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Since about twenty years ago I started to have nightmares that I would be in a room and the room was dark, then I got scared because I felt the presence of an evil spirit, I always run to the switch to turn on the light, but when I try to, it always fails, I cannot turn the light on and get really scared. As time went by, I learned that if I cried out Jesus' name I would wake up. There are other times that I know I am dreaming but I can't wake up, I tried to wake up but I cant and only when I cry out the Lord's name I wake up. when I as a kid, I hated being in the dark, its been only till lately that I have been getting brave and not being so afraid or scared to be in the dark anymore. I hate it though just a little because I can't see anything, I feel like someone is going to come and grab me from behind and touche me. it scares me a lot. I hate being scared so by turning on the light (in my dream) I feel better. so what I've done to overcome this??, I just say, Jesus come into me, or say Jesus name and all of the sudden I wake up. I do this because sometimes, I know I am dreaming, and I want to wake up but I can't, and the only way I can wake up is by praying to God.

Has anyone had this type of dreams or nightmares?

Am I the only one? if you have, I would appreciate you post your comments here so that I perhaps can learn from you on how to deal with them. Thank you

One pattern i have noticed is that i usually have these dreams when i have done something good that the Lord is pleased with. I think its the Evil one trying to scare me so i wont keep doing good, but it has the opposite affect because i become more faithful to the Lord because i know Jesus loves me and it brings me closer to Jesus.

i too have been having this dream since i was a child. i am a christian but have not discovered that saying the name of jesus helps. these dreams are terrifying though. i try to wake up but i can't. im always in some type of room that may be familiar (my childhood home) or somewhere i have never been, and i cannot turn on the lights.. i feel an evil presence so i try every light switch but none turn on lights. i had night terrors as a kid and this was always one of them. all of my other night terrors included satan or demons. glad to know i'm not the only person with this type of nightmare.
Yes, I just had one of these "I can't turn the lights on" dreams this morning. I've had this type of dream for the last ten years, perhaps. In the dream, I was in a house, in a lit up bathroom. My son, an infant, was sitting in his infant carrier. I was going to give him a bath, I guess, and I left the room to get something. Well, the whole house was dark, but visible as if it were lit up by a street light outside, shining in the windows. No light switches would work, as usual. This was irritating, but I went back to the bathroom, which was still lit up, and I saw a blur go past me out the bathroom door. I looked, and my son was gone. This got me really angry, and I knew I was dealing with evil, here, but that sent me over the edge. I stepped out the bathroom and said, "I command you to return my son to me right now in the name of Jesus." Instantly, a blur arrived and stopped on the floor at my feet. It was my son, still in his baby carrier, alive, well, and smiling at me! At this point the dream ended. I've been a Christian for 24 years now and never used the name of Jesus in one of these dreams before, but I don't know what I was waiting for!
I too have had this dream,its been happening more often lately sometimes 4 times in one night,It always starts the same way,i wake up almost paralised,can feel a real evil presence in my place so i try to turn the light on but it never wotks so i go from one light to another and nothing comes on,and it feels so real like im awake ,the dreams have been getting longer every time,at first i would pannic and leave the dream,but now i stay face my fear and search for whats stawking or hunting me,its always different versons of things,like ghost,demon,spirit,or something evil along those lines,the first dream i remember was after the lights wouldent come on i looked outside and saw in the distance a lit up phone box with a distressed woman so i walked closer to the door and then i saw my mum about 20 metre from my door but when i got to my door ther were three evil lookin men in suits like the tried to trick me into coming outside,one said i believe you computr is shorting out,then they tried to open my screen door to get to me but i pulled it shut but the stuck thier foot in the door so i opened it again and kicked as hard as i could and slammed it closed, the last few dreams have been getting harder to fight,like something evil is testing me,iv had so many of these light switching dreams it getting beyond a joke,the other night i had one couldent turn the lights on so i waited in the corner to see what was making noise in my place as i looked through the doorway i sam a glimse of a really evil dead looking ninja with a sword so i grabed a knife and thew something to disract it then i made my move and grabed it in a strangle hold from behind and cut its throat,in another dream i tried to turn on the lights again nothing happend so i slowly crept into my loungeroom to see what was making the noise,and across the room i saw a huge deom looking beast twice my size with horns and horse legs,we both just froze for a second staring in each others eyes and felt shivvers go though my spine,i felt a huge amount of fear and then a smile was on the deamons face like he had me right were he wanted me,i was about to run and hide ,but then i thought no im not running instead i harnest all the anger and power win myself and ran at the beast instead and screamed with all my fury,at that moment i thought i was going to have to fight again but to my suprise the beasts jaw dropped and he started to run away,i chased it out the door and i was so angry by this point after battleing all the other things in my dreams i stood outside the front of my house and shouted in a fit of rage IF ANYTHING WANTS TO COME AND GET ME DO IT NOW!!!! at that moment i saw all the demons gohsts creachers that had been haunting,stalking and hunting me from all my other dreams ,surrounding me in a semi circle but not one had the guts to come close cos i was in such a fit of rage my addrenalin was pumping so hard i was twitching with veins poping out of my neck clenching my fists and my shouting was so loud it ecco'd for miles they all just scattared. I usto get so full of fear in these light switching dreams because they seemed so real and i could smell touch and feel like every thing was real and it is exactly like im awake and it always felt like something was watching me ,the only way i can deal with this dream is to elimnate the fear overcome it and reach deep within myself to find as much power, strenght , anger and energy to fight these things off,cos at the start of everytime i have this dream when i start to try and turn the lights on im always weak and almost paralised and cant hardly speak or move and im full of fear,but once i start getting usto the dark and remove the fear and turned it into anger i became so much more stronger faster louder and powerfull ,whenever iv been scared iv been weak also ,well my advice in these light switching dreams try and turn the fear into anger ,angry because somethings invading your freedom,im not extreemly religious or anything but i do believe theres a Devil and a God,and the saying that goes something like,As i walk through the shadow and valley of death i shall fear no evil.
Yeah, ive had a bunch of nightmares like that. actually in fact a lot of my nightmares are about being in my house with dim or not-working lights. i always try to rush to a light switch to try to turn it on because i could "feel" something was there with me. one of my more recent nightmares i saw the evil creature demon thing. i tried turning on the lights but they wouldnt turn on, and when that happened i realized what would happen next. i ran to my room but the demon caught up with me. it blocked the door from closing then stabbed my stomach. it was horrible i could feel the pain and i screamed... i thought maybe if i pretended to die it would go away...and it did. i dont remember much after that, but in most of my nightmares its always those dim lights. i know what youre going through, its not a pleasant dream at all
ive had it for years. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? i dont get it. i have it on and off.
I totally have the light switch part of the dream and a feeling of being scared, but nothing like an evil presence. I had this night mare right now and came online to look it up, Really surprised others have this dream. Been having it for more than 20 years.
And I thought I was the only one... I do occasionally have a dream like this, say when I go down the stairs to get something and needing to turn the light on but it doesnt work. Then for some reason I think, "I hope scream isn't here..." you might think that is pretty funny but seriously, Scream (from Scary Movie I believe?) actually does appear! I get scared to absolute death and wake up with a funny feeling inside of me. I cannot find definitions of it anywhere and it really scares me.
hi, please i need some help.. this nightmare its killing me , i do not wana go to sleep no more..it seens so real, i fall to sleep last night since the moments i open my eyes i knew i was in this nightmare.. i wanted to turn on the lights of my room but i couldnt then out of nowhere i was standing rite next to my bed next thing some1 waz huging me so hard i could not see who it was but it waz way stronger then me, after a while i got out of it nd went to grab jesus pic which i had it rite in my hands telling me to leave me alone..
I have been having a dream like this for 20 or so years. Sometimes there is a bad spirit in the dream and sometimes not. It is a scary and or upsetting dream. I don't know what it means. But I will try to turn on several lights but can't or the light with pop and go out before it get's a chance to stay on. I have prayed to wake up but sometimes I just wakeup because it is scary.
I've been having the same dreams for years and found an answer that I think may help alot of you. Your dreams certainly reflect a feeling of being trapped in the dark and your helplessness to do anything about it. The lights not coming on reflect you inability to do anything. I would wonder if anything happened to you when you were younger. Your name suggests OCD problems and this always suggests control issues. OCD individuals want to over control themselves and these dreams reflect your fears regarding these issues. I would imagine you would have these dreams when you have been in a situation where you felt you did not have control. So try to figure our what in your life past or present and beat it. Your past is your past nothing you can do there but move past it. Your present however is in your hands and you can do something about it. Change your destiny!
i had the exact same dream last night and it ended when i started praying but whats scary is that when i woke up i didnt remember the dream right away but my kid was laying on a sofa next to me and in his sleep he started laughing and then he told me in his sleep mom u no whats funny and pointed up. then i got freaked out cuz i remembered my dream and woke him up. wow
ive had dream's very simalar to this i dreamt that i was in a kitchen area the wood was a dark brown color, but the lights wernt completly off the were just really dimmed but still i couldnt se much. and the kitchen was connected to the hallway and down the hallway there was a little bit of light and there was always somthing small moving like a small black dot or somthing like that. but there was not only that one ive had so many but i cant remember them all, but in every one the lights were extremly dimmed if anyone else has had a dream like this please postsomthing about it...
i always have this dream that i cannot cut on the light,,i am terrified of the dark already and this doesnt help,, i wonder what this dream means,, im so tired of it,
My dreams are like this but in a different meaning. I am a lucid dreamer and I know directly when I am dreaming due to the lights not working. In my dreams, no light switches will work and it is always dark when I am having a nightmare/ night terror. I have learned to realize this and am sometimes able to change the dream by knowing something bad will happen..... So I just wanted to know if anyone else has these dreams where they know they are in trouble due to no lights not working, and if they have ever changed the dream?
I rarely have these but when I do they're sort of in a land like "the further" from the movie Insidious. Everything is gray and while I'm able to clearly see where I am it's very dim, and every time I go to flip on the light one of two things happen: it either burns out when it gets flipped on or it doesn't turn on at all. I think this goes back to when I was a kid and I was terrified of a lightbulb suddenly burning out on me because it happened like twice. As for the evil presence, yes, I distinctly feel one too but it never gets close (although last night it scratched a figure into my arm, and I never saw it) I think the best thing you can do is look at where you're at and try to bring someone familiar into it (I brought my sister into mine, since her room was across from mine and I woke up right away)
You have a long standing fear of the dark, probable from when you were about 3 years old. Sometime in your life you have heard about calling on the Lord to save you from your past life, this in itself is a real awakening. Jeff ww
ive had that dream for as long as i can remember. when im actually awake and its dark i usually get freaked out for no reason and turn the light on . But in the dream i cant turn my lights on and my curtains dont open regardless of how easily it is usually. Last night was the first night i was accutually able to leave my room. i knew this was a dream and i went to get my sister to help me go back to my other dream( i donno why i wanted to go back though, my other dream was nightmaric and frightening.) ive never tried praying though. i really hope i remember to try that becuase these are the worst dreams to me i dont remember where i hear it but i remember someone saying its a form of astral(out of body experience) wich at least to me kinda makes sense becuase its like you physically Cant turn the lights on or open windows. i hate this dream
- at - Mike! I am so glad to hear that someone else has this type of dream scenario! I started having this dream about 8-10 years ago whereas I am typically in my own room and it looks just like the bedroom I sleep in. Typically someone is trying to either get in the room or the window to harm my children or my wife and I have found that I will try and turn the light on with the wall switch and it won't work so I run to the next switch and no go! At this point I can usually fight my way to waking myself up and it is a tiring struggle! Come to think of it, the light switch dream started a few years before the scenario above but it was usually another nightmare and I would remember it the next day that no light switches worked. It is like I trained myself over the years ,without meaning to, in order to wake up from bad dreams now. My father passed away three years ago and I constantly have both good and bad dreams....all vivid and very real. I can now rush to a light switch and flip it on to see if it is real that I am with my father again and then the dream continues. I have actually waken up before and while in the bathroom, flipped the switch to test if I was dreaming. I have not found anyone else that deals with this but now I see that others have experienced it and I feel better. I always experience my lucid dreams within the first hour of sleep due to REM being so heavy during that time. I have been avoiding sleep lately due to the heavy REM lately and want to know if anyone has a method that helps them cope with this issue?? THANKS!!
i had that dream to about 4 times or so. i wake up in my bedroom, and as alwats when its dark, i walk to the light switch and flip it on. if it doesnt work i instantly know im dreaming and then i open my eyes to really wake up.
40 years almost now, though last night was the first time that I tried multiple nights; this, plus my boredom, led me to google "nightmares where lights don't work" and then to this site. Yes, I sense a danger in a darkened room; yes, in the past I would have called it an "evil" presence. I will definitely try to think I'm in a nightmare if the lights don't work. I can, however, TELL YOU WHERE MINE ORIGINATED. When I was nine I was sleeping in the same bed in a dark basement bedroom with a guy who used to take me and my little brother fishing, to fairs, etc. The bedroom was the farthest room from the stairs and the rest of my family who were sleeping upstairs. The door was shut and it was very dark. My father had passed away two years earlier. Being young and ignorant, I likely wanted to *sleep* in the bed with him to remember the nights when I was younger than seven and I'd have nightmares. I would run into my parents room and ask to sleep between them; though my father's snoring sounded like a lion and that scared me too. However, he was my father and I loved him and looked up to him and felt safe with him. My mother, though, was even more ignorant than I, for not recognizing a 22-year-old pedophile, and allowing me to sleep with him. Anyway, as I lay in the bed in the dark basement waiting to go to sleep and thinking of waking to a glorious Saturday morning...I felt a hand down my underwear. I was shocked and terrified and realized I was in danger. I realized me and my classmates were in danger from these individuals that looked normal but were not. They were capable of anything. They could take me fishing a thousand times and never touch me or kill; or they take me fishing twice and then kill me; or they could kill me the first time. They do not care. They do not hate me or love me or care whether I live or die. They do not do things that make sense. The perversion that night escalated...I blacked our or passed out. The next morning I awoke, shocked to be alive. I jumped out of bed and went upstairs as fast as possible to safety. I didn't tell anyone. It is not as if I didn't want to protect my younger brother or my classmates, but I didn't want to remember the perversion of what had happened. I only wanted to remember *never, ever* to sleep with that guy again. I didn't want to remember the rest; I couldn't deal with the perversion I felt within this guy; the perversion of what *it* did to me. I was nine. I lost my father two years earlier. It was what I had to do to cope; to survive until I was bigger and better able to deal with dangers of individuals like him. It was 23 years later that a suicide attempt led a buddy to suggesting to me that I read "The courage to heal." It was in reading this book and seeing what seemed to me even more horrific events that allowed me to face (remember) what happened to me that night. The pedophile (pedocide, killer of children) received 90 days for raping me, served on weekends. It is a long, long story. But I lived thru it and though I wouldn't wish such a lesson on any child, I learned much from the pain and facing the pedophile. I likely would have been such a arrogant, forceful, *worthless* LEO business man had this not occurred. Instead, I am spiritual and appreciate our spiritual well-being and personal space and I see our fears better. There is so much more to my story. However, I do not want to write it even though my life has been very adventurous and I've been told many times I should. I want to talk in the present and l-earn with those with whom I am speaking. ~ Peace, good health and safety to all
I have had the dream where I wake up and I am afraid that if I try to turn on the lights, they won't work. So when I get up to turn them on they don't work and I am very frustrated by it. I don't know what this means. Or if it means anything.
you just described my exact experience! when i was a kid i used to have alot of nightmares usually like this one and when i realized that it was a dream i would go on my knees close my eyes and pray to jesus and i would wake up go go into deep sleep.
i have a dream similar to this for years, it seemed to become less frequent once i was able to control it. i would always wake after a creak or noise in the room, reach to turn on my bedside light and it wouldnt work, a huge fear would grow inside me usually resulting in feeling id jolted awake only to reach for the light for the cycle to restart. during these dream cycles id often feel as if a hand was crawling up the bed or something was beside me in bed, i would usually wake up after 4 or 5 loops of the dream. i started to keep myself calm during them. this was because as soon as the light didnt come on i told myself it was a dream. at this stage i attemted to wake myself up with what felt like a mind frying amount of energy, using what felt like all my strength id say wake up, wake up, and id try and open my eyes, at this point id often see things im my room as people or even alien figures, like a jacket on a chair. i realised that this fight to wake was pointless and learned to relax when it happened, id say to myself where is this dream going, it was like a game my brain would play with itself seeing if it could scare me, i started to be able to get out of bed where before i was frozen, id hear noises in the hall or other rooms, try and switch on the main light switch etc, but over time byt keeping my self calm it was asif i got bored of it and it stopped. never really understood what is all meant, i just think it was my brain giving itself a workout. i only seem to dream about others now, where a member of my family is hurt or killed and the dream seems to be just about a feeling of great loss. s.
I have a similar dream in which I'm walking thru my house or one I previously lived in and I get a sense of urgency to turn on a light, but the hallway, bedroom, all the lights are burned out or won't go on. In the dream I feel like there's an evil prescence and I just start to run. Then I wake up.
I have this happen a lot. I'm able to meditate after waking in the morning while lying down, and in my mind I see white grayish light shoot outward from my third eye , or pineal gland, and swirl just like the milky way, before I climb out of my body. Recently I did this and I had a joint I was smoking in my dream, witch is kinda rare, and I could hear the cherry burn like plastic. like I had super human hearing. Anyway I made it to my bathroom and had incredible energy while moving in my dream, or what ever you call it cause I was totally awake. All I could see was that my eyes where totally black and the lights would not work like many times before. I felt trapped so I managed to unlock my front door and go down the stairs and once I entered the street I flew into the sky to burn up my energy and feel better. I think after many experiences that in fact sometimes I enter a dimension that is like anti matter or a mirror world.It could be the dark matter in the universe. This is why I think the lights don't work. Electricity doesn't work in general but other energies do rather. Watch the film "Waking life". It had the same thing happen with the lights, and oh yes clocks are impossible to read as well! I'm still looking for a complete explanation as well. I guess this is a new frontier all together.
I occasionally have a dream in which no light switches work. Usually accompanied by a strong sense of negative. I vaguely remember reading somewhere that it is actually very rare for light switches to actually work in dreams. I would be interested if any body can recall a dream in which the light switch did work.
I have the same recurring nightmare.
i have these types of dreams a lot minus the part screaming out for Jesus. In my last dream, I was lying in bed when someone or something evil came behind and touched my head and pushed it into the pillow. He whispered something in my ear and left my room by walking through the wall. I ran to the light switch, and the light didnt turn on. I ran to my parents room crying and screaming out of fear. Everyone in my family came to my room and the light turned on... I wish I knew why i have this types of dreams.
I too have been having these dreams since I was little. As the years progressed and the dreams kept recurring, they got a little less scary, but no that much. There is always a feeling of some evil presence, but I never see it, I just feel it. In my younger years, I was not able to turn the lights on. As I have gotten older, I am sometimes able to turn them on but only to awake--in the dream--and they are turned off again. I decided to look it up today because I am 38 years old and still having these dreams. I had this dream last night. In last night's dream, I was asleep in my bedroom and awoke to the TV and lights being turned off. In waking life, I sleep with the TV on and the light on over the Kitchen stove. In the dream, booth of thses were off. It was actually funny because I got frustrated in the dream and was walking to the kitchen saying to myself: I just want to get some sleep! I was angry that the lights were off and I think that the nager was because I have had this dream so many times that I am truly tired of it. I have this dream at least once every few months. I found it funny that I am not the only ones that says Jesus's name or sign a Hymn. That makes me feel much better, as it really does work.
I am so glad to know that someone else has the same dreams. Mine are exactly as yours. I'm forty and still having the dream a handful of times a year. In mine, even though I know in my dream that I am a grown up and know that the lights should work, I haven't been able to get the lights to go on, or if they flicker I can't make them stay on. The only progress I've made is to yell "get out" or "leave me alone". I usually wake myself up b/c I'm yelling it physically not just in my head.
I had this same dream, was sleeping with my younger sister, and suddenly i hear a sound, i gather her in my arms and go out of the bedroom, the bedroom light switch does not turn on, neither does the hall light or any other of the lights in the huge unfamiliar house i am in... and i can sense something watching and waiting to pounce.
This has happen to me over and over again for years and still havent found out what it mean. Seem we are all part of something bigger there no way so many of us have the same dreams, our minds are trying to tell us something but yet we feels lost, afraid or even confuse to whats going on. Last night it happen again but this time the lights was dim and i was back in my old apartment were it all started years ago. Im thinking we need to play out the whole dream, from darkness come the light and what we might be afraid of knowing the truth behind all this. Its called the awakening and if your like me and feel your here for something much bigger then you know what i mean.
I didn't mean thumbs down. I accidentally pushed it.
I have these same exact dreams alot and I think it might be attacks from the enemy...I was hoping to find answers too.
I've had this nightmare for years. The light switch by the bed won't work, its then I have the same reocurring dream. I'm so scared. I can't get out of the room. The door is shut and there are bricks covering the window. Once I looked in the mirror attached to my dresser and my face started changing shapes. I knew I was turning into a demon. I didn't want to see it. I always shake my head back and forth really hard and that will eventually wake me up.
I've also had this dream since I was a child, in fact I just had one last night. It used to scare me a lot, well it still does, but I seem to just get comfortable in the darkness. I think I just try to scare myself too much and most of it is juts me. I'm glad to know other other people have this dream besides.
I used to have that when I was much younger. There would be a monster and you tried to turn on a light switch only to have it not come on....I would often know that I was dreaming then.
Hello, I just so happen to come across your blog when I googled "recurring dream about not being able to turn on the lights." I too, have this same recurring dream about having this overwhelming fear that something is about to grab me in the dark and I always rush to a light switch or lamp to turn it on so I can see what it is, somehow thinking that once the light is on I will be safe. I know in my dream that it's the presence of evil because it's almost like Satan is laughing when the light won't come on. This has been going on for quite some time now..about 5 years now. I now know in my dream that the lights won't come on, yet I always try. Why does this keep happening?? I am now having another recurring dream on top of this one that my whole family is against me, and no matter how hard I beg and plead with them that I didn't do whatever it is that they are accusing me of, they are very determined to have me "put away." I wake up in a panic from both of these recurring dreams and I even wake up crying a lot of times. In real life, I think my relationship is a little rocky, but nothing to this extreme. I love the Lord, and know that He is in control of all things, I just wish this would stop. Is there a deeper message/meaning behind these dreams and that's why He continues to allow me to dream this? At least there are others that are going through similar situations to help let them know they are not alone... Kristi
Hi, this is crazy because I just had a dream like that last night. i felt something evil and terrible nearby though invisible, and then when I tried to turn the lights on, they would only dimmer and go out. It was terrifying. This is the first dream I've had like. there are other times when some monster is in my dream and I've learned to say in the Name of Jesus leave and it always works. But I didn't remember this time, I just woke up. It's weird what you said at the last paragraph because I've felt especially close to God these past few days, so maybe that's why I dreamt that. I'm not scared though, and though I couldn't go back to sleep last night, i'm not tired today. Your post really helps. So thanks.
Wow, I did not know this was a universal dream theme! I have had this same type of dream 100s of times for 40 years (in the dark, evil presence, no lights in the house work, panic) and I only managed to turn the bathroom light on once! I don't believe in the devil, but he/she/it still shows up in my dreams. I wanted to find an explanation for this dream, but I guess no one has one. I have learned to go outside when I have this dream. Last night I had to swing an axe wildly all the way from my bed to the door in the dark, but I got out. I am, like I assume anyone reading this blog, a very lucid dreamer. Think during the day, if the light doesn't come on in my dream, I am going outside. If you think this enough while your awake, you will eventually go outside in your dream when it happens.
Hi there,
I have also had this dream for many years. I know that I am dreaming when I realize that I can't urn on the lights. It's an indication for me. I also have the feeling of an evil presence. I usually have to shake myself out of the dream. I usally have to turn the light on immediately after having this dream as it scares me so much. Perhaps the dream means to tell us of an unresolved issue we must face? I am glad you posted this as I am going to read the other replies as well. You are defintely not alone. I have had this same dream for many years. It's accompanied with a very strong feeling of being threatened. Thanks for posting.
I think that's because we try to do something in a way but it is worthless.
I have had this same dream for about 30 yrs now. Sometimes I even sleep walk trying to turn on all the lights, actually I am turning on all the lights in the house, just not in my dream. When I wake up I am terrified & can't go back to sleep for hours. I have this dream about 6-8 times a year.
I have the same dream my intire life about 6 to 8 time each year as well.
i just had this dream last night. i was trying to turn on the lights in my house. in my dream i awoke in my bed and felt the presence of an evil spirit (devil) and i was scared. i tried turning on my lights but they didnt work at all, i went out my room to the hallway and tried turning on the lights there, and it didnt work at all. then i hesitated and went to my parents bedroom and asked if i can sleep in their room for the night, and they sed ok but in an unpleasent way cuz of them being awoken to my racket, seeming as if im just being silly or sumthing. i got mad about that and showed them that even their light wuldnt work. so then i just walked out their room, and in my dream i prayed to God, or i was thinkn of Him, i basically was calling out for his help too!!! and then i actually woke up on my bed :) when i woke up i prayed for him to send the evl spirit away that was giving me this nightmare__ its exactly how you explained ina way from the above topic on this page. and just recently, its been about a week now, that i have turned FULL Christiian, and have put my faith and trust into the Lord. aaah he really does answer our prayers even through our dreams!! Praise the Lord and His miracoulous signs and deeds :) i also see thiese kind of bad dreams also asa bad spirit trying to scare you. these kinds of dreams are very extremely vivid, and having these scary dream in particular to this one i believe shows and defines a blessing from the Lord. also these selfish dreams usually means that you are forgivin from and by the Lord because He knows our true hearts, but in other cases these bad dreams can foretell the future and what is to come. maybe like a sign of caution as well but most likely to just be a blessing from the Almighty Lord!! :,D
I to had the same dream ;one night as I was sleeping ;I was awaken thinking I had too use the bathroom but as I got up to go too the bathroom I could not r the lights would not turn on in the bathroom r threw out the house.I assume some one had cut the electric box.it wasn't a great feeling.I begin to pray an then I was awaken.I believe that the devil was trying too place fear in my heart but. By the Almighty God an praying the devil had to flea.Jesus is good,I know when u have them kind of dream we r suppose to pray in the natural an spirit. That way the devil will not have domino over us.TO GOD BE THE GLORY.
I have just woken up and had this same dream. I felt the need to google it. It is not the first time.
i just had the dream last night.
I just had this exact dream, i have had it once before like 2 months ago, in my dream i cant turn the lights on, i become frightened and want to scream like im so affraid of whatever is in the room with me and cant, ive read before about someone saying jesus name or praying, i tried that, it didnt work and i can remember that i was yelling at myself in my dream to wake up over and over still nothing , i knew i was still in this dream ,so after not being able to wake myself up i pulled the blankets over my head then felt a strong sense that someone was standing next to my bed i heard what sounded like a dog growling so i started kicking at it through my blankets then i just woke up, reached over and turn my light on. Well im not sure why this has happened i think the dog growling was me actually snoring so loud it woke me up , but what triggered the dream is i think that its my house, i live alone, and the house settles making loud popping sounds above my bed and when im sleeping it scares me so i go into dream mode, not sure if that helps anyone lol, but ive recently quit drinking and am trying to stay away from any type of alcahol, all i know is that the next time i have this dream im just gonna laugh at whatever it is and maybe it wont happen again, i know im in controll of my life and am doing good and am not lettin this dream take over . im also glad im not alone....
I have a recurrent dream about not being able to turn on the lights and sometimes the lamps seem to turn on but the go back off no matter what I do. It can be different places and people in the dream but I can't turn on the lights.
yeah,me too,just woke from it!wow what a popular dream it seems.not the first time ive had it either.Im in a house at night,not always my own house,i sense that evil presence,like the place is huanted,i try to turn on lights but they dont work or they only work very dim,im always alone at the time,and find it fustrating that the lights arent working.pretty weird so many have this dream.i just want to have the one where im at a sunny beach makin out with a hot chick!
I have had this dream too, it been about a year, they started with lights just being very dim, then as they progressed the lights got darker and darker, about 3 months into this I started to feel a presance in the dark, then it started hitting me to the point that I started to fight back, (I have accidently punched my wife twice fighting this thing in my sleep). I am not sure what to do to make it stop, any Help would be nice...Thanks
I have these dreams. This is why I looked it up. I've had many dreams where it's dark everywhere, and they are mainly in my own house. I go to the light switch (in the dream) and try to turn on the light but I can't. No lights will turn on. I don't know how to deal with this dream, but they come occasionally.
I have had the same dream like 10 times now the lights don't come on or they come on very dimly and fade out to dark again normally I wake up after getting angry and shouting at the unseen presence
The bible teaches is that The devil is The prince of this earth, so it is normal he wants to scare you! You have no idea how Many people stay decades with this presence always haunting their dreams. But there are hundreds of cases i know of that broke this recurring dream just by accepting Jesus in their life! In The bible says there is nothing more powerfull than The nAme of Jesus and that everything whatever it is must kneel before The nAme of Jesus!! So of you are having these dreams and want out start by reading The bible and praying To Jesus If you dont know what To pray just talk To him as you would To a loving father. And ask for his protection he will protect you! I know for a fact this works 100%! Why not try it???
Friends last night i had the same experience, rooms were all dark, feeling very uneasy due to the presence of unknown spirit. i was trying to switch on lights of every room but unable, few lights were turned on but very deemed and those also turned off automatically. Today i was trying to find out the meaning of my dreams.
Yes, I too have had the same dream described all my life. Just woke up from one which is why I landed on this page. Although it's nice to know I'm not alone w/ the theme, it's a real bummer to see all this Jesus religious garbage. Just like all religion in general this thread offers no answers, but most posters think it's a good idea to tell me the Earth is the devil's place, and only when I'm a slave for Jesus will I be able to turn the lights on... blah blah, well what the hell are dreams? Because they're like nothing I've seen awake on Earth, do we go to a different place, is is just all of our thoughts running into each other? Message to all you religious psychos: Keep your B.S. inside your church & stop trying to enslave our minds while we search for a real answer.
to rusty: if you deny the Lord he will deny you im assuming you are an atheist and your upcoming by your parents must have been the same i feel sorry for you and will pray for your salvation and redemption of the HOLY SPIRIT in the name of JESUS AMEN!!!!
i woke up and i know that something is wrong, though im still lying on my bed, i noticed that my body cant move
and the worse is that i cant breath.
I tried to shout so that someone might here me but my voice is dumb.
so what i did is that i try to move my finger and i did and after moving my finger i woke up. its like that i just escaped on my dream. this happen 2-6 times a month, and im freaking tired of escaping everytime this manure happens.
Aside from all this religious spheal, technology in all forms, whether it is the digital clock, the phone, or even the television, does not work in our subconscious world. If it does function, its stability is not constant as it would be in our waking reality.

All these similar subconscious scenarios we experience is fear, a universal fear that we all know of and instinctively.... Are afraid of.
you say that because you haven not felt the power of Jesus in your heart. its very real and powerful. i pray for your salvation. :)
I'm only 17, but I've been having these dreams for as long as I can remember. usually in my dream I'm in a familiar place, with only a few changes, and I find that its dark and unsettling to me, and I feel uncomfortable. I'm always alone in my dream. but when I try to turn the lights on at first they are very dim, but then they won't turn on at all. at that point in my dream I start to feel scared, and I can wake myself up from it.
I had this dream for many years.(15 to guess). I got to the point where I knew if the light didn't go on when I flipped the switch I was dreaming and could wake myself with this knowledge. I haven't had the dream in several years. I think it has something to do with feeling powerless in a situation or your life. I'm just guessing but I haven't had this dream since I started standing up for myself. It may be a coincidence but what if it isn't ?? I hope this helps.
I use to have this dream all the time and then just last night after a couple of years I had It again, I run through the house trying every light and it either blows or doesn't come on and i feel like thre is not nice ghosts trying to get me difference this time was that I could hear my partners voice but I couldn't find him anywhere once I started yelling out to him I woke up, he was asleep took me a good hour to relax after that one
Recently whenever a nightmare begins and I happen to notice darkness I immediately reach for the switch just like you. I don't have an escape like Jesus, although; I do pray when I wake up and still feel tormented. I really need to start going to church again.
Anyway when i hit those switches now i tend to realize for a split second that I'm dreaming. i quickly forget it, but i also have noticed that i will stand by that switch until the light comes on by sheer will or the scene will change. either way the nightmare ends. I don't keep a dream journal but this seems to be the usual.
Anyone who is really desperate for help should read up on lucid dreaming techniques. for example, prior to falling asleep: Clear your mind, then visualize yourself flipping a plain light switch to on in a dark room and suddenly being immersed in light. do this as many times as you can before you fall asleep. relax every part of your body and enjoy your sleep.
When I was younger I had this dream a few times. It was enough of a dream to leave a mark on me and have me thinka bout it this evening and google it only to find this page and many other people sharing the same experience.

I find it fascinating considering the fact that I never really shared the experience with other people yet it is obviously not an isolating phenomenon.

I used to live in my parent's basement and the dream would find me either waking up in my bedroom and trying to turn on the light only to have it briefly flicker and go out. Or I would find myself at the top of the stairs leading into the basement and trying the light switch at the top of the stairwell. I would work my way from one end of the basement to the other trying the light switch for each room. Amidst it all was the overwhelming feeling of a sinister presence. Nothing tangible...just an air of 'evil'. I would eventually wake up with a racing heart and practically in a sweat from the dread of the dream. There was never an event within the dream that force me awake other than just the fear itself that was instilled in me.

What I wonder now, though, is that if this is such a common theme...what did people dream of when there wasn't the modern conveniences of light switches to turn on?
I had the same dream just moments ago. This is from some one on Yahoo Answers:

This dream is about stepping into your destiny. You have the potential to use your gifts and abilities to enter your destiny, but there is no true power to drive them. You have a really cool destiny that will fulfill the purpose for which you were created to do. You just need to tap into the proper power source (God) to turn on your gifts and abilities brightly, so the light will shine.
The dim light is coming from tapping into an inferior power source (not God). This is actually a great dream about the potential of your destiny, which can shine and provide illumination for yourself and others. All you have to do is plug in.

link to Yahoo Answers: answers.Yahoo!/question/index?qid=20070522115257AAqullb
Very interesting post. I have been having these types of dreams on and off for a long time. It first started when I was in medical school and once or twice a year I get it. Unfortunately I had one yesterday where everything was pitch black and wanted to turn on my ipod light (it failed), mobile light (failed), main switch light (failed). I have become so used to this that, I know it is a dream and chant prayers and wake myself up to silence in the room, with a tick tock of my wall clock and the refrigirators noise, but feels bad and a little uneasy. After seeing such dreams I usually turn on a small light for the rest of the night, do prayers and sleep.

However there is an answer to all this (esp for myself, may not be true for others) which I have found myself during my medical years. Most of the time I have noticed that I have slept very awakwardly with my hand slightly touching one of my carotid arteries in the neck. Now as we sleep all the muscles tend to relax and we get relatively "heavier". This puts pressure on the carotid artery (obviously just one side of the neck, not both otherwise something devastating may happen!!!) and the response of the body is to cause fear so that we wake up. Scientifically thinking it is a preventive mechanism to wake us up from awakward sleep, as invariably 100% of the time, I have found my hand somewhere close to my neck (or even on my chest). Yes prayers always help or even a sudden noise. This also happens when I am very very tired and just fall alseep with my face on the pillow. Some of the experience with carotid compression are rather frightening but I have been so used to it I fight it back. Once I felt something dragging me across the room and in my dream I kicked it so hard, I woke up and again my hand was near on one side of my neck (I juts hope no entity is/was trying to stanglulate me with my own hand while I am asleep!!!!). So there is nothing to fear just sleep properly with prayer and meditation before sleep. I generally tilt my chin slighly up (like smelling morning fresh air, as this opens the airway) on my pillow and make sure my hand is nowhere near my neck or chest to prevent breathing or circulatory difficulties when I am in deep sleep. I hope this may work for others too.
If you can wake up wake up, I had this dream last night its starting to reoccur. Same thing with the lights not turning on and the evil presence in the room. I've noticed the presence is still in my apartment after I wake up. If you are Christian and believe in Christ just use your spiritual authority and and command it to leave. Even evil spirits have to obey Gods authority. Maybe read a book by Watchman Nee on Spiritual Authority. The best way to see it is a chance to exercise our authority, much like working out a set of muscles, except spiritually. We are fine Gods always got us, he just wants grow in our gift a little and make us fearless.
I hate when I have dreams when I can't turn on the light, because it always makes me feel like something bad is going to happen to me, and something usually does. the room I always try to turn the light on is my bathroom. It scares me just as much as you, and I wish these dreams would stop, but obviously we can't really control it
i once dreamt i was stuck in my bathroom and i could not turn on the light and i could see "someone" (kind of a shadow of someone) observing me from outside the bathroom and it was scary. since then i get chills when a light don't turn on in real life.
When i was little i had a dream wher i was walking up he road in the middle of the night. as i looked into the night sky the moon was an giant eye. i continued to walk up the road then i was teleported to my friends backyard. then to my room. i woke up but it was an false awaking. so i woke up again and feltl such unease. i went to turn on a light but it didn't work. i woke up again i felt like i was going to die if i didn't turn on the light. i tried again and again but to no avial did it turn on. one of the last times i woke up there was somthing looking right at me. i was frozen, screaming but no sound came from my lips. i tried to call out "in the name of Jesus devil begone"didn't work and that usually works for me. but it was like i was muted. i screamed and screamed and nothing came out. i couldn't wake up. i cant remember what finally woke me up. lol tis creepy
Why is this nightmare so common? Here is my unusual, but maybe true answer. I believe evil spirits rather they be Satan and his demons or some thing entirely different bring this and other nightmares to us while we sleep. The said nightmare is the 1 and only recurring nightmare I have. 1 thing that never fails is that an evil spirit who I call Jashin is always there in the darkness waiting for me, and if I do not come to him...then he is going to come to me for torment sake. I am 28 years old and have been having nightmares about the said evil spirit ever since I was 9 years old. My family and I, along with other families in my neighborhood have had our share of bad fortune and experiences with the paranormal ever since the mid 1980s. 1 family down the street had a spirit medium visit their home in an attempt to get answers. In the case of my family and I our home has been "cleaned" more than once. My only explanations for why we are the prey of evil spirits are as follows. They are interested in the ruin of man. They are interested in turning man away from God. They feed on our negative energy, which gives them strength. Finally, they find amusement and pleasure in tormenting us. Your thoughts are welcome.
there are two main types of scary phenomenons in sleep(nightmare and sleep paralysis) that are caused by two main scary symptoms of cardiovascular disease {palpitation and fainting (syncope)}. persons who palpitation is easy to occur are easy to have nightmare, drugs can cause nightmare because drugs can cause palpitation. females are easier to have nightmare than males, because palpitation is easier occur to females than to males. women have a huge amount of nightmares during pregnancy because women experience more palpitations in pregnancy. physical factors that contribute to bad dreams include fever as also sleep because fever causes an increase in the heart rate, when palpitations occurs, people will have two most common feelings: one is tachycardia cause a feeling of seeming to be chasing ; the other is bradycardia or premature beat cause the feeling of heart suspension or heart sinking. therefore, people in sleep accordingly will have the two most common nightmares : one is dream
i thought that this dream was related to post traumatic stress disorder..
i've had this dream before many times but it was this time that it felt so real, though i believe in god and jesus i have never yelled their names,when i was in this dream instead the same dream would be happening over and over in the same dream until i finally say my room isn't this big. the reason i say that is because in my dream my room is like a long hallway with light switches that won't work in not scared of the dark but i feel like there's something there and so when i figure out that my room isn't so big or even if i see the slightest difference i wake up. i think the reason might be that you got upset because of someone and it might be haunting you. but that's my opinion, if i helped in any way your welcome
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