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why do i dream of huge water wave? are you one of thos people who dream about this huge wave coming over and then crashing into you well, there are some people like you who also have the same dream.
for some time now i always have this dream of a huge big wave coming towards me. i dont know why i always have this dream.

i spoke to another person and i told her about my dream and she said she also dreams of a big waver coming at her.

i remember sometimes, im taken by the wave and i am underwater, and i can't breath anymore, i cant hold my breath so i breath just to find out that i can breath underwater.

last night i was dreaming that there was this sunami wave coming. its was huge, bigger than a tsunami wave, so i swim forward so i can catch the wave and not break on me, as i swim, i was able to get to the top and ride the wave, and i could see all the people down below that were being sucked by the wave. its scary sometimes, but sometimes its also fun to dream about it.

there are times when the wave is coming and i think im going to die, but then i find courage and face the wave and i make it.

i wonder if there are other people who dram about big waves

i think to my self and there gotta be a person who also dreams of big waves

sometimes i wonder what does it mean. i heard that since you are like 90% water, is your body calling you towards the water, but that doesnt sound right.

i think i might be dreaming because i have difficult breathing at night, so i have to hold my breath while im underwater. one day i woke up breathing hard because i couldnt hold my breath anymore

what about you, do you have these dreams too?
i dream about a large mass of water that surrounds me and i am about to drown but i always seem to save myself even though i dont know how to swim and i am terrified of water but i have this dream in dif situations.. i dot know what it means but i would love to know the meaning behind it
i have similar dreams alot. i think it means you can survive what life throws at you even tho you are weighed down by problems.
i was search for high wave dreams and i found you man i dreamed about tsonamie coming towerd me about 5 times man this is a sign for some thing i think it mean you are on the wrong path and you need a correction in things specially religion i found islam deals with this pretty well .peace be upon you also search for lucid dreaming it is interesting phenomena
Hii... been having the dream latley but mine a bit diffrent iin my dream im watching the sea with my fellow friends and all of a sudden everyone starts screaming and as i turn a huge wave is coming. my friends all shouthing for me not to go and confront it but i do and as the wave gets closer and about to hit me i can still breath underwater dont know why but thats what happens :s
Hi, I personally have the same dreams over and over again! I dont remember when I started dreaming tsunami's and big huge waves but somehow it comes almost every night. sometimes scary sometimes very weird and very diffucult to expalin it. I told my husband about it all the time and he always say its just a dream, so im pretty much alone in this case knowing that he have no idea what im going through and sometimes even tried to avoid going to sleep. anyways, most of my waves formed up as an image of a person just grabbing people and taking them back in the big blue water, I in the other hand always face it and try to save a life out of that water all the time, I really dont understand because when they come to me they stop look at me like im looking at a real person only in the form of water them slowly grab me and take me with it and underwater I can breathe and I can talk.. sometimes I have very scary dreams with waves coming over mountains and always in shape of a hand grabbing things, people and anything they decide to take back, sometimes I wonder what this dreams mean and sometimes I wonder if I have a special calling from the man above trying to hint me on it? or maybe I need to get some things right which I have no idea because it seems I have not a lot of problems besides being human? idk, maybe we can both find some help in this. your dreams are so like mine at times. hopefully we can figure out what they mean, good luck.

I was reading above and yes here is someone who just had the same exact dream. Only I was at a party at this sky scraper building like on the 30th floor and i kept hearing water crashing so i looked outside the window with a drink in my hand to see this huge wave taller then the sky scraper getting ready to come our way. Then three seconds later the building and everyone was engulfed in the water I saw people floating around. I was holding my breath and thinking to myself this is it it's time for me to die the end of the world is here then i started to panic because i couldnt hold my breath anymore so i shook my head left to right to wake my self up and i did... That dream scared me to death
Hello there. I can relate to your dreams. I often have dreams of a wave or waves coming at me. It makes me scared to go into the ocean and at times i wake up scared, Ive been having dreams like this for a couple years now. Ive heard that it may be from being overwhelmed but also that it means goals in life will be achieved. not really sure but i wish I knew and i wish the dreams would go away
I have had this dream when I was like 11 watching a huge wave thats as tall as skyscrapers coming towards me.I actually have it off and on through the years of my life. now that im in my 30s I just recently had one and my mom had one the other night ago and my counselor from college told me he had similar dream just a night ago. I have dreams too when im close to an ocean in a dream that i get pulled towards the water like a magnet when im trying to run away until it finally intakes me and im underwater not able to pull myself to the surface to breath. sometimes there are even odd looking fish that are very huge and bizzare looking. I have having Vivid dreams ;[.
i have the same dream about the wave but different situation... i dreamed so many times of wave... first, i remember that i'm just walking at the road with my boyfriend then suddenly the sky is getting darker then, when i look at it, i saw a huge wave coming over then, i told to my boyfriend to run faster. then, after that suddenly i got home, and there is my father. i told my father to find a safer place for us coz there's a new huge wave coming. when i went outside my house, it's all water. my house is in the middle of ocean then lot of fish swimming down under my house. and every time the wave is come a lot of fish left in my house. and then i woke up, don't know what the next happen... then just today i dreamed that i am at the park with my friend and so many people are there, then, suddenly the ocean is overflow, it's too far from the park but all people saw it coz it's getting higher, then, i told to my friend a huge wave is coming, then, i finding my dog that also with me, i look for my friend but she's already gone, she go with her sister. the, me and my dog go home and try to save our life at home. then suddenly i feel the clash of the water in my back, and my house become full of water, the water level is almost reach my head, so, i need to find a safe high place for me and for my dog. i feel suffocated then i woke up, running out of breath... i dreamed so many times about huge wave. and thinking what is the meaning of these dreams.
i've had nightmares with water all my life and no one can give me an answer. the water is always coming towards me but right before its going to hit me i wake up, sometimes its a wave, others its just water growing or even huge rivers that i have to get across but the path is very small and dangerous, and everytime i am with a different family relative... i wish someone can give an answer1
Last night i had a dream of a huge wave that came across the lake and crashed right on top of me ! The dream was more real then any i have had lately. The water i could feel. IT was very hard to breath and i have never had a dream like this. When i woke up scared , i just tryed to go back t0 sleep and not think of the dream but i had the same dream again.. Does anyone know why im having dreams like this?
on 9/27/2011 i had a dream i was by
a small flowing creek,all of a certain the water started rushing fast with big waves.i were on dry land but the waves had gotten bigger and the water surround me,so
i swim to dry land but i were still
surronded by these rushing waves.what do this dream means,
hi, i am searching if anyone ever had a dream like mine. im staring at the ocean or sea from a high place lets say 25th floor and i observe that all sorts of fish is showing up from the water, the fish are as many as stars just everywhere, and then i see waves preaty big that pick up the fish with them but reavele the huge fish that unlike the small regular fish dont skip hop from the water. the fish comes in many viriaty and it freaks me out, eventually the waves become big enogh to reach my hight and i can almost touch the huge fish that the waves picked up and bring them closer to me.
ohhhhhhhhhhhh my god ihave the same dream about 3 days ago . i always dream like plan crash and funerals.and wadding which is not good in ethiopian . it means death. any how i do dream a lot . so you are not alone. about the dream you have. i like to what thats dram mens to.
i am trying to understand a dream that I had years ago, before the tsunami/ I dreamed that there were buildings that were in danger, a huge wave came over me...this was a one time only. I have had other dreams which also came true. It scares me.
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