my favorite singer of all time, i love all her songs and her music is amazing not to mention her voice. well, the other day i was trying to figure out how i can call her and tell her that i love her music and her talent. so i searched on google and youtube, but all i found where some fake numbers, i was disappointed because i really thought that i would find it. so finally i just gave up because i dont think that taylor swift would just give her number just to anyone. i felt bad but at the same time i was ok because i knew that if we all have taylor's swift phone number and even her cell phone private number then she would have like 100000 calls everyday and that would be impossible to answer. hhahaha. one of this guy told me. i have taylor swift private cell phone number if you want it i can give it to you for free if you really really wanted it just tell me you want it and i can send it to your email.

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hay thanks to everyone who replied with her number. i called it and it got her recording. whats even more awesome i was able to tell her how much i love her and her music. she is the best. i hope she gets to hear my message. i wrote a song for her. thanks again for replying with her number you guys!!!!

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Do you want Taylor Swift's real phone number to call and talk to her. Only true fans deserve her number. If you are a real fan, you will have no problems answering all the questions on this quiz. If you get a high score, you will get her number. Try it, Good luck!
Which Is Your Favorite Song By Taylor Swift?
i know places
bad blood
all are awesome
wildest dreams
i know places
bad blood & shake it off.
love story
al of them
bad blood
all of then
all of them all of them are awesome and great
shake it off
you belong with me
all but mostly wildest dreams
all of them
all of them, but if i had to choose, then i would pick wildest dreams
all songs
Before You Get Her Number. What Are You Going To Say To Her When You Call To Her?
omg i love taylor swift u
i love taylor swift you
you are the best
i love taylor swift your songs
i love taylor swift you
how much she inspires me nd how much i love taylor swift her
hi your songs are good
youre the best
i love taylor swift you and u are my idol
taylor i love taylor swift your music
i love taylor swift you so much
hi i love taylor swift your music
thank you
hi taylor! i love taylor swift you soo much!!!! i really like your songs!!!
if one day i become a singer i want advice from her
taylor swift i love taylor swift you i am one of your biggest fan
you are so awesome
hi is this really taylor? i liked you since 20019 aka when i was four. i heard crazier on youtube i think n i got in love taylor swift with you! i am very sorry if i bothered you.
i am your biggest fan and i love taylor swift your music taylor
hi i am one of ur biggest fans i love taylor swift ur songs
hi my name is janessa. i am a big fan i love taylor swift all of your songs you are so beautiful.