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this is my favorite troy bolton wallpaper poster for high school musical
you are soooooooo fine and cute looking and ssssssoooooo hhhhhhhooootttt....... i love yyyyyyoooooouu i think you did a fantastic job in the movies please write back love your #1 fan cheyenne staggs in the home of the tigers from lawrence mi...............................please
hiya troy what are you up to i think you are so nice what ar you doing with a girl like vennesa i think that she is so errrrrrrrrrrrrrr i think you ca do lods better than her someone like me would do you are so fit xxxxxxxxxxxxx

emil me back ppppppplllllleeeeeeaaaaaassssssss becouse if you dont i will be criying for abut 5 years and i wouldnt stop i am being sereors pleas emil me back xxxxxxxxxx
oh my god! youuuu r the most seeeexxxxyest and hhhooottteeessstttt guy in the world!!!i went to austin to see "high school musical live"i got your hand wrighting on your jersey!.............emily you are so look like a great cheerleader!!!everybody in high school musical 1 and 2 r great troy u will be my future hubby lllllluuuuvvvvvvvvv uuuuuuuu babe!
zac you where grate in hsm 1 and 2.
my sister thinks you,vanessa anne hudgens and ashley tisdale are the best.
zac te amo mucho quiero que me des un beso y que vengas a venezuela a puerto ordaz y me monte con tigo a cantar es mi sueño bueno chao besosssssssssssssss te amo mucho te quiero te amo te armiro responde a mi msm es alireizysb at email2 responde encerio te amo al infinito.......................................
hey zac i think ur realy great you and vanessa are perfect together yall all did a great job on hsm 1&2 please email me back.
hi troy i have prayed for you to take me away to high school musical 2 to see all the gang and to have a part in it to for life please make it come true address 40 alexandra rd penn wolerhampton wv45ua kiss to you taylar gabbie chad and sharpay and ryan
troy i really like yuo fist i have a pic of you on ma wall haning and i dream of u every day and i pray as well not kiding you now every thing i say it i true just look for me every day and this is ma thing so you can chat to me just send me yours as well please thank you soooo much kiss all round xxxxx
hey troy its very hard to say but here it goes my dream is to see u for real and i know your reading this now and could u say hi to gabriella chad sharpay ryan taylor kelsi your mam and dad and u of course and the rest of the cast and when u get dis could u txt me back on dis and please try and come over to ireland in dublin so u can do a concerd here.and i also forgot my friend keighley is sitting beside me and she said she loves u and so do i.and i am 10 txt back to dis email from your nuber #1 fanfanxxx
i wish i could meet you.what is high school musical 3 going to be like?
arent you so fit and also hot i fancy you.i want gabriella to break up with you.
love bye.xxxxx
troy you are my world i came to new york, to see you and gabriella i have travel a long journey from malaysia ,send me your cool stuff ok you ,bye,takecare..
hiya troy you are fit
hi guys hw are you today?

love lois xxxx
que lindo es troy lo amo quisiera darle un kisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
hi zac is so fit i love him you are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lol
i want to know who are the girlfriend of troy bolton?.......because if gabriella is the girlfriend of troy bolton ......i will vote for them......
high school musical sucks
troy bolton in high school musicail is the hottest
zac u are so shweet ...
and u act so brilliantly.
u r a fantastic actor.
high school musical rocks!!!!!!!!!!!
hsm cast rocks too
specially zac u
hi everibody i love you
this foto is one of the best
hi and he is lovey.......
my sister hannah has a crush on you

type back sinceraly,jacob robinson
hi guy i relly love your movies thare the best ever .
if you have a change can you e-mail me? thanks

by elizabeth lancaster

p.s. some people say this but i am your bigest fan
hola zac como estas espero que bien quiro felizitarte por tu 3 peliculas que has echo eres lo mejor ademas eres mas lin do y canto muyyyyyyyyyyy bien aumque no puedohablar ingles se que tu me puedes entender mua adios
i love high school musical its such a good movie (well1-2-3)its my favorite movie!.. well anyway my life dreams are to meet troy bolton & chad well the whole high school musical crew. but troy bolton is so amazingly hot. when ever i see s shuting star or at 11:11 and more i always wish to meet them. i love troy bolton and chad danforth so much! there so hot.. like you dont understand how much i love them i tell everyone that im gonna meet them one day and become friends with them and like i write i love troy and chad everywhere like all though school thats all i write about. omg there amazing in every way there my idals (all the high school musical crew) i really love the movies i hope you guys make a forth one like a reunion or something!! well please please please please write back my email is blondebabeox at email2
te iubesc esti cel mai tare imi place tare hsm2
gabriela montez este tare
ha im 12 years old and i love all ur books, movies and the live on show was awsome!!!! yea love you.
your so amazing my cuzon said am your biggest fan we all love you to bits will you give me your msn addy this is min kellese2000 at
hi am your biggest fan so is my cuzon we all love you to bits this is my msn addy kellese2000 at will you email me bk and give me your msn addie we can be best friends love you xxxx
hi im marija and i m 10 i love you and your songs.
i have sister and si love jour songs.
how can people say that high school musical sucks itz better than the shows that you watch
hi troy love u loads u are lushxxx
kissssssssssssssssssssses 2 u!!!!!!!!!!!
hi! zac gusto kitang maging bestfrind sana
za6to troy ne be6e na konjerta ami nqkakuv deto preli4a na nego
hi zack my name is niamh.i come from ireland but i am living in england. can you do a favour for me. can you write me a letter.thank you
troy tu me en cantas
hi troy i love your six pack
troy looks amazing...i love him a lot. and want a chance to go for a date with him
nice to meet you. i am from china.
high school musical is so wanderful!
everyone is special!voicy!
hey troy bolton we love you babe
we love you babe
hi me and my cousin loves your high school musical movies
zack you rock


hi!!!!!!!troy and gabriela are you making a new movie?i am ur no.1 fans
hi, i love u and high school musical,just keep it up.
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