Since about twenty years ago I started to have nightmares that I would be in a room and the room was dark, then I got scared because I felt the presence of an evil spirit, I always run to the switch to turn on the light, but when I try to, it always fails, I cannot turn the light on and get really scared. As time went by, I learned that if I cried out Jesus' name I would wake up. There are other times that I know I am dreaming but I can't wake up, I tried to wake up but I cant and only when I cry out the Lord's name I wake up. when I as a kid, I hated being in the dark, its been only till lately that I have been getting brave and not being so afraid or scared to be in the dark anymore. I hate it though just a little because I can't see anything, I feel like someone is going to come and grab me from behind and touche me. it scares me a lot. I hate being scared so by turning on the light (in my dream) I feel better. so what I've done to overcome this??, I just say, Jesus come into me, or say Jesus name and all of the sudden I wake up. I do this because sometimes, I know I am dreaming, and I want to wake up but I can't, and the only way I can wake up is by praying to God.

Has anyone had this type of dreams or nightmares?

Am I the only one? if you have, I would appreciate you post your comments here so that I perhaps can learn from you on how to deal with them. Thank you

One pattern i have noticed is that i usually have these dreams when i have done something good that the Lord is pleased with. I think its the Evil one trying to scare me so i wont keep doing good, but it has the opposite affect because i become more faithful to the Lord because i know Jesus loves me and it brings me closer to Jesus.