How to Detect, Check, Verify, Confirm if PHP is Installed on My PC Computer Server

this is a very simple and old tutorial on how to detect and check if you have php installed in your PC computer for example a computer with windows

What is PHP? - If you want to know more about what PHP is. visit the official support page at

This Step-by-Step Guide Tutorial is for the purpose of showing you how to determine if you have PHP installed in your web site. Simply follow the step I will give. But before you begin make sure you have the the following requirements:


  • Text Editor (Notepad will do fine for Windows users)
  • Web Site Space - This is where you publish you websites. You must know what the url is. and example of a url would look like this:
  • FTP Account - Normally you will have a FTP account that was given by your web hosting provider. If you dont know what this is. Stop here and get your ftp account. This account is required to upload the PHP file to your site
  • FTP Client - An FTP client is a software programmed designed to allow you to upload files and directories/folder to your site with a GUI (Graphical User Interface) A GUI is just a program that shows you pictures and Icons to manage the program. A GUI would be the browser you are using to read this page. A NON GUI, The opposite of a GUI would be a prompt command. A Prompt Command Program would be for example MS Command Prompt. You can launch an example by following these steps:
    • Click on the "START" button at the bottom left of your windows deskop.
    • Next, click on where it says "Run" and a little popup windows will appear. In the text box, type: cmd
    • once you have typed "cmd", click Ok
    • A windown with a black background will pop up. This is not a GUI, but rather a Prompt.
    • Now that you know what a Prompt Command Program is, let continue with this finding out if you have PHP installed
If you dont have a FTP Client Software, there are several Free Programs you can download safely. These are from non profit software organization who provide these software free of charge. The work on donations. A good one is Filezilla, you can download at :

Let continue now that you know you have all requirements:

These are the steps to follow to verify if you have PHP Installed


  1. Open your Text Editor (like Notepad)
  2. Copy and Paste the following code into your Text Editor:
  3. Save this file as phpinfo.php
  4. Upload phpinfo.php to your site using your FTP client
  5. Open your browser and go to the URL where where you uploaded the file. (example:
  6. Here is wher you find out if you have PHP installed. If you see a page that looks similar to this, then you have PHP installed in your site and you can execute PHP scripts. The page will look like the the picture provided here:phpinfo
  7. If you see text that says something like your text file on step 2, Then you dont have PHP installed in your web page server. If this is the case you can do:
    1. If you own your server, you can install PHP by getting it free at
    2. If you have a web hosting company hosting your pages, you can change your web host provider to one that offers free php web hosting or paid hosting. A good company is Webune
  8. Done

If you have any questions or comments, please post them here.

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