Since about twenty years ago I started to have nightmares that I would be in a room and the room was dark, then I got scared because I felt the presence of an evil spirit, I always run to the switch to turn on the light, but when I try to, it always fails, I cannot turn the light on and get really scared. As time went by, I learned that if I cried out Jesus' name I would wake up. There are other times that I know I am dreaming but I can't wake up, I tried to wake up but I cant and only when I cry out the Lord's name I wake up. when I as a kid, I hated being in the dark, its been only till lately that I have been getting brave and not being so afraid or scared to be in the dark anymore. I hate it though just a little because I can't see anything, I feel like someone is going to come and grab me from behind and touche me. it scares me a lot. I hate being scared so by turning on the light (in my dream) I feel better. so what I've done to overcome this??, I just say, Jesus come into me, or say Jesus name and all of the sudden I wake up. I do this because sometimes, I know I am dreaming, and I want to wake up but I can't, and the only way I can wake up is by praying to God.

Has anyone had this type of dreams or nightmares?

Am I the only one? if you have, I would appreciate you post your comments here so that I perhaps can learn from you on how to deal with them. Thank you

One pattern i have noticed is that i usually have these dreams when i have done something good that the Lord is pleased with. I think its the Evil one trying to scare me so i wont keep doing good, but it has the opposite affect because i become more faithful to the Lord because i know Jesus loves me and it brings me closer to Jesus.

Thanks for your comments, I can't believe there are people who are having these same dreams. I think its weird. You wanna know something. Sometimes, when I have this dream, i come back to this page to see if anyone recently had the dream, and sure enough, I think all of us are someone connected to each other in one way or another. I want to find out more about this. Can you tell me the following information to see what the pastern here is. please leave me your comments with the following information:

City or Country:
Do you have siblings?
Do you believe in ghosts?
Have you been baptized?
Are you fatherless?
Are you motherless?
Did you have a rough childhood?
Did people scared you when you were a kid?
Do you dream in color or in blank and white?

Thanks, I would appreciate if you can leave this information so we can find a common ground and maybe find a way not to have these dreams ever again.

UPDATE: Guess what, I told myself after getting tired of these dreams that I was going to face what I fear the most... So last time I had this dream, I remembered to just face the shadow or evil presence in my dreams. So when I tried to turn the lights on and they wouldn't come on, i knew i was in this dream. so what I did as soon as I felt the evil presence, I went towards it head on and face it infront of me.. I thought I was going to see some evil face like the guy in 'nightmare on elm street' but no... I didnt see anything, the face was all dark, there was nothing there. very weird. one of the things i've noticed during these dreams is that they dreams are not in color. Usually they are black and white. Next time you have these dreams, can you tell me if you dream in color or in blank and white?