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Who is Sharpay Evans? well its none other than Ashley Tisdale. Sharpey Evans is a character in the disney channel siries "high school muscial". here on this pictures is the blond girl huging and having fun with vannssa hugens who plays gabriela motez in high school musical along with troy bolton who is played by zac efron


i love u vanessa and ashly u two are buitiful, also i like all people in high school musical, my favorite song in high school musical 1 is (together) and in high school musical 2 is (i dont dance) i love to muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i dont dance, love u bye.
hi ashley
i love hsm!my fave people on hsm are:sharpay,gabriella,troy,
ryan chad!i like taylor because she has the same name as me!gotta go now bye!
from taylor!
to ashley and vanessa
dear vanessa and ashley i love hsm i'm your biggest fan i love gabriella and sharpay! your so cool i also like troy taylor chad and ryan there also cool i have a hsm poster and i love sharpay's outfits cause there pretty i've got the same shoes as gabriella that she wears in the movie! ok i've gotta go now c u later
bye from tayla
hi if u r the real people in high school musical 1 & 2
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii al the wild cats sharpay love u guys plz send me ur email i will be garetful i ma ur big fan i saw u onetime where will u travl i want to chat with u i am a nice chater
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii sharypay plz plz plz give u ur email and ur number i love u like how i love my mom and dad
hiiiiii how r u well i am talking to u first time i am your big fan i love u n ur movis n the wild cats too .i wish to see u in the next movi thanks

yours fatoom
hola soy palmera y i ncanta lamestad
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i love u sharpay my room is ful of picture of u and the wildcats wher will u travel on the 28th of juneplz tell me
ur fan
hi my name is louise i love zac efron/ vanesa hudgins/ ashely tidsdaile/ lucus grabeel/ corbin blue/ monique colman yous are all so cool i would die just to meet you all ahd haihg out with yous i want to be an actoer and singer
dear high school musical (sharpay)xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo hiiiiiiiiiiii how r u i love u u r are my big fan plz come to paris because i am going there to paris come to paris on the zxth of june i wanna meeet u plz and plz give me ur number and email sharpay u r are the best and my bigset fan in hollywood the best in any of the miove my room is all high school musical and te most pictures of u sharpay my bigset fan bye for now ps do not forget to come to paris on the zyth for yx days plz and ps dont forget to give me ur e mail amd phone number and ps we met each other in one place i dont know where come to paris on the zyth plz plz plz
this is only for my shaypay (ashley tisdale)
dear nessa im ur num 1 fan and im really crazy about the movie ur going to do (will)and i like ur name in the movie and i think the way u write it is kind of cool like so im hoping u could chat with me in the msn oh tell me everything about wat happend in casting the movie will choi see ya
hi ashly tisdale can u tel me your msn address please if u have one love your best fan paz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
hi ashley you rock! you have a great voice aswell.
everybody at my school loves you. and that includes me of corse you are also relly awsome!!!!!!
hi ashley it is me again i also want to say that my sis would like a really nice pic os you. not that you always are nice in photos cause you are but please can you send her one at (emiritchie at thank you bye bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
your gorgeous,beautiful,lovelly
i like u!!
eu amooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo a ashley tisdale ..e odeiooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo a vanessa hudgens ... â¥â¥â¥
eu amo a ashley tisdalee ! e odeeio a vanessa !

⥠i love ashley tisdalee ⥠!
eu e minha amiga kaynne amamos a ashley tisdale e odiamos a vanessa hudguens ..pois quem gosta da vanessa hudguens aquela p.u.t.a e muito idiota pq a ashley tisdale ganha de da vnaessa hudguens... bjs pra ashley.. xau pra todos menos a vanessa hudguens â¥
feio(a) e vc
hi my name is maria i am just asking if vanessa has msn because i have her msn and zac eftron and corbin bleu can i have sharpay's msn as well because i will be your friend now and i have pictures of you vanessa zac sharpay and taylor so can i have your msn's please.
i love you ashley i hope to see you
i love ashely and all ov this.
im from isrel then i dont no rely how to rait this.
sharpay evans do you have a msn i want to add you thank you you rock
h!!!! im your big fansssssssssssssss
h!!!! can i get your number plssssss and this is my number xxyxz4yxyx..... can i get your number plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........
h!!!!!!! can i get your number plzzzz and this is my number xxyxz4yxyx and if you read this plzzzzzzzzz call me plzzzzzzzzzzzz.............
i love the shows
vanessa and sherpy i love you i am celine
sharpay evnas is my fran i look up to her i be fabulous to
just like her and diva to i love her i just like her and
to be in drmam club to
♥♥hi ashley!

i really like
d' way u dress, sing, act, dance,
speak... and d' way u smile!

you're such a gorgeous girl!!!
i love high school musical. i'm brasilian . i love sharpay , troy and gabriella.... eu amo high school musical. eu sou brasileira . eu amo sharpay , troy e a gabriella.
i love vanessa and zac together stay together plzzzzzzzz
i like ashley tisdale!
i really like ashley i think that zac and ashley should be a couple
your cool please can i joyn the hi school
musical club.

love from brittany.
hello i"m maeflor
i'm soooooooooooooo much in love with gabriella and sharpay 0please send me imediately
hi ashy this is your num 1 faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa of love to hsm
i want fabuolous everything!
i'am like sharpay evans be my best friends forever
hello sharpay i like you because you are fabulus you are so pretty when you sing fabulus,what i been looking 4.bop to the top
hi gabrilla how are are my fffffaaaaabbbbbuuuuulllll
hi ya'll im sharpay the real one
do eny of ya'll love me im best friends with mily cyrus realy bye ya'll
hi zac efron
you talk about me some like the bron is 1987 maybe is me my bron 1987 some like eyes is blue some like you and got more for two you hair brown lights me too and one more go borth day is oct 18 my is july 25 some thing like you and why go with vancessa for is don"t like my stuff made for him right zac efron well sorry what happed again her is mean time tell you the true ok hute feelling ok can happying i sorry go now good luck your girl friend is done well know you ok just me alone feel sorry - bye zac efron
que bando de povo tosco e não é motez é montez e vanessa hudgens e não hugens vanessa nossa vc é burr - at - hein mujer que pariu
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