After learning of Dr. Hell's plan to conquer the Earth Dr. Kabuto retired from science to make Mazinger Z, a robot to combat the robots being made by Dr. Hell. Dr. Hell sent his first assistant, Baron Ashura, to kill Dr. Kabuto. The attempt was a success but Dr. Kabuto was able to inform his grandson, Koji of Mazinger. Koji was to use Mazinger to combat Dr. Hell and his associates with the help of his friends, Sayaka, Boss, Dr. Yumi and the others.

Mazinger Z is one of the most influencial tv series in the history of anime. It is one of those rare shows that managed to create an entire genre by itself. From Mazinger Z what is now know as the Super Robot shows will spring forth. This is clearly scene as Koji, Mazinger Z, Sayaka, Boss, Dr. Yumi and the rest of the characters and mechas have become the standard one expects in super robot shows. It is also one of the most loved creations of Go Nagai. Mazinger Z's great popularity is not only evident in Japan but all over the world. From personal experience I can testify to his great popularity throughout Latin America. When I was growing up in Puerto Rico, Mazinger Z was the highlight of many days for my friends and myself. I believe that his popularity is due to great character and mecha design and a superb storyline. The lessons we are taught are universal in nature. Determination, loyalty, bravery, those are things that kids can value in any part of the world.

This page contains information files on the mechas of the series. Soon I shall be putting up information on the pilots and on the most important episodes. I hope that you all enjoy this humble tribute to my childhood hero. Please keep the emails coming as I love to hear from fellow Mazinger Z fans.