It’s 2024, and it’s been over 25 years since the AT&T In-Language office closed. At one time, there must have been around 100 people working there. It was a great experience, especially for many of us who were young and just starting out in our careers. Although we weren’t making much money, it was a nice place to work.

I had the opportunity to meet some really nice people. My fondest memory was the warm and friendly welcome we received when many of us moved from California to Texas. I had never been to Texas before, but the idea of moving across the country scared me and excited me at the same time. I was young and had nothing to lose.

Many of the California team members came from the Español office in Panorama City, which was another awesome place to work. Compared to everyone else, I was a geek, but there was still a good working environment. Of course, it wouldn’t be a normal office if there wasn’t any drama, but it was fun drama. Most of the folks there were young. I was still a teen when I started working in Panorama City, and I will never forget the fun times.

So, it was off to Odessa, Texas for many of us back in 1994. One of my coworkers and his brother drove from California to Texas in the middle of November. I remember driving to Odessa for the first time. My first impression was, where are the mountains? I didn’t know it was flat. Shortly after arriving in Odessa, I smelled the petroleum smell that would be stuck in my sense of smell for the next 4 years. That awful smell of petroleum, especially in the morning. But other than that, everything was great. I was starting a new life in a new place.

The first weekend many of us started working, we were invited to one of our coworker’s houses. The only time I’ve met such kind and generous people was when I was in Mexico. I am forever grateful for their generosity.

Work was fun, but only for a while. Then it became routine, and we all looked forward to the weekend. While there was much to do in Odessa, there was certainly a lot of beer. There was always a weekend party going on

Its 2024 and Many of the original crew still work at AT&T. I am hoping many kept in touch and still keeping good relationship. I miss everyone.

I still have a list of the names of the people that worked there, and here is the list:

  1. aaron alvarado
  2. abram fuentez
  3. adel suchil
  4. adelfa dominguez
  5. adriana castillo
  6. alex escobedo
  7. alice dominguez
  8. alicia castillo
  9. alma diaz
  10. alonso castillo
  11. ana albidrez
  12. ana organista
  13. ana parada
  14. ana williams
  15. angelica baez
  16. angelina flores
  17. angelina hernandez
  18. ann vazquez
  19. annabell alvarado
  20. annette lane
  21. annie mancha
  22. armando barragan
  23. beatriz orona
  24. belsora (bel) lara
  25. berta Ramirez
  26. bertha ramirez
  27. blanca munoz
  28. bonnie cadena
  29. brandy subia
  30. brenda alvaro
  31. brenda gallego
  32. carla leyva
  33. carlos turcios
  34. carmen cervantes
  35. carmen galindo
  36. carmina aldaco
  37. carol delgado
  38. cesar baez
  39. chriselda flores
  40. clara salazar
  41. claudia jaramillo
  42. claudia melendez
  43. consuelo hernandez
  44. cuahtemoc rodriguez
  45. cynthia cabrillo
  46. dalia montano
  47. daniel renteria
  48. david chacon
  49. delia esparza
  50. diana grando
  51. diane montoya
  52. douglas cruz
  53. edwin aquino
  54. elida ramirez
  55. elisa arellano
  56. elizabeth (liz) valdez
  57. elsa diaz
  58. emma fierro
  59. emma ruiz
  60. enrique navarro
  61. eric evaro
  62. ernesto delgadillo
  63. eva castillo
  64. eva duran
  65. felicitas carrasco
  66. geraldine aguirre
  67. gloria ambriz
  68. gloria barron
  69. gloria medrano
  70. gloria ramirez
  71. graciela madrid
  72. guadalupe yharte
  73. helen reyes
  74. iris bravo
  75. isabel holloway
  76. jaine munoz
  77. javier aranda
  78. javier marron
  79. jesus bejarano
  80. jesus guerrero
  81. jimmy sancez
  82. JoAnn rivas
  83. joe leal
  84. jorge vela
  85. jose osorio
  86. juan barron
  87. juan vallin
  88. juanita ceballos
  89. libino romero
  90. lilian hernandez
  91. lisa gonzales
  92. lorina tavarez
  93. lucy scott
  94. manuel vasquez
  95. marcelo torres
  96. margarita barron
  97. maria flores
  98. maria ochoa
  99. maria sanchez
  100. mariana peralta
  101. maribel mendoza
  102. martha duran
  103. martha garcia
  104. martha sauceda
  105. mary alice gomez
  106. mary cabrera
  107. mary carrasco
  108. mary flores
  109. mary jiminez garza
  110. mary lopez garza
  111. michael dominguez
  112. minor zumbado
  113. monica gallivan
  114. nandine gonzales
  115. natividad (nate) vallin
  116. omar garcia
  117. oscar dominguez
  118. patricia (pat) newby
  119. patricia hernandez
  120. phillip chaves
  121. presilia delbosque
  122. priscilla williams
  123. rachel bejarano
  124. rebecca santoyo
  125. rick medrano
  126. rita harlow
  127. roberta rubia
  128. rocio serna
  129. rosa carrasco
  130. rosa grayson
  131. rosa morales
  132. rosa rivera
  133. rosalba bermea
  134. roxana salinas
  135. rubi ramos
  136. sara lopez
  137. sid rodriguez
  138. sobeida benavides
  139. susie navarrete
  140. susie villalobos
  141. sylvia gonzales
  142. sylvia moreno
  143. sylvia silvas
  144. tammy navarrete
  145. terri torres
  146. tommy hernandez
  147. ulises Aguirre
  148. veronica booe
  149. vicky lozano
  150. yolanda calderon
  151. yolanda guebara