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im in love with vanessa, she is so cute. i loved watching her on the www disney com channel and now is a full grown woman, what i would like to know is how old is she? i think she is like 21 but yet vanesa looks like a teen like 14 or 15 years old and even 16. she is cute though.

What do you like about vanessa?

hey vanessa hugdgens im yyour big ist fan im number y#
hey its me again patene your bigist fan i wish you wore my sister be cose i co be guse luike you
how old are you be cose you loke like your in your 20 or18 or 16 or17
hey girl way did you putn a naeked pick of you on the e way i thote you wore my roe motel but all i haff to sae that i hope you don t do it again. but evry one was taling me that zac put them up but it dont mater to me laky thie put cagers o ver it ok bu cooll me pleease it (078473756)ok buy.
hy vanessa!i am your biggest fan!here is my e-mail -anne441 at email2 -if you want add me. or anne
i have all your posters.i love to look high school musical and i have a dvd from your have amaising voice ,smile and look.byyyyy!! anne
i just love vanessa. she is so pretty. she was a great actor in hsm and an awesome singer. peace out vanessa! youre the best!
nessa m biggst fan f yars..
ur a real roxtar..!
u rok..!
n kp roking..!!

i luv ur voice ur lux n evrythn abt ya....i jst luv ya fr ya...n ur sng say ok..blws ma mind..

n u nzac mek a rocking ur hrts 2gdr frevr...

luv ya tns..muahzz,....peace out..xoxoxoxo
i love veery much i hope to see u soon face to face and plz i want your email and your phone number and of course i want zac toooooooooo i love u both of u i love u veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrryyyyy much i am from lebanon loooooooooooovvvvvvvve uuu
dear vanessa i'm a huge fan of you and stella hudgens!i really hope that you can let me visit you someday. i'm only 9 years old, but i really hope that i can ride with you in your limo.ilive in guam if you can't find me here's my cell 988-3907 gotta run see ya tommorrw! bye!
hi vanessa i am living in serbia in new pazar city...****i am your bigggg fannnn*****you are very nice girl****i love you and your friends zac efron,ashly...*******kiisssssssssss for you****////---/-*
vanessa i love you ...******i have bend.../*****i play the guitar....and i am sing..****my bend is in this picture .......*****//---you are the best
i live in serbia*-new pazar city..and i have 12 years...i go in musical school, and i play the guitar,it is very fun.....i am your bigggg fan...**100000**kisssss for you../,.*/-
hy vanessa.i am your biggest fan.i love you and i think you have amaising and zac are beautiful cuple.
your anne
vanessa is my 1 cause i like cause she said to her heart
cecilia wright is a in high school musical
s0 terrible!!!
i love you vanessa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your my biggest role model!!!! your so gorgious and talented and yourso pretty it hurts and your voice is amazing i wanna be just like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
vanessa, your so lucky because you have a hottttttttttt boy friend!!!!!!!! and your a great singer and your beautiful and your an actor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you starred in high school musical lucky lucky lucky well i love ya and zac and im ur biggest fan dont for get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
vanessa no hablo ingles pero i love you
tu fan num 1
mi tel 55608075
te cuidas
hej hvordan har vanessa anne hudgens det og har hun lavet flere cd med musik og jeg bor i danmark i vejle kærlig hilsen jeanette
i love you vanessa hudgens you sing really good believe me.
you are so beatiful i ,ove you very much vanessa anne hudgens
hey vanessa i know what your thinking about....i have ythe same name....when isaw you for the frst time on high school musical i said in my head that you where the one that was going to be my fave popstar. i just love you ...btw(by the way)iam your number one fan i have every thing of you hope sometime i can go to one of your concerts cuz i just really love your bye vanessa...allways remember that i will allways be your number one fan....luv
Vanessa's me again your number one fan....................i just want to say that i think that your a graet popstar and i know that everyone knows that again....allways remember me......fact.....did you know that i allw3ays wanted to know a popstar that had the same name as me and now you mad my dream true....luv ya fact.....i am x years old........xxxlots of love vanessa
i love you vanessa et je ne parle pas anglait mai tes ecrie en français tu sais par fois les mot sons dificile a dire mais j aimerai te dire ke je suis l une de tes plus grand fans et j aimerai jouer dans dans un commedie musical pour etre une grande star comme toi i love you
hello vanessa i love you iloveyou i'm french i speak pa trés very english but i the fact for you my to prefer commedie it is high school musical because i am tros fan of you on all of you and zac it is true
i love you !!!!!! my fan jtm trop vannessa hudgensil
vanessa i am still thinking about you because i am not sure what to say because my sister is saying you are going out with zac is that ture?
vanessa has a great voice and she is pretty. i want to get to know her better. my obession with her is crazy.
hi nessa i love you its me again your number one fan
hi vannesa iam from iraq. me and my best friends shana and dalya loveyou and zac so much .pleas come to iraq our dream is to see you pleas come.make my dream come true some day.
hi! vanessa hw are you?honestly you are soo beautiful and are rocking the world im from nepal a small country but im a big fan of you.please keep up a good wishes are always with of luck and vanessa you rocksss!!!
moi haluasisin vanessan numeron
käypikö vanesa täällä
vanessa is a very lovely person and is very lucky to be with zac efron. i know zac and vanessa are the hottest couple on earth. but i wish i could meet her and the rest of the gang of hsm that would be so cool. but i live in australia(qld).
eu adoro a vanessa hudgens e zac efron todos amigos de vocÊs beijo de adoro
hi, vanessa i love you very much, en i so much admire ya beauty, en i also love the way you smile at zac, well how i wish i am zac, i love ya movie high school musical, i love the way you dance, most especially ya voice, each time i listen to ya voice i feel like as if i am on top of the world well i think i am going crazy, zac pls forgive me,i am only trying to espress my feelings.
nessa i tink u da bomb u are an angel sent 4rm heaven above and i love u so so much and im ur biggest fan here in botswana if u want 2 contact me on nakambowainambao at myemail
vanessa, i am your biggest fan here in nigeria, you contact me through my email or my mobile number xyx3zyxx3yy
hola vane es pero que estes bien me gustas como cantas ok chaooooooooooo
hay i am someone that has a band and we like to sing a song called say ok
hay we like to call you we made a song called you and me call us xxxyzz44y4
hola no sabes cuanto te almiro quiero conoserte en persona este es mi correo vanessa46 - at - escribe siiiiiii te quiero muchoooooooo
vanessa is realy beautiful girl she is so sweet and beautiful love her!!!!!!!!!!!
hi vanessa hudgens lijk you video foto groetjes sasha
Hello!!!!! I'm glad I that i found this website... I'm Filipino....
happy birthday to yo. I love you vanessa
I love you Vanessa Hudgens you are the best. I'm sorry I forgot to send you a happy birthday coomments but next time I will send you one.
do you know justin bieber if you do that is so cool.
You Rock Have A Rockin Birthday Party.
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