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hi ladies, can you please tell me how i can trap a good man. i mean, what do you like about your boyfriend?
dont email me
i like his personality the best. he's so sweet, funny, and loves to talk, about anything! he has the sexiest smile! his teeth are so white and i love it. he's also very sensitive and dresses pretty cool. my favorite song is white houses by vanessa carlton.
i love his hair, my favorite song is crush by david archuleta. i just feel happy around him. i get sad when we dont have school because i dont see him much. he is mean to me in school when he is around his friends, but really nice when we are alone. i just feel like he is the one.
he is cute and funny .
idk . i just do .
nice . loveable .
about you know by miranda cosgrove .
sweeeeetie pie .
i love his smile and he is funny and nice to everyone. my favorite song is love story by taylor swift. hie sings this song all the time. he sits behind me in school. he talks to me quit a bit and he is always like kicking my chair. well not really kicking it but like tapping on it. everytime i see him i blush. i am starting to this less now though. his name is kurt and i really hope he likes me to. i am not sure though because i think he may like this other girl. she looks a lot like me though. everyone gets us confussed. if you could help me that would be great!
i like him but i get nervous and wonder what to do
he is sexy
he is always around me but when he is we are playin around like chilish
i dont know i just like him..i think his cute and i like his personality...so im not in love with him (mm dont think so) but i really like him...i dont have any favorite song but i kinda like rnb music and sometimes country
i met him at a dance he danced with me for a long time but the next day he smiled and then i walked away fast. it looked like i diddnt even like him now he just stares at me and i like it and no im not a hor. he would be my first boyfriend.
1.hes my best frend...
2.he makes me laugh
3.hes the cutest boy ive ever seen..
4.love story
1.i like he because he is cute and he is a jock and he cute eyes.
2.i like how he is friendly with people.
3.what makes he go crazy is when he smile at me.
4.let it rock
hes very nice,he has a nice body...and hes non judgemental.
i love his body. i also hate how he flirts with other girls right in front of me. he always flirts with me though. and hes always there for me. he has a girlfriend,but me and her are good friends. he told me yesterday that he likes me,but he likes his girlfriend more
he's a junior im a freshman and i dont really think he notices me. when we are in a group (im friends with one of his friends) of his friends (a group of four people like in the commons of high school) he jokes normally and talks to his friends but doesn't talk to me. i am the one who has to initiate the conversation around him. actually i've only talked to him like three times. he is quiet, sweet, funny, unpopular. no girls at my school chase after him. but, he likes two girls outside of school who are his age. i mean, i am kind of giving up over here cause both of these girls are his age, i'm pretty sure one of them likes him because she was his date to homecoming. i mean i see him looking at me, but i don't know because generally people look at the thing right in front of them. what should i do? should i give up? should i try to talk to him? is he interested? he smiled at me once because i smiled at him a week before (even then he replied to my smile with his smile) the thing with this kid is that he is really polite, but so am i. and, i am pretty.........or so all the girls say.
he's nice and can make me laugh.
he is really cute he is nice (most of the time) he is funny and cool i don't know what about him drives me crazy i just really like him
it was okay i guess hope its right
i like him
the fact that he cares make me wanna love him more.
he knows just the right words to say whenever he sees me.
the words he say to me
i don't know
i like that he can make me laugh.
i like to laugh so a guy that can make me laugh would be nice.
the thing that drives me crazy is that when the night i met him he called himself the fat-man all night. but he isn't fat.
one of my favortie songs is lovebug.
he was really nice to me and he use to cheer me up whenever i would be sad
he would of talk to me all the time but then one day he got mad at me and i felt bad so i tried to apologize but he told me to get away from him but now today i have cought him staring at me
i love his smile. his voice is wow!i love his puppy dog eyes and nose.he is just got me hooked on him.
i like him because of his personality and i do find him very attractive. he's got a great sense of humour like me and we get along great! i've never known anyone as friendly as him.
he makes me feel safe... hes funny, his hair is awesome, my favorite song is the end by linkin park,

i like him because when he talks to me he treats me like im the only one in the room, he makes me laugh, when he grabs in wrist * playfully i promise* it just feels... right...
i just like him so much wen i look at him he smiles n den just quik turns around
1.he is so nice to me and he makes me laugh
3.i dont know
4.soulja boy crank that
5.he is so nice and i like him so much i wish that he would ask me out soon! he is sorta my height and a little older than me.
i like him because he talks to me in class and he is really cute and is funny
we have a close friendship but i long for more...
i like him because he is cute nice very polite sweet genouress kind good at art smart likes school and we have so much in common
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