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This post will give you the port number for remote desktop RDP,knowns as Remote Desktop Protocol is blocked by a firewall, its important to know what port is using because the firewall might block this service if the port is not allowed to go through
if you are visiting my post its becuase you are interested in knowing which port you can use to rdp on your windows 2000 or microsoft windows xp. or even if you have a windows 2003 server you can rdp to your computer server using this port number

PORT 3389

Now that you know the answer, please leave me your comments, i would like to know why you are using this and if you found this information helpful.

Thanks, this info was extremely helpful. I was having problems r emoting into my server from my home DSL isp modem.
I have a rules-based software firewall that I am trying to setup, and it will not allow RDP. I have created a rule to allow this port and it still blocks RDP.
I have been looking for this info for a while now thank you !
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I’m forwarding this port from the router to the server. All remote connection coming to the router using this port will be handled by the server. This way, I will be able to log on to the server without the need of slow VPN.

I worked perfectly.

Thanks for the info.
I use Remote Desktop to login to a remote computer that is on the same (internal) network segment as two of my Linux servers. From there I use Webmin to manage the servers which do not have access to the outside world.
i ned to forward ports on my router. thx for the post.
So I can work on my Server lap from work.
I needed to remote over to the business i maintain websites for. She isn't very savvy with some software so wanted to show her how to pdf some reports..

Thanks very helpful!
I was actually looking for port usage for RAS server (routing & remote access). I'll check to see if you have that answer here too.
Thank you for the direct answer, if this is the right port it was exactly what I was looking for, I am experimenting with port forwarding and needed to know the port to open on my firewall so thank you.
Great port number, thanks.
This was helpful, I have to keep track of so many things in IT support that I certainly will never be able to remember what ports all do for functionality. Thanks
Using it to request external access for a contractor who needs to connect to a server
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