for some time now i always have this dream of a huge big wave coming towards me. i dont know why i always have this dream.

i spoke to another person and i told her about my dream and she said she also dreams of a big waver coming at her.

i remember sometimes, im taken by the wave and i am underwater, and i can't breath anymore, i cant hold my breath so i breath just to find out that i can breath underwater.

last night i was dreaming that there was this sunami wave coming. its was huge, bigger than a tsunami wave, so i swim forward so i can catch the wave and not break on me, as i swim, i was able to get to the top and ride the wave, and i could see all the people down below that were being sucked by the wave. its scary sometimes, but sometimes its also fun to dream about it.

there are times when the wave is coming and i think im going to die, but then i find courage and face the wave and i make it.

i wonder if there are other people who dram about big waves

i think to my self and there gotta be a person who also dreams of big waves

sometimes i wonder what does it mean. i heard that since you are like 90% water, is your body calling you towards the water, but that doesnt sound right.

i think i might be dreaming because i have difficult breathing at night, so i have to hold my breath while im underwater. one day i woke up breathing hard because i couldnt hold my breath anymore

what about you, do you have these dreams too?