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hi my name is Henry. i recently visited japan and i could not believe how many Japanese girls wanted to get with me. it was crazy. i mean, im not the most handsome guy in the world but this was really amazing how Japanese women would throw themselves at me. here at home where i live there aren't that many Asian women. and most women here i guess they don't find me attractive. im 28 years old, im white with blond hair. so here im just an average guy. but on a recent trip to japan, i was like the most popular guy in town.. well, at least that's how i felt. my coworker said he had been there before and it was normal for Japanese girls to want an American guy like me. Asian love white men. they prefer a white man than an Asian guy because they want their children to have white skin. i could not believe when the told me that. i just cant believe it. so we went out and sure enough, all them Japanese girls were staring at us giving us smiles, while all the Japanese guys were just there not getting one look. i felt bad because i could not believe these girls would be so racist. anyways, im not sure if this even exists here int he united states, i wouldn't know, i live in a small town. its quiet and boring.. its how i like it. its a nice place to raise a family i guess. but i will never forget my experience in Asia. it was incredible. im still single and still looking for my girl. i guess if i ever find girls here like in japan, i would definitely marry her.
i liked whites & im a asian but not japan i hate japan ! i just dont get it all whites always think that thier cute & stuff its like are you dumb or blind? i always see they have small eyes just trying to act cute & act funny it just gross me off this is why i dont trust my hubby his a white:s & always ask me to dress like a ajapan its like love me for who i am & the way of you guys thinking about japan i hate it(: no offence but yeahs..

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any beautiful japanese princesses around?
it's because they think you have money. my cousion is stioned in japan, he siad all the japanese girl hit on the white soliders, hoping they have money and will marry them, to take them back to the states.
danidollface what a bunch of bull, most japanese girls probably earn more money than the white guys they get with, japan is hardly a third world country is it now?!

i also don't buy into this 'only ugly white guys go out with japanese/asian girls because they can't get blondes' lol i'm considered a nice looking guy and i have dated plenty of white girls, even blonde american ones (and i'm not even american, i'm british haha). however, i find asian women more attractive personally, particularly japanese and korean women.

white guys are generally more affectionate and romantic to women than men of other races (call me a racist if you want, but this is true and i'll make no apologies for saying it). we're raised to be considerate to women and date/marry for love not for convenience or, for want of a better word, breeding.

also, stanley, japanese women are anything but ugly, they are amongst the most beautiful women in the world, and i know plenty of men who'd agree with me on that.
too bad you still suck dick..tool
nice post henry,
i didn't know it was like this.

i agree, japanese girls are very cute.
the average japanese woman/girl wants a white guy for money, they want white kids, they don't give a damn about the guy as long as he is rich and has a bigger piece of equipment than a japanese man. they are stupid, silly, vain, and act about 5 years old. how do i know this? because i have been around japanese women for the last 10 years and they all act like this. and no, i am not jealous, i am a white blonde dating a japanese guy. white women may be bossy and picky, but at least we have a brain and don't all act like a 5 year old little girl just wanting a guys money!
..well im sure all asian girls are pretty...
to all the oriental women who may read this post and the comments left behind. i apologize on behalf for any individual that insults your beauty and places you in a category that is unbecoming. you are beautiful and only wish to be treated fair and with love and respect. all women are beautiful, you, to some, are just more beautiful. i happen to be one of those people. it is my preference. some may disagree. that is thier right, but in no way should they or anyone else insult you with sterotypical thoughts or comments. either about your way of thinking or your physical attributes. oh,......and ladies,.....i am single and very goodlooking. ;)
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white guys? hmmm. not sure about that one lol....japanese girls like the dark meat from what i hear
you had a cool experience there but stanly is right. white men need to go only for white women ;)
im white, and have a big thing for japanese girls. i know if i went to japan or korea, id be very popular.....which is one of the reasons why i want to go haha. some of you are taking henry too seriously though. im pretty sure he just meant a majority of the girls there. obviously not all. personally, id like a half japanese half white girl.......but again, thats just at the top of my list. theres nothing wrong about being honest about what you want
I am Japanese, but to be honest, I can understand what people said. Most of Japanese girls love foreigners not only white but also black. BUT the reason is not for money for sure. We think white/black ppl are beautiful and cool. They say sweet words that never heard from Japanese boys. We have flat face but they dont. I do think half white/black and half Japanese babies are cute, is that bad? Do you think I am a racist? Most of my American friends tell me Japanese girls are easy to have fun, but for me, American guys are easy to have fun. I do think most of Japanese girls are dumb, but American guys also. (of course not everyone tho.) okay, have a good day. :)
I have to say that after what I have seen in Japan, its kinda hard to respect Japanese women. I understand that most people are vain and superficial. No argument there, I have tendencies myself. But you would be surprised at how many girls here only date white guys, and they will say it straight up. It is utterly ridiculous how Japanese girls flock after white guys. You NEVER see a white guy here walking alone. They always have a girl with them. Im not jealous that they get the play, Im jealous that they dont have to DO anything to get it. Anyone that doubts what I say, ask any western female that has ever been to Japan what they think.
I can only offer my personal opinion. And it is a very superficial one at that, because I have only been in japan for a couple of weeks and I don't fully understand (And probably never will) Japanese women. But I think they have a quality that the women back home don't have, or have lost. It's this that attracts me to them I guess. They seem just that little bit nicer than our (English) women. I'm still forming my ultimate conclusions though, so check back in several years or so. Check out my blog for random japanese stuff. vaderspacetube dot com
Japanese are women do "date" white ,they settle down with Japanese men . why , a couple of things Japanese society is still quite racist,despite using white people to advertise everything and slightly in awe of them plus cultural language difference.
dandidollface, your cousin is wrong on most accounts. I am a former U.S. Marine and I was stationed in Japan for a total of 9 years both on mainland Japan and Okinawa and I will tell you Japanese women don't need our money, most of them have more money than all of us and in many cases it's the other way around (American guys wanting Japanese girls for money). I have seen many of these girls spend ungodly amounts of money on GIs, and I am talking anything from clothes to cars. Furthermore they don't need us to take them to the states because many of them have already been here ON VACATION WITH THEIR OWN MONEY. We all know that there are exceptions, however this is more rare in Japan compared to some of the poor Asian countries. You said you're not jealous, but you sound like it. Japan is not poor by any means and I can tell you from experience the U.S. is not much better than japan.
You're racist bro. Jap girls love asian guys. If not, why is the japanese population growing exponentially =)
You are NOT racist. Japanese girls LOVE foreign guys, because they are DIFFERENT, and don't treat girls like ---t, the way local guys do. I had the same experience myself, but I am not blonde, so not as much as you did. I was a bartender and waiter, and it was easy to get girls all the time. I knew a guy from Spain, and he had different girls on the SAME DAY sometimes...he was good.
I am Half japanese and it sounds very mean it sounds like your calling us DOGS
i guess i could see that. america's a lot more diverse than japan, unless you're in a big city where alot of tourists will be. a white guy looks and acts differently than most of the japanese guys so alot of the girls would probably be attracted to that. i mean.. some might just want a rich guy, some people might just do it for race. (but some people from all races will do things likethat.) i think most of the time it's just an attraction to the different guy. i don't know why people get so sensitive about race issues
Well is not because you handsome or because we want have kids with you. it doesn't matter, is because you are different than us, and we want to know about your culture, is the same in every single country, we know when a foreign comes so we want to see and know how act how walk how they do everything coz is not normal for us.
As a half Japanese American living in Japan, I see the inside of this... I'm 70% Asian looking, so am not as appealing to Japanese women as my more western or white looking counterparts. W still gets you more status, more attention, and more opportunities. It's sad, as an American because I look too much like my Japanese mother, I'm not as desirable to other Japanese women...( if they want Japanese, they have it. If they want American, they don't choose one with more Asian features) If I looked white like dad or were more culturally Japanese like mom I'd fit better into one of these two worlds but...
It's nothing wrong with it. Like who you like. Too bad
people of different races are genetically attracted to each other because the children produced will be smarter and healthier. that's why marrying your cousin ain't good for making babies. you'd want a diverse gene pool.
Japanese women are interesten in white men because they are different, especially blond men with blue eyes. I think noth european men are more like japanese men, shy and not really gentlemen against women. Soth european men are much more agressive against women to get love. But asianwomen often like north european men best, but I dont know why. But japanese women are often really hedonists. And often want to love an blond white man only for love. But yes asian women often like euroasian children, also japanese.
wow. I live in Honoulu and I am so sick of Japanese women!!!! I'm sick of the silly demure way that they avert their eyes, I'm sick of the way they giggle with their hands over there mouths and I'm sick of their perverted submissive love-slave attitudes that are completely spoiling all of the lovey young white surfers into thinking that just because white girls have opinions and maybe swear once in awhile (right along with the surfer guys!!!) that that we don't "act like ladies". Gimmie a break it's 2012 for God's sake, not 1901. These Japanese women take it every which way in the bedroom and expect nothing in return and don't utter a word about it and it's making the white guys into pigs!! Wake up guys! Its widely known that asian women are trying to breed the slanty eyes and dark skin out of their bloodline and half of them are trying to use you for your citizenship. And to all of you white guys that are obsessed with asian women ~ you are cowards! A real woman is strong and confident, she walks with her head up and knows how to take care of herself. Appare you men that are obsessed with asians need a woman whos been trained from birth to serve you in order to feel like a BIG BIG MAN. PATHETIC.
some body has some daddy issues that are unsolved...
I agree with you irish. We like Japanese girls because they have been trained from birth to serve us in order to make us feel like a BIG BIG MAN. That the way guys want our women to be its just that American women have gotten too independent and opinionated and they're not that cute so.. why shouldn't we want that? Maybe you could learn something from those asian women who are stealing all of your white surfer boys ;)
ugh, will you just loveing stop it already? Seriously, stop trying to force your damn views on others when you don't know what the love you're talking about. You don't know their situation, you don't know about them, you don't know why they date, and you don't know what goes on in their bedroom. Seems to me you're just jealous. :P
That's really too bad that Japanese women are so racist for white men. I wish they would give other races a try as well. I guess I already am at a disadvantage being a brown male and being interested in Japanese women. I have an uphill battle it seems compared to white men. :(
Interesting that it doesn't go the other way, isn't it?
I im insulted by irish because its not because of the way asians are in bed that makes me attracted to them. There smart, cute, funny, and like to love you with everything they got. the relationship im in right now is screwing up because she lied to be about her addiction problem for a long time. Then we got married 2 weeks in she told me she had this problem. Thats right she married me then told me. I forgave her because she got help. I never ever lied to her about anything. Then years later what do i find in the bathroom. Residue... She had been bengging and spending my money on her addiction. On the serface we were strong and could handle anything but we were crumbling because of that and her unwillingness to do anything fun with me. Not loveual shes actually pretty good in bed. Im talking about life here. I want to do things like cruses and vacations to other countries. Ski trips in colorado. Hiking up a big mountain. She only wants to do things her way period. Its all falling appart and next time im going to go after what i want and im going to find a girl who will want to be with me because im me. Maybe not asian but likely because i like them because of there background. Im not that picky tho. Just give me someone adventurous!
I strongly agreed you opinion even I am asian girl (Chinese) but I like the way that western woman do, confident, independent and know how to take care of themselves not rely on any man.
You like it, well not all western woman are like this; but many of the girls with that perfil are a pain in the brain for men, most of them incompatible with a funtional and solid marriage.

At the begining didnt seem to be something bad, but at the pass of time, the reality showed other thing, the negative aspects that in the practice have these kind of women; men in occident are starting to get tired of these kind of girls.
To you who think asian women dependent, enslave themselves : you are wrong. The asian women just put their husband as their everything.

If you do think they want white child: some of them do, and this is only a small number that do.

To any white racist that travel to japan, or vietnam: make sure that you are not stay in prostitute or red area, them share your opinion objectively. Lastly, japan or vietnam or thailand is not THE ONLY CULTURE IN ASIA, been to japan does not make you know asia.

Sorry for my poor english, as I feel sorry for your underdeveloped ideas on asian women.
henry you are full of scheisse. if you were in a cosmopolitan city like tokyo, i really doubt a guy like you would be a # s e x object for hot japanese girls. mebbe for ugly heavily made up western wanna be gyaru girls from shibuya or roppongi where decent looking guys both japanese and western would ask them not to touch for fear of a communicable disease. or most likely, you went to a hostess club or bar where it is the job of the girls to fawn over you and tell you you are handsome.

these japanese girls can't get decent males who have been around and live in japan so they go after a naive country bumpkin like you for a thrill that they usually can't get elsewhere. and if you don't speak at least passable japanese, a hot chick ain't gonna give a guy like you the time of day.

it is laughable that a loser in your country can come to japan and suddenly become charisma man. they even have a comic book in japan by the same name parodying the idea that naive and # silly # guys like you have that because you are a white gaijin suddenly you are brad pitt. trust me, henry, if you can't make it with hotties in your home town, you ain't gonna make it with tokyo hotties either. mebbe with japanese rosie o'donnel or roseann barr look a likes but a real hottie? gimme a break henry. look, send me a picture of just one hottie who went after you. no japanese model or movie star photos henry. don't cheat. lol!
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