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i like trace cyrus because he is so cute, he plays in a band and he rocks.

what do you like about trace cyrus?

i love trace cyrus he is sooooo hot and i love metro stations song

i love trace he's sooooo sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i luv trace he is my luver i luv all metro station songz &i sing them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo monae luv ya
your soooooooooooooo hot .... i love u
i like trace cyrus because well unlike his sister miley he well i don't know if he is down to earth or he acts like he's down to earth either way he's so cute that he has a bunch of tatts but their are really cool so i trie to show my mom i'm kinnda like little school girl writeing his name all over my books i don't really and i trie to get tickets but i really get to them in time so i wait and when closer to me again i try again so i don't know what it is but every time someone insults him, i get kinda angery, like really angery. but like the guy is supper cute wait sorry shouldn't say he's super cute he's hot!!!! but as always most notice me i'm use to it oh well and if trace cyrus dose read this at all hi. i really respect his music because actually him and the others write pretty good songs and again if trace dose read this i have one question and if you could get back to me that would be great!!! plzzz get back to me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
what i like about trace cyrus is he seems like a down to earth. is he down to earth or dose he act it? if you read this can you answer plzzzz!!!!!! you and masson are my most fav guys in metro station and hey can you tell your drummer to watch over himself because my really like really likes him and exzagerating but really if you could that would be nice thank you bye
hi mr.cyrus im a bigggg fan of you and your band and i love your music it's so catchy i'v had tell me what to do stuck in my head for the past what 3 months now it's a really cool sound and if you can please get back as soon as posible thank you for posibly reading this byebye
trace cyrus is so hot his band is awsome im there #1 fannn

GO TRACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he is soo cute<3
dude you look like a horse
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