hi my name is Henry. i recently visited japan and i could not believe how many Japanese girls wanted to get with me. it was crazy. i mean, im not the most handsome guy in the world but this was really amazing how Japanese women would throw themselves at me. here at home where i live there aren't that many Asian women. and most women here i guess they don't find me attractive. im 28 years old, im white with blond hair. so here im just an average guy. but on a recent trip to japan, i was like the most popular guy in town.. well, at least that's how i felt. my coworker said he had been there before and it was normal for Japanese girls to want an American guy like me. Asian love white men. they prefer a white man than an Asian guy because they want their children to have white skin. i could not believe when the told me that. i just cant believe it. so we went out and sure enough, all them Japanese girls were staring at us giving us smiles, while all the Japanese guys were just there not getting one look. i felt bad because i could not believe these girls would be so racist. anyways, im not sure if this even exists here int he united states, i wouldn't know, i live in a small town. its quiet and boring.. its how i like it. its a nice place to raise a family i guess. but i will never forget my experience in Asia. it was incredible. im still single and still looking for my girl. i guess if i ever find girls here like in japan, i would definitely marry her.