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ok, i summer is coming up, please tell me how much its going to cost to repair my air conditioner on my car. it hasn't been working for a while and i need to get it fix, how much can i expect the mechanic to charge me for it.
usually runs over 100 dollars, depending on your car.

i did it myself for 25 dollars

ok, here it is. i made it for you

geiger-air conditioning includes both thecooling and heating of air.
it also cleans the air and controls themoisture level.
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it all really depends on whats wrong with, shouldn't really take a mechanic more than a few hours. may be cheaper to find a second hand or new unit on ebay and get the mechanic to fit that. airforce
how much is fixing AC for a nissan sentera? the model is for 1998
are the most convenient way of getting Cool.
Not when with a heat index its supposed to be 105 degrees with black leather seats
mechanic said a wire that goes from the air conditioner to the compessor is broke or rotten, there is no fire. It blows but not cool, said freon is in it. what is this?
freon is the gas that when there is a chemical reaction, it becomes cold. if there is no freon gas in your system, it might be because there is a leak.

the wire, well, that can be easily be fixed.
Sorry, Gusto. I'll have to correct you on that one. There is no chemical reaction with freon. Otherwise your refrigerator in your house would have to continuously need to refilled with freon "fuel". It cools because there is a pressure variance, a high pressure and low pressure side. When the high pressure side releases flows through a nozzle into the low pressure side, the end result is a drop in temperature in the system. The cold/low pressure side is what is piped into the cab of the car. air then blows past these cooled pipes, cools down, and is blown into the car.
he is right.

this is how it works

is there new technology out there or soon to be out there to replace R-134a?
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