dang, today i felt something weird on my head, i felt this lump on my head. i've never felt it before and it weird cuz i dont know what i should do. i talked to my friend and his cousin had the same thing but the doctor told me that it was just fat. my lump is soft and it doesnt hurt. i dont feel any pain when i press it so i dont think its something bad. i was wondering if there are any other people with this simptons because i m so scared it might be something serious and i can't afford a surgery it its something bad, i dont want to die either. life is so short when stuff like this comes at you that you take things for granted. i hope its nothing bad.

and you, do you have a bump or a lump on your head too? if so, tell me your storie, i hope im alone in this, but if there is someone also in the same situation i would feel confort in knowing that im not alone, but at the same sad because you are also suffering like me.