Buscando que ve en la TV, empese a buscar algo entretenido en la televisión. Cuando de repente encontre este canal de Univision. El programa se llamaba "Republica Deportiva". Ya mero le cambio al canal cuado sales estas chicas guapas y hermosas en el bar con este tipo que se llama Fernando Fiori (Creo que hace se escribe). Bueno, total que no podia dejar de ver estar chuladas que se presentaban en este show. Deverda que estan bien buenotas ehh!

For those of you who don't read or speak Spanish, here goes my translation - >
I was surfing my TV, I started to look for something entertaining on television. When all of the sudden I found the Univision Channel (Univision is a Spanish Televesion Network in the United States), they were showing this show called "Republica Deportiva" (Sports Republic). I was about to change the channel when these fine chicks come out with the host at the bar, I think his name is Fernando Fiori... Anyways, I couldn't stop from watching these beauties on the show. They are really HOT huh !!

a co-worker told me they were going to be replaced by other models soon. Does any one know if this is true?

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